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Camilla to join Prince Charles in Australia for Commonwealth Games


The Duchess of Cornwall will now be joining the Prince of Wales for the opening of the Commonwealth Games in Australia.

Barry Bennell jailed: 'Devil incarnate' football coach sentenced to 30 years behind bars for abuse of young players

Disgraced former football coach Barry Bennell has been jailed for 30 years over the "evil, degrading" abuse of young footballers.

Theresa May warned cheap tuition fees for arts courses 'risk driving poor university students away from science and tech'

A cut in student fees for arts courses would risk deterring poorer students from science and technology courses, a former education secretary warned today.

KFC chicken shortage: Colonel runs out of chicken across UK... here are all the OPEN shops today

Full list of London branches that have stayed open during 'the great 2018 chicken drought'

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Great Ormond Street Hospital 'may keep' Presidents Club donations

Great Ormond Street Hospital is in talks about whether or not to return funds donated by the controversial Presidents Club trust.


Theresa May announces review into funding of university courses


Theresa May today attacked snobbery among parents who think technical education is for "other people's children" as she launched a new review into higher education.


Boy, 13, among five people who admitted stabbing, beating and shooting orangutan 130 times


Four farmers and a 13-year-old boy have admitted stabbing, battering and shooting a critically endangered orangutan at least 130 times.


DLR incident: East London's Pontoon Dock station evacuated after 'explosion' under train

An east London DLR station has been evacuated following an electrical explosion underneath a train.


Brexit latest: Theresa May's ex right-hand man Damian Green insists voters have right to see full impact reports

Theresa May's former right-hand man today called on the Government to publish evidence on the impact of Brexit and accused colleagues of turning a deaf ear to it.

UK weather forecast latest: 'Sudden Stratospheric Warming' to bring bitterly cold temperatures to London


Forecasters have predicted wet and grey weather conditions before bitterly cold temperatures hit as a result of a "Sudden Stratospheric Warming" (SSW) of the earth's atmosphere.

War veteran, 88, floored thug with karate chop to save woman from knife gang

An 88-year-old military veteran who rescued a young woman from five knife-wielding robbers today said: "Fear is not in my dictionary."


Oxfam scandal: rich donors to big charities will face tighter checks in wake of Oxfam prostitution claims

Big-name charities could face more stringent monitoring from wealthy donors in the wake of the Oxfam scandal, analysts have warned.

Pictured: aspiring rapper Lewis Blackman who was stabbed to death in Kensington outside Freddie Mercury's former home

This is the first picture of a "kind-hearted" teenage rapper who was stabbed to death outside Queen singer Freddie Mercury's former home in Kensington.


'Flatulent passenger forces plane to land with police called to remove four fliers after row erupts on board'

A plane was forced to make an unscheduled landing after a row broke out on board when a passenger refused to stop passing wind.


Woman arrested over furious note pinned on ambulance saying: 'you have no right to be parked here'

A woman has been arrested after an abusive note was left on an ambulance which read: "you have no right to be parked here. I couldn't give a s**t if the whole street collapsed."


Donald Trump takes on Oprah Winfrey after 60 Minutes panel discussion saying: 'I hope she runs for office so I can expose and defeat her'

President Donald Trump said today that he hopes Oprah Winfrey will run against him in 2020 "so she can be exposed and defeated just like all of the others!"

Mount Sinabung eruption: vast column of ash shoots thousands of feet into the sky as volcano erupts

A vast column of ash and debris shot thousands of feet into the sky in a major volcanic eruption on the Indonesian island of Sumatra.

Oxfam scandal: report reveals sacked staff accused of sexual abuse were given new charity jobs despite warnings

A newly released Oxfam report into the Haiti sex scandal has revealed some individuals accused of abuse were given new aid sector jobs.


Domestic violence campaigners storm BAFTA Awards 2018 red carpet in solidarity with Time's Up movement

A group of domestic violence campaigners have stormed the BAFTAs awards ceremony, forming a blockade along the red carpet.

Sunday, Feb 18

Universities should 'consider refunding students for strikes' says MP

Students should get compensation if their education is disrupted by strike action, ministers have suggested.

Henry Bolton reveals he may rekindle romance with ex-girlfriend Jo Marney

Henry Bolton has admitted he may rekindle his romance with ex-girlfriend Jo Marney after being ousted as Ukip party leader.

