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Roy Moore arrives on horseback to vote as sister says 'every single woman is lying'

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Former Alabama judge says sexual misconduct allegations will be addressed ‘when we get to the Senate’ while sister says she believes he will win

Trump attacks senator and dismisses sexual harassment claims as Democratic conspiracy

Donald Trump claimed on Tuesday that the harassment accusations against him were a Democratic conspiracy as he lashed out at a female Democratic senator with what she quickly dubbed a “sexist smear”.

'No shame': how the Trump administration granted big oil's wishlist

The EPA has fulfilled almost all major demands made by the American Petroleum Institute within its first year under Trump

Trump’s lawyers call for second special counsel to investigate Russia special counsel

The president’s lawyer says ‘new revelations’ warrant new group to investigate Mueller’s team’s inquiry into ties between the Trump campaign and Russia

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Polish regulator fines US-owned broadcaster over protests coverage

TVN SA judged to have ‘propagated illegal behaviour’ with report on demonstrations last year, raising fears for press freedom


US man charged with impersonating police officer to get Starbucks discount

Police in western New York have charged a man they say impersonated a police officer in an attempt to get discounted coffee.

New York bombing suspect reportedly posted Trump 'failed to protect' US

Akayed Ullah, who has been charged on five terrorism-related counts, apparently posted about Trump on Facebook the morning of the explosion


New York attack: police in Bangladesh question Akayed Ullah's relatives

Wife, father-in-law and uncle of man suspected of detonating pipe bomb in subway corridor among those questioned

Subway attack worries Brooklyn's Little Bangladesh: 'We don't stand behind this stupidity'

Residents in Kensington, where many of New York’s Bangladeshi Americans live, say they now fear an increased police presence – and possible deportations


Italy declares state of emergency after deadly gas explosion in Austria

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One dead and 18 injured after blaze tears through Baumgarten gas hub, plunging Europe into an energy crisis


Trump visit to UK expected in new year, says US ambassador

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US president expected to visit Britain in early 2018 when he may formally open the new American embassy, says Wood Johnson

Women who accuse Trump of sexual misconduct call for Congress investigation – video

A group of women who have accused Donald Trump of sexually inappropriate behaviour demanded that Congress open an investigation on Monday. The three women – Samantha Holvey, Rachel Crooks and Jessica Leeds – first came forward during the…

The Silicon Valley paradox: one in four people are at risk of hunger

Exclusive: study suggests that 26.8% of the population qualify as ‘food insecure’ based on risk factors such as missing meals or relying on food banks

Sheryl Crow criticizes country stars for not 'taking a stand' on gun control

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Crow, who is releasing a song dedicated to Newtown victims, says country musicians are afraid of speaking about gun laws and losing their audience

How big oil is tightening its grip on Donald Trump's White House

The oil industry has stalled action on climate change from the inside and sold America on fossil fuels – and its influence goes back further than people realize


She fought for her community as a Black Panther. Will gentrification force her out?

In America’s ‘hottest housing market’, one woman’s fight to keep her home has become a rallying cry against the displacement of communities of color


Charles Jenkins, US soldier who defected to North Korea, dies aged 77

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Jenkins became an unlikely celebrity in Japan after his wife, a victim of the regime’s cold war abductions, was freed in 2002

Roy Moore battles bigotry claims on eve of Alabama vote: 'Our attorney is a Jew'

Wartime comrade claims Republican candidate turned down visit to Vietnam brothel, while Democrat Doug Jones urges voters to ‘take the right road’


Manhattan subway explosion 'was attempted terrorist attack', says mayor

A 27-year-old man was in custody on Monday after allegedly detonating a pipe bomb in a New York City subway station during the morning commute.


Former Facebook executive: social media is ripping society apart

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Chamath Palihapitiya, former vice-president of user growth, expressed regret for his part in building tools that destroy ‘the social fabric of how society works’

Monday, Dec 11

Police name New York subway attacker – as it happened

Full report: Subway explosion ‘was attempted terrorist attack’, says mayor; Analysis: Subway attack exposes security challenge for transport systems

Suspected New York bomber being treated at hospital as police investigate

Akayed Ullah sustained burns to his hands and abdomen after the crude pipe bomb that was strapped to his body exploded in Manhattan

Manhattan bomb: officials will focus on recent activity and overseas links

Investigators will be tracking suspect’s recent experiences in the US but will also be digging into his formative years abroad

'We're here to stay': the Guardian invites Dreamers to guest-edit our US edition

The Trump administration has put the future of young, undocumented immigrants at risk. Meet our guest editors and hear what they have to say

Sunday, Dec 10

Nuclear annihilation 'one tantrum away', Nobel peace prize winner warns

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Australian-founded International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons urges support for UN treaty banning them

Macron tells Netanyahu that US recognition of Jerusalem is threat to peace

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Call comes as Palestinian man stabs Israeli security guard following Donald Trump’s announcement about Jerusalem

A battle for public opinion: Trump goes to war over Mueller and Russia

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In recent days, the rightwing media and Trump loyalists have been scrambling to discredit the special counsel and smear his Russia inquiry as a liberal plot

Aftershocks detected after North Korea nuclear test moved Earth's crust

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Tremors picked up on Saturday probably from regime’s experiment in September, US Geological Survey says

Saturday, Dec 9

'An untimely visit': Trump avoids protest at Mississippi Civil Rights Museum

The president flew in to Jackson, took a tour, spoke briefly, hid from the public, and left. Many celebrating a historic state project said that was just as well

Five years on, Sandy Hook families recall gun horror – but is anyone listening in Washington?

Newtown shooting shocked the world – yet gun control seems further away than ever. But a band of loyal activists are convinced the fight is winnable

'It was an inferno': southern Californians left dumbstruck by week of wildfire hell

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Residents of the picturesque town of Ojai and nearby Ventura describe their horror at the pace and ferocity of wildfires ravaging the Los Angeles area

Donald Trump backs Roy Moore at Florida rally and casts doubt on alleged victim

President lashes out at Beverly Young Nelson who claims Moore sexually assaulted her when she was 16

Friday, Dec 8

California wildfires: 120,000 forced to flee as blazes tear through south of state

Wildfires driven by strong desert winds continue to rage through southern California, destroying hundreds of buildings and forcing 120,000 people to flee a phenomenon that could last until Christmas.

Israel braced for clashes following Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as capital

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UN security council to meet to discuss US decision amid widespread international condemnation and violence in occupied territories

'For too long, they have generated harm': the fight to remove offensive monuments in New York

A 500-strong petition asks to remove four statues in Manhattan that artists and academics see as support for white supremacy

'Sufficient progress' in Brexit talks announced after May's dash to Brussels

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Theresa May and Jean-Claude Juncker announce agreement after last-minute talks, paving the way for trade discussions

Thursday, Dec 7

Al Franken resigns from Senate over sexual misconduct allegations

Senator Al Franken announced his resignation on Thursday, becoming the highest ranking US politician yet to step down in the wake of widening allegations of sexual misconduct against powerful men in Hollywood, Silicon Valley, the media and…

California wildfires: winds pose ‘extreme danger’ for Los Angeles

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Race to contain deadly blazes as authorities warn 80mph gusts could fan flames in already devastated communities

Defiant Donald Trump confirms US will recognise Jerusalem as capital of Israel

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Donald Trump has defied overwhelming global opposition by recognising Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, but insisted that the highly controversial move would not derail his own administration’s bid to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian…

China's debt levels pose stability risk, says IMF

Health check of financial system says reforms have not gone far enough and notes similarities to US before 2008 crisis