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What you don't want to see when you look out the window of your plane - air force fighter jets

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The last thing you want to see when you look out the window of your plane is an air force fighter jet on your tail.But that's exactly what terrified passengers on board a flight from Spain to Britain spotted overnight, sparking...

Woman arrested for snorting cocaine at school pickup


A Florida woman has been arrested after she was reportedly seen chopping and snorting cocaine off her iPhone outside of a middle school. Christina Hester was waiting in a parent pick-up line when she allegedly snorted a powdery...

Former SeaWorld trainer speaks after three whales die in a year


By Caroline Graham In Los Angeles For the Mail On Sunday A thousand tourists hold their breath as a giant killer whale leaps skyward, the sun gleaming off its smooth back. As if auditioning for a Disney movie, the 2.5 ton leviathan...

Steve Bannon, basically: Trump's campaign was a fraud

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By Callum Borchers Steve Bannon says he will be "covering" for President Donald Trump on the outside, but the former White House chief strategist made a breathtakingly candid admission in the hours after his exit."The Trump presidency...

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El Salvador cardinal visits NY community racked by violence


BRENTWOOD, N.Y. (AP) " The leader of the Roman Catholic church in El Salvador is visiting a New York community that has been racked by gang violence.Newsday (http://nwsdy.li/2v1fyI9) reports Cardinal Jose Gregorio Rosa Chavez was...


Train derails in northern India, killing at least 23


LUCKNOW, India (AP) " Six coaches of a passenger train derailed in northern India on Saturday, killing 23 people and injuring at least 81, officials said.Two of the coaches telescoped into each other, while four others toppled over...


The Latest: Spain says no new attacks imminent


BARCELONA, Spain (AP) " The Latest on the Spain attacks (all times local):1:15 p.m.Spanish authorities have decided to maintain the country's terrorist threat rating at level 4, declaring that no new attacks were imminent.Interior...

Spain presses manhunt for ringleader in dual attacks


BARCELONA, Spain (AP) " Spanish authorities pressed their search Saturday for the supposed ringleader of an Islamic extremist cell that carried out vehicle attacks in Barcelona and a seaside resort, as they looked into links among...


State funeral held for 'Pakistan's Mother Theresa'


KARACHI, Pakistan (AP) " Mourners on Saturday attended a state funeral for Ruth Pfau, a German physician and nun who earned international acclaim as "Pakistan's Mother Theresa" by devoting her life to the eradication of leprosy in...


Girl's chilling text message to mum before brutal murder

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A 12-year-old girl was found brutally murdered in her mobile home after sending a text to her mother that someone was knocking on the door, police say. Yhoana Arteaga was last seen alive at 12.30pm on Thursday when she had lunch...


Mum of newborn found covered in ants 'didn't want to be mother'


A mother accused of dumping her baby girl in a bush told prosecutors she didn't want to be a mother and doesn't want to see her child. Sidney Woytasczyk, 21, is charged with child abandonment after abandoning her newborn in a flowerbed...

The sad story of conjoined twins snatched at birth

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They were the world's oldest living conjoined twins at the time of their death in 2003 aged 53.Snatched from their Russian mother following their birth, Masha and Dasha Krivoshlyopova were subjected to a variety of cruel medical...


The months of crazy Trump controversies that you've already forgotten


The end of winter is around the corner.But with the daily intrigue and drama from the White House, the winter also feels as though it stretched across years.Staff infighting, dramatic congressional votes and high-profile resignations...


Hopes fade for missing seven-year-old

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By Charlie Moore and Andrew Young For Mailonline Hopes faded for a seven-year-old British boy lost in the Barcelona terror attack when his father arrived in the city this evening and was taken to a forensic centre.Julian Cadman...


Police operation at train station in France

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French authorities say a police operation is underway at a train station near the Spanish border and all passengers have been evacuated.


Son of Sam: The serial killer who terrorised New York City

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By James Law In New York City, 40 years ago, people were afraid to go out at night.Women with brown hair would cut it short, or even dye it blonde.Young people were urged to stay out of the borough of Queens altogether.Because...


Six US cops shot in deadly night


Six US police officers were shot in one night in the states of Florida and Pennsylvania, one fatally, prompting President Donald Trump to tweet his support for the slain officer's department early on ...

Saturday, Aug 19

Hidden message in resignation letter to Trump from arts committee

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When sixteen of the prominent artists, writers and architects on Donald Trump's arts committee quit on Friday, they didn't mince their words.Their carefully-constructed resignation letter took aim at the President's response to...

