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Kelly Delivers Fervent Defense of Trump Call to Soldier’s Widow

This week’s dispute over President Trump’s phone call to the widow of a soldier killed in Niger hit too close to home for the White House chief of staff.

Full Transcript and Video: Kelly Defends Trump’s Handling of Soldier’s Death and Call to Widow


The White House chief of staff, a retired Marine general who lost his own son in battle, delivered an emotional statement.

Senate Approves Budget Plan That Smooths Path Toward Tax Cut

On Thursday night, the Senate narrowly approved a budget plan that would protect a $1.5 trillion tax cut from a Democratic filibuster.

Murphy and New Jersey Voters Can Get U.S. Back on Track, Obama Says


Former President Barack Obama returned to the campaign trail to show his support for Philip D. Murphy, a Democrat running for New Jersey governor.

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Right and Left React to Trump’s Condolence Call Controversy


Read about how the other side thinks about the president’s interactions with Gold Star families.


Without Saying ‘Trump,’ Bush and Obama Deliver Implicit Rebukes

George W. Bush and Barack Obama emerged from political seclusion and denounced the politics of division, sending a message to their successor in the White House.


Bomb School Wasn’t for Lulu, but the C.I.A. Wishes Her the Best


Meet Lulu, the black Labrador and free spirit who bucked expectations and flunked out of the C.I.A.’s explosive detection “puppy class.”


Bush Decries ‘Nationalism Distorted Into Nativism’

www.nytimes.com also on The New York Times

Former President George W. Bush defended free trade and railed against populist rhetoric in an implicit criticism of President Trump.

On Washington: Will Mitch McConnell Help His Friend Get a Health Care Deal?


Senator Lamar Alexander is going to need some help from Senator Mitch McConnell, a friend for nearly 50 years, if his health care compromise is to become law.

Underwear Bomber Sues Over Treatment in Supermax Prison


The Nigerian man has sued over force-feeding and other treatment in federal prison, a case that resonates with the debate over hunger strikes at the Guantánamo Bay prison.

Republicans Ready to Move on a Tax Plan Few Have Seen


Republicans are set to move quickly to pass a tax bill that they have drafted in secret.


Congressional Memo: For the Senate’s Budget Blueprint, It’s Better Late Than Never


The Senate’s budget blueprint, while ostensibly an outline of federal spending and revenues, would allow a tax bill to be approved with only Republican votes.


‘Dear Helene: Could You Not Wear Beachwear on Sunday A.M. Talk Shows?’


The time our Pentagon correspondent’s mail was about a different sort of “arms” control.


Trump Picks Joseph Simons, Corporate Antitrust Lawyer, to Lead F.T.C.

The choice comes at a time of broad bipartisan concern over corporate consolidation and big deals in the waiting.


Monetary Policy: The Fed Claims to Be Independent. That’s Mostly a Myth.


History shows that the central bank needs to maintain broad political and public support, or risk having its autonomy curbed by Congress and the president.


Senators Demand Online Ad Disclosures as Tech Lobby Mobilizes

www.nytimes.com also on The New York Times

Tech has fought online ad regulations, but three senators will introduce a bipartisan bill to force the industry to disclose who buys political ads.


Public Health: Bipartisan Health Proposal Is Too Late for 2018, but a Salve for 2019


The proposed bill won’t lower premiums right away, but it will offer reassurance to insurers.


Obama Letters From 1980s Are Obtained by Emory University


Nine letters from Barack Obama to his college girlfriend, Alexandra McNear, will be available to the public at Emory’s Stuart A. Rose library.


Signaling Frustration, Senior House Republican Plans to Quit Early


Amid disarray in Washington, Representative Pat Tiberi of Ohio, a senior lawmaker close to party leaders, is expected to quit midway through his term.

Thursday, Oct 19

Trump’s Condolence Call to Soldier’s Widow Ignites an Imbroglio

www.nytimes.com also on The New York Times

A furious back-and-forth turned what can be an emotionally wrenching encounter into an ugly spectacle between the president and a bereaved citizen.

Fallen Troops’ Families Tell of Meeting Presidents: Sympathy and Sometimes Discomfort

President Trump’s condolence call to the widow of a slain soldier was outside the usual range of encounters with presidents, wounded service members and families of those killed said.

Trump Pulls Back From Senate Deal to Fund Health Subsidies

www.nytimes.com also on The New York Times

After voicing support, the president offered a different take on the plan, while its Republican architect predicted it would pass before the end of the year.

Wednesday, Oct 18

Rep. Frederica Wilson on Trump: ‘That Is Not What You Say to a Grieving Widow’

“That is not what you say to a grieving widow,” congresswoman says of president’s comment that soldier “knew what he was signing up for.”

Top General’s Grief Becomes Political Talking Point for Trump

President Trump is testing the reluctance of his chief of staff, John F. Kelly, to discuss the death of his son Second Lt. Robert Kelly, who died in combat in 2010.

2 Senators Strike Deal on Health Subsidies That Trump Cut Off

www.nytimes.com also on The New York Times

A plan by Senators Lamar Alexander of Tennessee and Patty Murray of Washington to fund health subsidies for low-income consumers won President Trump’s backing.

Tuesday, Oct 17

Tom Marino, Drug Czar Nominee, Withdraws in Latest Setback for Trump’s Opioid Fight


Representative Tom Marino withdrew as the president’s choice for drug czar after reports that he did the bidding of the pharmaceutical industry in Congress.

A Nafta Battleground on the Shores of Canada

A fight over a scuttled quarry project exemplifies a key dispute that has endangered a trade pact between the United States, Mexico and Canada.

Trump Falsely Claims Obama Didn’t Contact Families of Fallen Troops

President Trump’s assertion belied a long record of meetings his predecessor, Barack Obama, held with the families of killed service members, as well as calls and letters.

Right and Left React to Bannon’s Harsh Words for McConnell


Writers from across the political spectrum on the continuing rifts inside the Republican Party.

Monday, Oct 16

Trump Says He’ll Consider Pulling Drug Czar Nomination

As a congressman, Tom Marino, the president’s choice to lead the drug policy office, championed legislation to undercut enforcement efforts against the drug industry.

Trump and McConnell Strive for Comity Amid Rising Tensions

www.nytimes.com also on The New York Times

President Trump and Senator Mitch McConnell, the Republican leader, put on a public display of bonhomie, waving aside reports of a disintegrating relationship.

Trump Blames Democrats and ‘Some Republicans’ for Stalled Agenda


Trump said that some Republicans “should be ashamed at themselves” for failing to support the president’s agenda, including repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

Trump Campaign Spending on Legal Fees Surges as Russia Inquiries Widen


The campaign spent more than $1.1 million on legal fees in the last quarter, underscoring the extent to which the investigations have consumed the president’s team.

Sunday, Oct 15

Jeff Flake’s Lesson for Republicans: Cross Trump at Your Own Risk

www.nytimes.com also on The New York Times

The Arizona senator is in political peril as the 2018 election approaches, but he says he has no regrets in taking on President Trump.

Aiding Transgender Case, Sessions Defies His Image on Civil Rights

www.nytimes.com also on The New York Times

In an unusual move, the attorney general has sent a federal hate crimes lawyer to Iowa to help prosecute a man charged with murdering a transgender high school student.