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Liberty Tax sex scandal draws investor lawsuit targeting founder

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Investigation found John Hewitt had romantic relationships with at least 10 female employees that created a hostile work environment at the company.

Passenger who was removed from Delta flight after urgent trip to restroom files federal lawsuit

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He contends the situation would never have unfolded the way it did if he were white.

Scottrade founder cashing out $1.4 billion in TD Ameritrade stock

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Riney will realize total of $4.5 billion from sale of brokerage firm

Fed rate increase is 3rd this year; foresees 3 more in 2018

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WASHINGTON (AP) — The Federal Reserve is raising its key interest rate for the third time this year and foresees three additional hikes in 2018, a vote of confidence that the U.S. economy remains on solid footing 8½ years after…

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U.S. stocks move higher ahead of expected Fed rate hike

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Increase driven by gains in industrial and health care companies.


Build-A-Bear signs deal with Nintendo for Super Mario bears

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Build-A-Bear has focused in recent years on broadening its licensed product offerings.

Bitcoin fever exposes crypto-market frailties

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Infrastructure to handle trading appears ill-equipped to cope with sudden shifts in demand, worrying some investors.


Grad students plead for mercy from U.S. tax overhaul

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About 145,000 graduate students could be affected by the new tax on tuition, but the impact would also hit about 25,000 undergraduate students.

Obamacare sign-ups rise to 1 million as pace picks up before Dec. 15 deadline

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Wall Street analysts are predicting that initial enrollment will be less than 10 million.


T-Mobile to launch a new television service, acquire Layer3 TV


Layer3 TV delivers a product that integrates television, online video content and social media


Trump to make final tax push as Republican negotiators near deal

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Republican leaders are aiming to vote on the sweeping legislation before Christmas.


Gasoline prices lift US consumer inflation 0.4 percent

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WASHINGTON (AP) — Surging gasoline prices pulled U.S. consumer inflation up 0.4 percent in November.

Apple plows $390 million into Finisar facial recognition


The investment is the latest from Apple's $1 billion Advanced Manufacturing Fund, dedicated to funding domestic manufacturers and creating jobs in the U.S.


When it comes to diversity trends in financial services, there's good news and bad news


Financial service industry's workforce is more diverse, but number of black managers drops, report says

Christmas trees in St. Louis may be smaller, more costly due to nationwide shortage

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The first two weekends of Christmas tree shopping season were blockbusters - driven by weather, not the national shortage.


Arkansas lawmakers ask panel to reconsider dicamba ban

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A subcommittee of the Legislative Council on Tuesday voted to delay considering rules proposed by the state Plant Board to prohibit the use of dicamba from April 16 through Oct. 31 next year.


Bitcoin hits another record high in march toward $20,000

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The cryptocurrency has registered a roughly 20-fold increase in its price for the year as it draws in millions of new investors.

Canada makes it official: It will buy used Australian F-18s instead of new Super Hornets

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'Any bidder responsible for harm to Canada's economic interests will be at a significant disadvantage.'


Advocates ready legal showdown with FCC on net neutrality

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Net neutrality advocates said they are gearing up for a legal fight after abandoning attempts to convince the Federal Communications Commission to keep 2015 rules aimed at maintaining an open internet.

Tuesday, Dec 12

Amid Amazon competition, Westfield malls sold for $15.7 billion

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The companies would together have 104 shopping centers in 13 countries that bring in an estimated 1.2 billion visits from shoppers a year.

Diner owner wants to be the change in her St. Louis neighborhood but obstacles keep popping up

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Fresno's Diner is the only restaurant in College Hill where families can sit down and eat. Its future is unclear after a pickup ran through a wall.

AT&T case will set precedent for other vertical mergers

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CVS deal to buy Aetna raises similar issues.

There's a medical 'land grab' underway as hospitals try to get larger

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A combination of Ascension and Providence St. Joseph would create the nation's biggest hospital chain.

Monday, Dec 11

U.S. stocks close modestly higher; S&P 500, Dow hit new highs

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Solid gains by health care companies also helped lift the market.

Megyn Kelly's dismal ratings rise with focus on sexual harassment. Next up: Trump accusers.

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She's interviewing Trump accusers Jessica Leeds, Samantha Holvey and Rachel Crooks on Monday morning.

After NGA picked new HQ site, residents helped document north St. Louis neighborhood's history

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The federal government requires a history project when historic properties are toppled, but they don't require citizens to be involved.

Monsanto offers cash to farmers who use controversial chemical

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Incentives come as regulators impose rules on use of the product.

Sunday, Dec 10

Lawsuit to block Scottrade financing settled

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Plaintiffs challenging the public funding of renovations to the arena will dismiss their suit, while the Blues agree to not seek attorney fees and related court costs from the plaintiffs.

St. Louis senior housing booms with boomers

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Hundreds of beds have been built in last year with more on the way.

Study abroad appeals to more U.S. college students, but costs can mount

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And most employers value an internship more than study abroad when assessing job candidates.

To the year-end checklist, add mandatory retirement withdrawals

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Nothing good lasts forever, and so it is with tax-deferred retirement saving — that is, the deferred part.

Saturday, Dec 9

Scottrade Center lawsuit to be dropped as part of settlement, documents say

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Plaintiffs who challenged public funding of the arena's renovation will dismiss their suit, while the Blues agree to not seek attorney fees and related court costs from the plaintifffs.

St. Louis craft brewers expand facilities as competition mounts

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There are 81 Missouri craft breweries, up from 43 in 2011.

Problem solver McKelvey tackles future of media

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Square co-founder hopes Invisibly will fix the business model for online publishing.

Tech is taking over our lives, and our 401(k) accounts


From Silicon Valley to Shanghai, surging share prices for technology companies mean the industry is making up an ever-larger chunk of stock funds.

Friday, Dec 8

33-story apartment tower planned for downtown St. Louis

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Plans call for the demolition of a six-story building owned by St. Louis Community College.

Asian shares rise on Wall Street gains, upbeat Japan data


HONG KONG (AP) — Asian share indexes advanced Friday, guided by Wall Street gains and healthy quarterly economic data from Japan.

Bond market puts up a caution flag for Fed and economy

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Yield curve has flattened, causing Bullard and others to express concern about further rate increases

Hundreds of homes planned on University of Missouri-owned land around Missouri Bluffs Golf Club

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"There is no site like this" in St. Louis region, says New Town St. Charles developer of Missouri River bluffs eyed for housing.