Oxfam boss admits charity should have been more open about allegations of sexual abuse

The chief executive of Oxfam has admitted the charity should have been more open about allegations of sexual abuse by staff.

Donald Trump lashes out at FBI over handling of Florida school shooting suspect tip

Donald Trump has hit out at the FBI, accusing the agency of "missing signals" sent by the suspect of the school shooting by "spending too much time trying to prove Russian collusion with the Trump campaign".

Saturday, Feb 17

UK earthquake: 4.4 magnitude quake felt by thousands from Swansea to Bristol, Cornwall and Liverpool

A magnitude 4.4 earthquake struck near to Swansea in South Wales, the British Geological Survey confirmed.

Russian foreign minister dismisses US election disruption charges as 'just blabber'

Russia's foreign minister has dismissed charges against 13 Russians accused of an elaborate plot to disrupt the US presidential election as "just blabber".

Theresa May in Munich: PM rules out second referendum as she calls for security treaty with EU by 2019

Prime Minister Theresa May ruled out a second Brexit referendum, saying there was no going back on the result of the June 2016 vote.

Donald Trump meets Florida school shooting victims as community calls for further action to prevent such tragedies

President Donald Trump has met with victims of a deadly school shooting in Florida, as members of the community called for action to prevent such assaults.

Friday, Feb 16

London borough of Wandsworth plans fines of up to £500 for climbing trees, flying kites or playing cricket in parks

Pursuits considered 'annoying' to others could fall foul of new by-laws with threats of hefty fines from 'park police'

Carnival cruise ship brawl video: passengers and crew filmed in clash on board

Extraordinary video footage shows passengers and crew violently brawling on board a cruise ship, reportedly forcing terrified families to hide in their cabins.

Nikolas Cruz in white supremacy links: Florida shooting gunman 'was member of nationalist group who joined paramilitary drills'

Cruz has admitted killing 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, according to authorities ++++ He was a member of a white nationalist group with which he participated in paramilitary drills

RMT strike in February 2018: South Western Railway hit by fresh wave of industrial action over role of guards on trains

A fresh wave of industrial action will be launched by rail workers today amid bitter disputes over the role of guards.

Thursday, Feb 15

Nikolas Cruz latest: Florida shooting suspect is booked into jail on 17 counts of murder

Police today booked a teenage gunman into jail on 17 counts of murder after his deadly shooting rampage at a Florida high school.

Florida shooting victims: Tributes pour in for schoolgirl Jaime Guttenberg who was killed in Parkland massacre

A respected athletics coach and a teenage boy and girl were named as the first of 17 innocent victims of the Florida massacre as families of missing pupils and teachers searched desperately for information.

Florida mass shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz 'came to school with bullets in his rucksack' and joked about taking out his former classmates

Nikolas Cruz held after mass shooting in which 17 people died ++++ Fellow students: 'he was expelled for having bullets in his rucksack' ++++ Police and FBI investigators quizzing Cruz over Valentine's Day massacre ++++ Follow the latest…

Nikolas Cruz Instagram: 'Disturbing' social media accounts show Parkland school shooting suspect's terrifying weapons arsenal

Shooting suspect apparently 'posed in Make America Great Again' baseball cap on social media ++++ Series of chilling posts on account purportedly owned by suspect show arsenal of weaponry ++++ 17 dead and dozens injured in US school…

Wednesday, Feb 14

Florida mass shooting: 17 killed as teenager Nikolas Cruz is held over massacre at his former high school

At least 17 people have been killed after an expelled student went on a shooting rampage at his former high school in Florida.

Celine Dookhran murder: 'Evil' builder jailed for life for raping and killing teenage niece before dumping body in freezer

A "pure evil" builder who kidnapped, raped, and killed his own niece before dumping her body in a locked freezer has been given four life sentences and will spend at least 40 years behind bars.

Heathrow Airport incident: British Airways worker killed after two airport vehicles crash on tarmac

A British Airways engineer has died after two vehicles crashed on the tarmac at Heathrow Airport.

Stormy Daniels: Donald Trump's personal lawyer claims he paid porn actress $130,000 before election

Donald Trump's personal lawyer has claimed he paid $130,000 out of his own pocket to a porn actress who once claimed to have had an affair with the future president.