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Europe's drag kings perform in London final

There is a rich cultural history behind the art of drag which spans centuries.

Dragon Tattoo actor Michael Nyqvist dies

Actor Michael Nyqvist, who starred in the original film version of Stieg Larsson's The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, has died aged 56.

Tuesday, Jun 27


Ryan Reynolds saved his nephew using CPR


Ryan Reynolds has revealed he was able to save his nephew's life after taking a first aid course.


Alec Baldwin roasted as 'old ham' by daughter

Alec Baldwin's daughter has recalled the time her father called her a "rude, thoughtless little pig" and given the actor a public roasting for it - a decade later.


Baby Driver? 'Not much else to compare it to'

Mad Men star Jon Hamm has told Sky News his new film Baby Driver was a "unique and exciting opportunity".


Star Wars: There is a disturbance in the Force


After sacking two directors, Lucasfilm has now hired an acting coach for Han Solo's main star. I've got a bad feeling about this.


Depp may face perjury charges over 'war on terrier'

Australia's deputy prime minister has warned Johnny Depp could face perjury charges in the "terriergate" saga.

Monday, Jun 26


Charlotte Church reveals she has lost her baby

Charlotte Church has announced on Twitter that she has lost her unborn baby.


Salvador Dali to be dug up for paternity test


The remains of Salvador Dali are to be exhumed to establish if he is the father of a woman who claims her mother had an affair with the surrealist artist.


Is Taylor Swift about to join the X-Men?

The X-Men franchise has found a new character for its upcoming film, and it could be meant for Taylor Swift.


Harry Potter: 20 years of The Boy Who Lived

Harry Potter was born to the world 20 years ago on Monday, but how has his story continued to live on with each new generation?


Was Ed Sheeran worthy of The Pyramid Stage?

Glastonbury's finale saw Ed Sheeran and his guitar climb the most iconic stage in the world - and it was always going to divide people.

Saturday, Jun 24


Corbyn gets rapturous reception at Glastonbury

It was a scene that could have come from a Beatles gig in the 1960s.

Friday, Jun 23


The OC reunion? 'It would be nice to see everybody'


The OC star Rachel Bilson has reignited hopes for a show reunion by saying she is open to the idea.


Jake Gyllenhaal aims for the Oscar (again)

Jake Gyllenhaal is again aiming for an Oscar, this time by playing a Boston bombing survivor in Stronger.

Crime show Riviera opens to record viewers

The first episode of Sky Atlantic's crime thriller Riviera has been watched by a record 1.2 million viewers live and on demand.


Banksy's secret identity: Who is 'Robert'?

Banksy's secret identity might have been revealed in a radio interview in which DJ Goldie referred to the artist as "Robert".


Depp's Trump assassination comments 'sad'

The White House has described comments Johnny Depp made about assassinating the US President as "troubling".

Thursday, Jun 22


Ron Howard steps in as Han Solo director

Ron Howard has been announced as the replacement director to take over Lucasfilm's new Star Wars spin-off Han Solo.


Ricky Gervais defends AIDS joke after backlash

Comedian Ricky Gervais has defended a controversial joke he made on Twitter about AIDS .


Andy Warhol's first selfie could fetch £7m

A self-portrait taken by pop artist Andy Warhol will go on auction for the first time, with an estimate price of up to £7m.


Keaton wants James Norton to be the next Bond

Hollywood veteran Diane Keaton has told Sky News she is backing Briton James Norton to be the next James Bond.


Downton Abbey film to shoot next year

Production of an Downton Abbey film is set to begin in 2018, three years after the series finale.

Brooklyn Beckham: 'Photographer, not model'

Brooklyn Beckham is launching his career as a photographer with a new book, insisting he is "really not a model".

Wednesday, Jun 21



Daniel Day-Lewis: The end of acting

Daniel Day-Lewis has retired from Hollywood, and we're mourning the last great actor who refused to be a movie star.


Chris Cornell's final music video released


Chris Cornell's final music video, filmed before the singer died, has been released to commemorate World Refugee Day.


Star Wars spinoff Han Solo loses directors

A Star Wars spinoff about the early life of smuggler and crack pilot Han Solo has lost its two directors.

Grenfell Tower fire charity single released

Simon Cowell's Grenfell Tower charity single has been released, raising money for those affected by the disaster.


Queues warning as Glastonbury steps up security

Festival goers are being asked to "be patient" as they contend with heightened security checks to get into Glastonbury.