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Hallenstein Glasson sells fashion brand Storm to CEO

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Struggling women's clothing brand Storm is being sold in the wake of a string of fashion brand failures.

Ardern says Government 'actively considering' call to end oil exploration

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has delayed attending a state visit to personally receive a Greenpeace petition calling for the end of oil exploration.

Firm accused of piracy by Sky TV receives $10 million offer from China

The 29 year-old owner of a Hamilton firm that is being sued by Sky TV says he has received a $10 million takeover offer for his business from China.

How Disney films could limit women's careers


OPINION: Three years ago, the United Nations tallied the most common genders to which a range of occupations were assigned on the silver screen.

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Friends witness girl, 11, struck and thrown by train at Ngaruawahia

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​Ngāruawhāhia could see more train accidents of the type that killed an 11-year-old girl unless people in the Waikato town change their attitude to the rail bridge officials say.


Cleared for takeoff: Airbus Asia Training Centre keeps pilots sharp

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For plane spotters and aviation lovers it would be the ultimate games arcade. Six full-flight simulators, each worth about $35 million. It makes PlayStation and the likes look decidedly antiquated.

Facebook faces backlash as it's outfoxed by Cambridge Analytica over users' data

Facebook's mishandling of personal data has been called "a disgusting breach of privacy" and now politicians want co-founder and chief executive Mark Zuckerberg to front up.


Catamaran firm must pay $93,000 after passenger's back breaks on board

A catamaran operator has been ordered to pay more than $93,000 after a 60-year-old passenger's back broke when the vessel hit a large wave.

Farm deaths fall as WorkSafe launches campaign over vehicle safety

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Ten people died on farms last year, compared with 19 the year before.

More than $1 billion is laundered in NZ every year: Police


Overseas criminals seeking to mask their illicit funds are laundering an estimated $1.35 billion at least through New Zealand each year, according to the boss of the New Zealand Police's Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU).


The trek in Nepal that no-one knows about

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Most people visit Nepal to go trekking, but we added the country to our bucket list purely for the Tihar Festival, a five-day Hindu celebration where animals are worshipped, the streets are decorated with lights, flowers, and flags, and…


Kushner company accused of falsifying records to earn huge profits

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​White House senior adviser Jared Kushner's real estate company routinely filed false documents as it pushed vulnerable tenants out of its apartment buildings, according to a new Associated Press report.


Crunching the numbers on the price of global violence

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What are the world's most peaceful nations?


US town bans bitcoin mining as its residents see power bills surge

A small lakeside town in upstate New York is fed up with bitcoin miners using up so much of its low-cost electricity.


Donald Trump embarks on weekend tirade against Robert Mueller, James Comey and Andrew McCabe

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US President Donald Trump has fired off angry tweets railing against the Justice Department special counsel's Russia investigation and attacking the integrity of former FBI director James Comey and his former deputy, Andrew McCabe,…


New Zealand an honest broker with a big role in shaping Asia

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OPINION: Whenever a famous person visits New Zealand, journalists like to ask them what they think of New Zealand. We Kiwis lap up reports of movie stars developing a taste for our local chocolate, wine or fashion designers.


11-year-old girl hit by freight train and killed in Waikato

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An 11-year-old girl has been hit by a freight train and killed in the Waikato.


Wellington zipline likely to fly over major hurdle in quest to set up near landfill

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After successfully negotiating the public consultation process, Wellington City Council looks set to give a commercial ziplining company the green light to set up shop near the city's landfill.

Licence breach as teenagers killed in 'horrific' crash north of Christchurch

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The driver of a car that caused a double fatality in North Canterbury was driving illegally.


Retail chain to stop selling pronged dog collars after animal welfare complaint

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Retail chain Uncle Bills Wholesale Club has agreed to stop ordering pronged collars designed to dig into a dog's neck after an animal welfare group complained, but it will not remove remaining stock from shelves.

Sunday, Mar 18

Future of dairies, convenience stores hangs in the balance

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The future of dairies is unclear as tobacco-driven crime skyrockets, the convenience stores association boss says.

Businesses feeling the pinch after State Highway 1 reopening

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For many, the day the road to Kaikōura reopened was a day of celebration worth tooting your horn for; for others it was the day they waved goodbye to months of roaring success. Business owners along the alternate route of State Highway 63…

Saturday, Mar 17

Why does sunscreen cost as much as whisky? Good luck trying to find out

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It's considered a necessity in New Zealand but it's worth its weight in whisky, vodka or champagne.

ACC chairwoman Dame Paula Rebstock quiet on CEO pay row

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A leading public servant who was knighted for services to the state has ignored State Services Commission (SSC) direction over chief executive pay for three years in a row.

Illegal migrant prostitutes too 'terrified' to report exploitation

Migrant prostitutes working illegally on temporary visas are "terrified" they will be deported if they report exploitative pimps and abusive clients to authorities.

Goldman Sachs UK pays female employees 56 per cent less than men


Goldman Sachs pays women in the UK an average of 56 per cent less than male colleagues – another stark example of the entrenched gender imbalances in the richest corners of the global economy.

Friday, Mar 16

Golden Bay freight company Sollys faces $600,000 loss from Gita

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Golden Bay's largest freight company has been hit with a $600,000 loss in three weeks following severe damage to the only road out of the area.

Low-waged jobs are demanding, require skill: Wonder why they're hard to fill?

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Auckland woman Chloe King is not surprised to hear that hospitality is one of the industries in which New Zealand employers are struggling to find staff.

Good girls don't just work for money, but they should


OPINION: I hate to be the grinch, but in the name of Global Money week, it's time young women knew the truth.

Indian restaurant chain owner fined $41,000 for underpaying staff


An Indian restaurant chain has been fined $41,000for failing to pay staff correctly.

Thursday, Mar 15

Shell NZ assets sold to Austrian oil and gas explorer

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Shell New Zealand has been sold to Vienna-based oil and gas company OMV, parent company Royal Dutch Shell announced today, Friday.

Excitement and long queues as Kmart Rotorua opens


Arriving outside Rotorua's new Kmart at 1am - seven hours before it opened - Beckie Ransfield thought she'd be first in the line.

The great New Zealand home maintenance divide


OPINION: An awful lot of houses are looking tatty, and unloved.

Environmental taxes could be balanced by drop in GST, Sir Michael Cullen suggests

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GST could fall if the Tax Working Group recommends new environmental taxes, its chairman Sir Michael Cullen has suggested.

Wednesday, Mar 14

Services, and population growth see NZ economy expand by nearly 3%

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A booming services sector helped the New Zealand economy grow by almost 3 per cent in 2017.

Chris Liddell unlikely to be shaken from career goals by disappointment


Kiwi expat Chris Liddell is unlikely to be too piqued after missing out on the job of becoming President's Trump's top economic adviser, say former colleagues.

2degrees shuts down 2G network


2degrees says the closure of its 2G phone network overnight so far only appears to have caught a few customers by surprise.

Tax Working Group poses threat to family 'nest eggs', says National

The Tax Working Group says it remains open-minded on the future of the tax system as the National Party questions the need for change.