Free Willy: Man's skinny dip with whale

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An Australian man hasn't let a lack of togs or chilly winter seas get in the way of the once in a lifetime chance to swim in open water with a majestic humpback whale.

A neo-Nazi's rage-fueled journey to Charlottesville


By Abigail Hauslohner, Paul Duggan, Jack Gillum, Aaron C. Davis Late in his senior year of high school, James Fields Jr. was excitedly mapping his future, hoping to join the Army right after graduation. Although his political and...

Bannon unchained: Breitbart to be his 'killing machine'

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Dumped Trump chief strategist Steve Bannon has been "unchained" and will lead alt-right news blog Breitbart in a "war against his opponents" sources say.

Friday, Aug 18

First named victim of Barcelona terror attack is Italian father

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The first named victim of the terror attack in Barcelona is Bruno Gulotta, the father of two young children.He was on holiday with his partner and two children - one of whom is about to start elementary school and the other is seven...

Separated from mum: Aussie boy missing after attacks

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By Ellen Whinnett in Spain, Ashleigh Gleeson An Australian tourist is missing following a deadly terrorist attack in the heart of Barcelona, the government has confirmed.The family of Julian Alessandro Cadman have put a call-out...

The Art of the Deal ghostwriter Tony Schwartz says Donald Trump's presidency 'is effectively over'

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Tony Schwartz, the co-author on Donald Trump's infamous 1987 book The Art of the Deal, has said he believes Trump will soon resign from his position as POTUS.The ghostwriter, who spent 18 months working on the book with the business...

Peta pays family $67,000 after taking and euthanising their pet chihuahua


By Helena Horton The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) has apologised and paid a family almost US$49,000 (NZ$67,000) after taking and euthanising a little girl's pet chihuahua.Two people affiliated with the group...

Thursday, Aug 17

Pauline Hanson's most controversial moments


One Nation senator Pauline Hanson has been called many things but uncontroversial is not one of them.The party founder and leader today carried out what may go down in history as her most outrageous stunt yet. Ms Hanson, who has...

Tanya Ebert death: Tragedy behind smiling couple's perfect wedding photo revealed

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When Tanya Ebert left her native Germany for a year-long Australian adventure, settling down was probably the furthest thing from the teenager's mind.Ebert, then just 19, found herself in South Australian's mid-north pastoral district,...

The painful search for China's missing children slowly gains momentum


It was around noon one October day 12 years ago, and 5-year-old Cheng Ying was waiting for her mother to collect her from primary school and take her home for lunch.But her mum was a few minutes late, so Ying decided to start walking...

'Pathetic': Trump backlash grows

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The backlash against Donald Trump is growing after he said both sides were to blame for the deadly violence at a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, at the weekend.

Wednesday, Aug 16

Worth the risk? Why Trump should let Kim fire at Guam

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It may sound like the unthinkable but the US could actually gain from allowing North Korea to do the one thing they've warned they'll do.

Starving North Koreans want to know where money for missiles came from


By Julian Ryall North Korean state media continues to celebrate the launch of two intercontinental ballistic missiles in July and the nation's status as a "global rocket power", although there are growing suggestions that ordinary...

Officials failed to tell MPs bells would not ring for four years


British MPs were not told Big Ben would be silenced for four years when they approved a £29 million renovation scheme, the Daily Telegraph reports. The chairmen of two parliamentary committees have complained that officials failed...

Stunning image reveals new view of Saturn

A stunning new view of Saturn has revealed waves of clouds swirling above the planet, like "strokes from a cosmic brush".

Tuesday, Aug 15

If North Korea attacked Guam, Donald Trump would have to make a quick choice

By Debra Killalea North Korea might be holding off on its plan to target Guam in a missile attack.But if Kim Jong-un did decide to launch an intercontinental ballistic missile at the US territory, the Trump administration would...

Fleas in US testing positive for medieval disease 'the plague'

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There are concerns after fleas in the US tested positive for the plague, the infamous infectious disease that killed millions of people during the Middle Ages.On Friday Navajo County Public Health officials confirmed fleas in the...

Family arrive home to find walls splattered in blood

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A Virginia family came home to find their floors and walls splattered with blood after their German Shepherd attacked an intruder while they were out. At first, Tristan Murrin and his mother didn't notice anything out of the ordinary...

Islamic State torture methods revealed in new ICSVE report


WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT By Victoria Craw A "flying carpet" designed to inflict permanent spinal injuries and huge metal pliers known as the "biter" are among seven common torture devices used by the Islamic State to maintain...