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Knicks’ grand Kristaps Porzingis plan finally falls into place


In a lot of ways, it has been good — very good — to be Kristaps Porzingis these past two years, despite all the losses he has endured, despite getting an up-close look at what New York-style chaos can be, despite not exactly having the…

Jets may have dodged a bullet by not signing Jay Cutler


Had it not been for a touchdown in the waning seconds of garbage time, Miami quarterback Jay Cutler would have produced the same amount of points Sunday as his would-be colleagues in the FOX broadcast booth: Zero. After last season, Cutler…

Early play-of-the-year candidate livens up NFL’s controversial day


Sunday afternoon at Soldier Field started with possibly the most significant of the protests around the league in the aftermath of President Trump’s call for NFL owners to “fire or suspend” players who refuse to stand for the national…

Mike Francesa’s victim-blaming takes show to sickening new low


Wednesday in Yankee Stadium, in a fractionalized second, a two-year-old was struck in the head with a 105 mph line-drive foul. At last word, she remained hospitalized. The next day on WFAN, this there-but-for-the-grace-go-thee episode was…

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Nets players ready to indulge in sky-high expectations


From Jeremy Lin to Jarrett Allen, the Nets are confident they can go from last season’s cellar to this season’s playoffs. But though the players are talking postseason, their front office is just preaching progress. Coming off the worst…


Odell Beckham’s peeing explanation is even weirder than act itself

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The ball, and quite possibly the season, fluttered over the head of a helpless Odell Beckham Jr., standing in the end zone on the L of EAGLES, hoping he would get the chance to catch a 61-yard field-goal try that would fall short and take…


Sterling Shepard calls out Giants-Eagles catch double standard


PHILADELPHIA — On back-to-back plays, Sterling Shepard thought he had scored a touchdown. The first play was overturned. The second one was never even reviewed. And on the play after each of those incomplete passes, the Giants were turned…


This is the picture of how Giants are sabotaging themselves

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PHILADELPHIA — Four years later, Odell Beckham Jr. had a distinct sense of déjà vu as he watched the ball hurtle through the Philadelphia sky. Back in September 2013, Beckham stood in front of a goal post, just behind the gold “S” in the…


Donald Trump attacked what makes America great


TORONTO — Most Yankees and Blue Jays were not even out on the field Sunday for not one but two national anthems. All indications were this was not a protest. It was indifference, which seems to be fine with a large segment of the American…


Jets report card: Give Todd Bowles some credit


Grades from the Jets’ 20-6 win over the Dolphins on Sunday: Offense Don’t look now, but the Jets have a decent offense. They rolled up 336 yards on Sunday and put together a few nice scoring drives in the third quarter to win the game. QB…

Two more teams refuse to take the field during anthem

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The Seattle Seahawks and Tennessee Titans


Giants’ hopes come crashing down with game-ending dagger

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PHILADELPHIA — At long last, a pulse, and a heartbeat and a parade of three Eli Manning touchdown passes in a span of 5 minutes, 27 seconds — two to Odell Beckham Jr. and one a rousing 77-yard catch and run, and run, and run by Sterling…

Yankees fall apart as playoff fate becomes inevitable


TORONTO — Mathematically, the Yankees still are alive in the AL East race. Realistically, they are ready to move on to preparing for the AL wild-card game next Tuesday. Not even the thunder in Aaron Judge’s bat can make the Yankees…

Even national anthem singers are kneeling

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Now even national-anthem performers are taking a knee! Singers in Detroit and Nashville both got in on the protest act Sunday, joining many of the kneeling NFL players before them. First in Motown, local singer Rico Lavelle belted out “The…

Odell Beckham penalized for peeing

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Pissing it away. Odell Beckham Jr. caught a 10-yard touchdown pass from Eli Manning early in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s game in Philadelphia and drew an unsportsmanlike penalty for his odd celebration, before the Giants would fall in a…

Lone Steeler comes out of locker room without team during anthem protest

nypost.com also on New York Post

The Pittsburgh Steelers took part in the national-anthem protest Sunday by bowing out — staying in the locker room as “The Star-Spangled Banner” was performed. But one Steeler staged a patriotic counterprotest by walking out onto the…

This isn’t how Jacob deGrom wanted to hit his innings mark


In spring training, coming off a season where he required surgery for an elbow nerve issue — and that followed a rookie season where he was shut down — Mets righty Jacob deGrom set 200 innings as a goal. On Sunday, deGrom reached the mark…

Jets ‘beat the s–t’ out of Dolphins in tank-derailing stunner


Tank this. On a day the Jets locked arms to show their unity before the game, they notched a resounding 20-6 victory over the Dolphins at MetLife Stadium, ending any talk of an 0-16 season and ruining the days of the pro-tanking legions…


Three Giants stars join the national anthem protest

nypost.com also on New York Post

At least three New York Giants took a knee during the national anthem Sunday before the team’s game in Philadelphia. Olivier Vernon, Landon Collins and Damon “Snacks” Harrison all knelt while “The Star-Spangled Banner” was performed at…


NFL’s anthem protest takes off, with Trump-backing owner’s support

nypost.com also on New York Post

[instagram url=” Multiple players for the Baltimore Ravens and Jacksonville Jaguars took a knee during the national anthem before their game Sunday in London. Jaguars players stood arm-in-arm with team owner Shahid Khan, who donated $1…

Sunday, Sep 24

The Knicks belong to Kristaps Porzingis: Now what?


