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Everton 2 Arsenal 5: Ronald Koeman on the brink after five-star Gunners claim much-needed away win

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If this was the end for Ronald Koeman it came not with a bang but with the most pitiful of whimpers. This is how you know your time may be up: when Mesut Ozil out jumps your entire defence to score a header. “You’re getting sacked in the…

EU wants to 'punish' Britain for having 'audacity' to vote for Brexit, Liam Fox suggests

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The European Union wants to "punish" Britain for having the "audacity" to vote for Brexit, Liam Fox has suggested as he insisted that leaving without a deal will not be a "nightmare scenario". The EU last week significantly softened its…

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Last day before motorists with pre-2006 cars pay extra £10 'T-charge' to drive in London

From tomorrow, owners of older, dirtier cars will be charged an extra £10 if they want to drive into London. The Mayor, Saddiq Khan, announced the "Toxicity charge" in February as part of a package of measures to clean up the capital’s …



Lewis Hamilton takes pole at US Grand Prix with Formula One title in his sights

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Lewis Hamilton has a realistic chance of seizing his fourth world title today after achieving the 72 nd pole position of his career with the fastest lap ever recorded here at Austin’s Circuit of the Americas. To reinforce his reputation as…


Putin's chic challenger Ksenia Sobchak insists she's a real candidate and not a Kremlin stooge

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Ksenia Sobchak, the socialite-turned-opposition- journalist who said this week she would run for president, has insisted she is a real challenger to Vladimir Putin and not a show candidate. Many see Ms Sobchack, 35, as a weak, Kremlin…

Gunpowder, episode 1, review: Guy Fawkes tale gets the glossy, big-budget treatment


Gunpowder (BBC One) opened with two scenes of such tension and intensity as to make one wonder why the Guy Fawkes tale hasn't been told more often. Between religious persecution, political intrigue, halberds and jerkins, the story has been…

Theresa May plots climbdown over Universal Credit amid fears it could become her 'poll tax'

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Theresa May is on the brink of a major climbdown over Universal Credit payments, having been warned it could become her “poll tax”. In a significant shift in tone, ministers are understood to have signalled that they are looking at ways to…


Saturday, Oct 21

Strictly Come Dancing 2017, week five live show: Debbie McGee's romantic rumba tops the leaderboard


The pocket rockets are back in hold for a proper, traditional, back-to-basics waltz. Aston needs footwork finesse after last week's slight dip. Gorgeously romantic, he's leading well. Took too long to get into hold but good body contact.…

T-charge prompts thousands to ditch their old cars for cleaner vehicles, figures show

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Thousands of drivers have ditched their diesel cars for cleaner vehicles ahead of London's new “T-charge”, it has emerged. The Sunday Telegraph has obtained Transport for London data showing the number of older diesel cars entering the the…

Friday, Oct 20

EU breaks Brexit deadlock to save Theresa May amid fears she could be ousted from No10

www.telegraph.co.uk also on Telegraph / News

EU leaders softened their stance significantly on Brexit talks yesterday amid fears in Brussels that Theresa May’s Government could collapse if negotiations remain deadlocked. Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, said she was now in…

Thursday, Oct 19

Jeremy Corbyn undermines UK's Brexit stance, telling EU that 'no deal' is not an option

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Jeremy Corbyn today threatened to undermine Theresa May in Brussels by telling European Union leaders that he “will not countenance” the UK leaving the EU without a deal. The Labour leader met with Michel Barnier, the EU’s chief Brexit…

Wednesday, Oct 18

Theresa May sacked George Osborne. At PMQs he came back to haunt her

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When Theresa May became Prime Minister, the first thing she did was to sack George Osborne. His life is now dedicated to making her regret it. All those headlines he concocts as editor of the Evening Standard, revelling in her woes. That…

Tuesday, Oct 17