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Kelly Delivers Fervent Defense of Trump Call to Soldier’s Widow

This week’s dispute over President Trump’s phone call to the widow of a soldier killed in Niger hit too close to home for the White House chief of staff.

Contributing Op-Ed Writer: Dear Men: It’s You, Too

www.nytimes.com also on The New York Times

The least you could do is speak up about the horror of sexual violence, the lies that blame women and your complicity in all of it.

Op-Ed Contributor: Lupita Nyong’o: Speaking Out About Harvey Weinstein

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I don’t feel alone anymore. Let us never shut up about this.

Without Saying ‘Trump,’ Bush and Obama Deliver Implicit Rebukes

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George W. Bush and Barack Obama emerged from political seclusion and denounced the politics of division, sending a message to their successor in the White House.

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Full Transcript and Video: Kelly Defends Trump’s Handling of Soldier’s Death and Call to Widow

The White House chief of staff, a retired Marine general who lost his own son in battle, delivered an emotional statement.

Tarantino on Weinstein: ‘I Knew Enough to Do More Than I Did’

Quentin Tarantino says he knew about allegations against Harvey Weinstein and feels ashamed about not taking a stronger stand.


Op-Ed Columnist: The Bush Twins Want to Set the Record Straight

www.nytimes.com also on The New York Times

Jenna, Barbara and their ever-texting, emoji-addicted father aren’t who you think they are.


9 Ways to Help You Become a Smarter Investor

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We’ve pulled together some of the biggest issues in investing in a quarterly report that can help you navigate the murky waters of finance, with some laughs and lessons along the way.


Ebola’s Legacy: Children With Cataracts

Cataracts usually afflict the old, but doctors in Africa have been shocked to find them in Ebola survivors as young as 5.


Op-Ed Contributor: How to Respond to Richard Spencer

www.nytimes.com also on The New York Times

If you expected the white nationalist to skulk away after Charlottesville, you misunderstood his strategy.


Catalonia, ISIS, Chicago Cubs: Your Thursday Briefing

www.nytimes.com also on The New York Times

Sikh devotees near the Golden Temple in Amritsar, India, today as Diwali began. The festival of lights celebrates the triumph of good over evil.

Contributing Op-Ed Writer: Democracy Can Plant the Seeds of Its Own Destruction

www.nytimes.com also on The New York Times

The advent of Trumpism is a symptom of the erosion of our basic institutions.

Senators Demand Online Ad Disclosures as Tech Lobby Mobilizes

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Tech has fought online ad regulations, but three senators will introduce a bipartisan bill to force the industry to disclose who buys political ads.

Blood and Beauty on a Texas Exotic-Game Ranch

In the hill country outside San Antonio, a safari-style world of rare and endangered species symbolizes the popularity and controversy of exotic game hunting.

Economic View: A Stock Market Panic Like 1987 Could Happen Again

On Oct. 19, 1987, the stock market fell more than 20 percent. It would be comforting to believe a crash couldn’t recur. But we are still at risk.

Kelly Clarkson Is Nobody’s Puppet

She’s always been outspoken, honest and unfiltered. But now the singer is taking more control of her sound, with a new album, “Meaning of Life.”

Feature: The Superweirdo Behind ‘Thor: Ragnarok’

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To revamp the most boring superhero in the Marvel pantheon, the company turned to an eccentric indie filmmaker from New Zealand. Will Americans like the view inside Taika Waititi’s head?


Op-Ed Columnist: The F.B.I.’s Black Phantom Menace

www.nytimes.com also on The New York Times

A chilling report with echoes of the bureau’s persecution of black activists a half century ago talks of the threat from “black identity extremists.”


Simple Ways to Be Better at Remembering

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Memory is a reconstruction, not a photographic recording. Our brains — unlike computers — are forever rerecording those memories.


Europe Edition: Donald Trump, Catalonia, Nxivm: Your Thursday Briefing

www.nytimes.com also on The New York Times

Here’s what you need to know to start your day.

