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PM urged to prosecute web giants over abuse


Social media companies should be prosecuted like publishers if they fail to remove abuse content, an influential committee is to tell the Government.


Netflix accused of spying after 'creepy' tweet

Sky News / Technology

Video-streaming service Netflix has been accused of spying on its users after tweeting a "creepy" joke regarding their viewing habits.


SpaceX delays fully recycled rocket launch

Sky News / Technology

The launch of SpaceX's first completely recycled spacecraft has been delayed until Wednesday.


Cigar-shaped object 'could be alien artefact'

Sky News / Technology

Astronomers are to scan a huge cigar-shaped interstellar object for signs of alien life, amid claims it could be some kind of artefact.


Former Facebook exec's 'guilt' over site's creation

Sky News / Business

A former Facebook executive says he feels "tremendous guilt" over the creation of the social networking site.

Monday, Dec 11


Apple snaps up song recognition app Shazam

Sky News / Business

Apple has confirmed it is snapping up UK-based song recognition app Shazam as it squares up to rival Spotify in the music streaming market.

Trump orders NASA to return to Moon

Sky News

The US President has ordered NASA to plan a new manned mission to the Moon, 45 years after the last one - Apollo 17.


Bitcoin surges by 25% as futures trading begins

Sky News / Business

Bitcoin's price jumped 25% after it started trading on a major exchange for the first time.


UK has new highest peak after measurement error

Sky News / Technology

Britain has a new highest mountain after new data showed measurements from old overland surveys were inaccurate.

Saturday, Dec 9


Mummy discovered in unexplored tomb

Egyptian archaeologists have discovered a new mummy in a previously unexplored tomb near the city of Luxor.

Friday, Dec 8


North Korea 'hacking soaring Bitcoin exchanges'

North Korea is seeking to profit from Bitcoin's surging value by hacking Bitcoin exchanges, security researchers have told Sky News.


Could AI assistant be Russia's next president?

A piece of artificially intelligent software has won the backing of tens of thousands of Russians to run for President.

Thursday, Dec 7


Uber loses licence to operate in Sheffield

Uber's licence to operate in Sheffield has been suspended after the company failed to answer questions about its management.


Bitcoin tops $16k as miner probes '$64m theft'


An endless supply of speculative buyers is being cited as the reason for Bitcoin's value surging above $16,000 for the first time, despite renewed security fears.


Elon Musk to launch electric car into orbit

Elon Musk is to launch his own electric car into orbit around Mars, playing David Bowie's Space Oddity.


Rumours of 'Vine 2' after founder's cryptic tweet

Reports of Vine's demise may have been greatly exaggerated, as the founder of the video-sharing app has teased a follow-up.

Wednesday, Dec 6


Teens using 'bait out' groups for revenge porn

Teenagers are using private social media groups to solicit sexual gossip and pictures from their peers, a report has found.


Instagram issues abuse warnings over animal selfies

Remember the young dolphin that died after beachgoers took it from the sea to pose for photographs with it?


Zuckerberg takes leave to focus on his family

Mark Zuckerberg is taking parental leave for this month, he has revealed on social media.

Tuesday, Dec 5


Lamborghini unveils 'super SUV' - yours for £165,000

It can reach speeds of 190mph and is expected to cost a cool £165,000.


Immigration exemption threatens data rights

Sky News / Politics

Legislation that suspends data protection for immigration enforcement could gravely threaten rights in the UK, campaigners have warned.


Google says 10,000 staff will moderate content

Google says it will have more than 10,000 members of staff monitoring content on platforms including YouTube next year.

The top 10 most retweeted posts of 2017

An American football player's plea for free chicken nuggets for a year has become 2017's most retweeted tweet in the UK.


Facebook chief warns of harassment 'backlash'


Facebook’s chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg has warned of a "backlash" against women in the workplace following recent high-profile sexual harassment scandals.


Probe after MPs reveal they share IT passwords

An investigation has been launched after MPs revealed they frequently share private computer login details with other staff.

Monday, Dec 4


New kids messenger app unveiled by Facebook

Facebook has launched a new version of its Messenger app for kids, giving parents complete control over what their children see.


Facebook's new London office brings 800 jobs

Chancellor Philip Hammond has hailed a new Facebook office as a "sign of confidence" in Britain.

Sunday, Dec 3


MP criticised for sharing passwords with staff

Sky News / UK

Conservative MP Nadine Dorries is being told to 'get your house in order' after admitting she shares login passwords with staff, including temporary interns.


China hints at 'more open' cyberspace

China's restrictive cyberspace could become more open, the country's president has claimed.


OMG happy bday! Txt msgs turn 25 2day :-) x

We send 96 billion text messages every day in the UK but the very first, sent 25 years ago today, was pretty simple: "Merry Christmas."