Here’s a look at the top five storylines facing the Knicks as they head into training camp: 1. How will the post-Carmelo Anthony Knicks respond and who will be the starting small forward? The endless soap opera came to a conclusion…

Whatever happens next, Yankees deserve this moment

nypost.com also on New York Post

TORONTO — They will refocus pretty quickly, these 2017 Yankees. They will say they have not yet surrendered on the pipe dream that is winning the AL East, will talk about what a dangerous wild-card team they could be at the least with all…

Yankees are back in the playoffs

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TORONTO — Aaron Judge dug a bottle of iced champagne out of a bin in the middle of the Yankees’ clubhouse and eyed CC Sabathia standing a few feet away near his plastic protected locker. Judge, easily the Yankees’ MVP, didn’t need many…

Saturday, Sep 23

Melo’s path out of New York is a boulevard of broken dreams


This wasn’t the way any of this was supposed to go, of course. Carmelo Anthony was one of the handful of modern athletic icons who sought New York City, who craved the lights and the attention, the noise and the lights and the buzz. He…

The Knicks have finally traded Carmelo Anthony

nypost.com also on New York Post

At the speed of thunder and lightning, Carmelo Anthony has finally been zapped from New York. One day after Anthony finally opened up his wish list to include the Thunder and the Cavaliers, the Knicks sent their 33-year-old declining star…

Yankees can’t afford to trust Tanaka in big spots


TORONTO — Ryan Goins had played the role of human out for Masahiro Tanaka. In four seasons as a Yankee, Tanaka had no more reliable soft spot than the Blue Jays infielder. So Tanaka seemed in trouble, but not really in the sixth inning…

Carmelo Anthony gives Knicks another possible way out

nypost.com also on New York Post

Knicks officials have been optimistic all along that Carmelo Anthony eventually would expand his wish list beyond the Rockets. And now he has. A source confirmed an ESPN report that Anthony has added the Cavaliers and Thunder in hopes of…

Friday, Sep 22

Todd Frazier: I’m calling hurt fan’s dad every day, she’s ‘doing good’

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TORONTO — Todd Frazier spoke on Thursday to the father of the young girl injured Wednesday at Yankee Stadium when a foul ball off Frazier’s bat struck her. “I talked to the dad and she is doing good,’’ Frazier told The Post following an…

Knicks, Carmelo can’t avoid weird training camp collision

nypost.com also on New York Post

The broken marriage limps on. While Knicks GM Scott Perry said the club is keeping an “open mind’’ on Carmelo Anthony’s future, team brass stated he’ll be at Monday’s training camp and coach Jeff Hornacek said he’d be “crazy not to start…

Yankees must join other MLB teams and extend netting


The Yankees have run out of excuses. Extend the netting. The Reds, Mariners, Padres and Rockies all announced Thursday they plan to extend the protective netting at their ballparks for the start of the 2018 season, all spurred on by the…

The subtle change that saved Aroldis Chapman’s season


Joe Giradi now has the weapon Joe Maddon rode last October all the way to the Cubs first World Series championship since 1908, a weapon the Yankees gave the Cubs. Aroldis Chapman is back to being a beast closing games. Over his past seven…

Thursday, Sep 21

Yankees under siege after ‘terrible’ fan injury

nypost.com also on New York Post

There was still no word from the Yankees on Thursday afternoon about whether they would extend the protective netting at Yankee Stadium after a young girl was hospitalized Wednesday after getting drilled in the face by a Todd Frazier line…

New Knick feuding with Stephen A. Smith over weed accusation


Just days after Michael Beasley said if the Knicks keep fading star Carmelo Anthony, they can comfortably make the playoffs with “four” players who can score 25 points per game, ESPN beef-stirrer Stephen A. Smith dissected Beasley’s overly…

Yankees reduced to tears after little girl struck by foul ball

nypost.com also on New York Post

A young fan is “doing OK” after she was hit in the face by a foul ball during the fifth inning of an 11-3 Yankees win over the Twins on Wednesday in the Bronx. Joe Girardi gave the positive update after the game, saying he had heard from…

This MLB fan-danger problem should’ve been fixed 47 years ago

nypost.com also on New York Post

Every time we see a fresh version of the same terrifying picture, we hear the same thing from relieved broadcasters, fans, ballplayers. Every time a baseball leaves a bat — screaming at 100 miles an hour — and invades the seats where…

Wednesday, Sep 20

Yankees players call for fan protection after little girl horror

nypost.com also on New York Post

Another young fan was drilled by a foul ball at Yankee Stadium, and the players have seen enough. They want the Yankees to extend the protective netting farther along the foul lines. “All parks should have it all the way down,” CC Sabathia…

Ereck Flowers dilemma, Eli’s age: Five big Giants problems

nypost.com also on New York Post

Two weeks ago, it seemed as if the Giants were primed for big things in 2017. They were the trendy pick to win the NFC East and considered, along with the Cowboys, one of the top two teams in their division. Two weeks into the season, the…

Yankees thump Twins again to close in on wild-card spot

nypost.com also on New York Post

Barring a strange ending to a long trip the Yankees aren’t going to win the AL East. That will go to the Red Sox and leave the Yankees with the first AL wild-card ticket and a home date against whatever team cops the second. Yet, and…

How did Giants GM ignore the most obvious problem there is?


Let’s say you walked on to your deck one day and you noticed a number of troubling things: a couple of loose nails, let’s say, or a few rotting slabs on the floor. If you were a carpenter, these things would probably horrify you because…