Thursday, Oct 19

Fallen Troops’ Families Tell of Meeting Presidents: Sympathy and Sometimes Discomfort

President Trump’s condolence call to the widow of a slain soldier was outside the usual range of encounters with presidents, wounded service members and families of those killed said.

Op-Ed Contributor: Iraq Will Remain United

www.nytimes.com also on The New York Times

For three years, we have battled terrorists — and the odds. We will not allow the Kurds to rip our country apart.

Editorial: Congress, End the Health Care Chaos. You Have 9 Million Kids to Protect.

www.nytimes.com also on The New York Times

The Children’s Health Insurance Program has had bipartisan support, as does a compromise to save Obamacare. Republicans could wreck both.

Wednesday, Oct 18

News Analysis: With Loss of Its Caliphate, ISIS May Return to Guerrilla Roots

www.nytimes.com also on The New York Times

With the fall of its capital and loss of territory, the Islamic State may be reeling but not vanquished.

A Marine Attacked an Iraqi Restaurant. But Was It a Hate Crime or PTSD?

After a Marine attacked an Iraqi restaurant in Portland, Ore., his family said he was provoked by trauma, not hate, and that he needed help, not jail time.

2 Senators Strike Deal on Health Subsidies That Trump Cut Off

www.nytimes.com also on The New York Times

A plan by Senators Lamar Alexander of Tennessee and Patty Murray of Washington to fund health subsidies for low-income consumers won President Trump’s backing.

Judge Temporarily Halts New Version of Trump’s Travel Ban

Hours before the ban was to take effect, a federal judge in Hawaii halted its enforcement against travelers from six countries while the opponents challenge it in court.

Tuesday, Oct 17

‘Come Out and Surrender’: Inside Raqqa, With the Fighters Who Drove Off ISIS

A New York Times photographer accompanied Kurdish fighters as they entered Raqqa, the Syrian city that had been a stronghold of the Islamic State.

Raqqa, ISIS ‘Capital,’ Is Captured, U.S.-Backed Forces Say

Loss of the Syrian city is a heavy blow to the militants, but the destruction there is immense, and questions linger about who will govern and rebuild.

Cleanup From California Fires Poses Environmental and Health Risks

Even as the fires still burn, public health officials and environmental cleanup experts are starting to think about the next chapter of the disaster.

Iraqi Forces Sweep Into Kirkuk, Checking Kurdish Independence Drive

www.nytimes.com also on The New York Times

Government troops seize a crucial city and oil fields from separatists who have been pressing for an independent state in northern Iraq.

Monday, Oct 16

Trump and McConnell Strive for Comity Amid Rising Tensions

www.nytimes.com also on The New York Times

President Trump and Senator Mitch McConnell, the Republican leader, put on a public display of bonhomie, waving aside reports of a disintegrating relationship.

Op-Ed Contributor: Cyrus Vance and the Myth of the Progressive Prosecutor

www.nytimes.com also on The New York Times

They get credit for changing the game, even when they continue harsh practices.

Deep in Trump Country, a Big Stake in Health Care

www.nytimes.com also on The New York Times

Medical care is the job engine in an area that strongly backed President Trump, and the cloud over the Affordable Care Act has left residents uneasy.

Nicki Minaj, Always in Control

www.nytimes.com also on The New York Times

The queen of hip-hop has fought her way to the top of the music industry — and never made compromises.

Sunday, Oct 15

The World Once Laughed at North Korean Cyberpower. No More.

www.nytimes.com also on The New York Times

While the world is fixated on its nuclear missiles, North Korea has also developed a cyberattack program that is stealing millions and unleashing havoc.

Jimmy Kimmel on Health Care, National Tragedies and Twitter Feuds

www.nytimes.com also on The New York Times

Mr. Kimmel, the star of ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!,” discusses the attention he has received for some politically pointed monologues.

Op-Ed Contributor: The Death of Liberalism in Japan

www.nytimes.com also on The New York Times

Whatever happens in Sunday’s election, a new conservative two-party system has emerged.

Aiding Transgender Case, Sessions Defies His Image on Civil Rights

In an unusual move, the attorney general has sent a federal hate crimes lawyer to Iowa to help prosecute a man charged with murdering a transgender high school student.