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Tories agree £1bn DUP deal to prop up Theresa May's minority Government

www.telegraph.co.uk also on Telegraph / News

A £1 billion deal has been done between the Conservatives and Democratic Unionist Party to prop up Theresa May's minority Government. Arlene Foster, the leader of the DUP, met with the Prime Minister in Downing Street this morning to agree…

HMS Queen Elizabeth will help Britain retake its place among the military elite

www.telegraph.co.uk also on Telegraph / News

The announcement that the first 70,000 tonne Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carrier is ready to leave the Rosyth shipyard in Scotland marks an important sea-change in the revival of the Royal Navy's war-fighting capabilities. At a time…


Lewis Hamilton brands Sebastian Vettel a disgrace - 'If he wants to prove that he is a man we should do it out of the car, face-to-face'

www.telegraph.co.uk also on Telegraph / Sport

Lewis Hamilton has branded Sebastian Vettel a “disgrace” after the Ferrari driver was deemed to have deliberately crashed into his title rival during a chaotic Azerbaijan Grand Prix. This year’s Formula One championship burst into life…


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Tories crack the whip as MPs ordered to cancel holiday on vote days

www.telegraph.co.uk also on Telegraph / News

Conservative MPs have been ordered not to take holidays abroad while Parliament is sitting amid fears the Government could be brought down by losing a vote. An email sent by the Tory whips office and leaked to The Telegraph warns that the …

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