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Republicans on Charlottesville: who's with Trump and who's against him?

The Republican party was left reeling after the president defended those who took part in a white supremacist rally. Here’s a look at who said what

Steve Bannon brands far right 'losers' and contradicts Trump in surprise interview

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White House figure tells the American Prospect magazine there is no military solution to North Korea and warns of a China trade war

Muslim radio host sues Daily Stormer for claim he 'masterminded' Manchester bombing

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Neo-Nazi website used fake tweets to suggest Dean Obeidallah planned bombing of Ariana Grande concert, US lawsuit states

Mark Zuckerberg on Charlottesville: Facebook will remove violent threats

CEO says Facebook is ‘watching closely’ and will ‘take down threats of physical harm’, joining raft of tech companies purging white nationalists and neo-Nazis

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Neo-Nazis, white nationalists, and internet trolls: who's who in the far right

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The far-right activists who gathered in Charlottesville included members of a range of distinct groups, as old as the KKK and as recent as the Proud Boys

'Trump's delivering exactly what they wanted: white male supremacy'

The noise of the national debate over the president’s performance intrudes on the simple rituals of summer in a Pennsylvania county that flipped for Trump


Pauline Hanson wears burqa in Australian Senate while calling for ban

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Coalition and Labor Senate leaders sharply rebuke One Nation leader over her stunt and accuse her of ridiculing Muslims


Peta says sorry for taking girl's pet chihuahua and putting it down

Animal rights group pays family $49,000 to settle lawsuit after it seized dog called Maya which belonged to nine-year-old


Peanut allergy cured in majority of children in immunotherapy trial

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Australian researchers hail breakthrough after ‘life-changing’ tolerance persists for up to four years


KKK denied permit to burn cross atop symbolic mountain in Georgia

Stone Mountain Park, site of the second founding of the KKK in 1915, says it ‘condemns the beliefs and actions’ of the white supremacist group


I was in Charlottesville. Trump was wrong about violence on the left | Jason Wilson

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Jason Wilson, who was in Charlottesville during the white nationalist rally, says the record must be cleared: counter-protesters came in peace

The Guardian view on Donald Trump: beyond the moral pale | Editorial

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The US president has gone even further than before in condoning the racist right. He must pay the price, at home and abroad

Trump disbands business councils as CEOs flee after Charlottesville remarks

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The collapse of the advisory bodies follows seven different corporate leaders stepping down in recent days after Trump’s controversial remarks

Mother of Charlottesville victim Heather Heyer: 'They tried to kill my child to shut her up'

Susan Bro, the mother of murdered anti-fascist protester Heather Heyer, struck a defiant note at an emotional memorial service in front of 1,200 mourners


Canadian woman, 84, finds long-lost diamond ring wrapped around carrot

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After losing her engagement ring on her family farm more than a decade ago, Canadian Mary Grams resigned herself to the idea she would never see it again.

Dashcam video shows police sexually assaulted Texas woman, lawyer says

Attorney for Charnesia Corley, who was pulled over for allegedly running a stop sign, releases video showing her examined while naked below the waist


'Jews will not replace us': Vice film lays bare horror of neo-Nazis in America

A Vice News film crew embedded with a far-right speaker in Charlottesville last weekend seeks to highlight the motivations of white supremacists

Amazon stock market value falls by $5bn after critical Trump tweet

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President accuses company of ‘doing great damage to tax paying retailers’, leading to ‘many jobs being lost’ – despite own failure to release tax returns


Two Bush presidents condemn 'racial bigotry' amid Trump backlash

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Statement from George HW and W Bush doesn’t mention president by name but marks latest Republican rebuke of his defense of far-right rally in Charlottesville


Theresa May condemns far-right views after Donald Trump Charlottesville remarks

PM says she ‘sees no equivalence’ between those with fascist views and those who oppose them but does not name president

Wednesday, Aug 16

Why is the US still fighting the civil war?

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Confederate symbols have become a crucible of racial tension in the US. White nationalists claim they are important monuments – but are they just a way to rewrite an ugly history and revive the battles of the past?

'Most bizarre dinosaur ever found' is missing evolutionary link – study

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Originally classified as a relative of T rex, analysis shows Chilesaurus belongs to a different dinosaurian group, with implications for the dinosaur family tree

Charlottesville: Trump reverts to blaming both sides including 'violent alt-left'

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US president defends far-right marchers and equates Confederate generals with George Washington and Thomas Jefferson

Republicans denounce bigotry after Donald Trump's latest Charlottesville remarks

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Reactions to president’s controversial press conference split party into those willing to condemn Trump by name and those who would not

Tuesday, Aug 15

Top bosses urged to quit Trump jobs council as fifth member steps away

The bosses of some of the world’s biggest companies are facing mounting pressure to quit Donald Trump’s high-profile business advisory council as two more people resigned on Tuesday in the wake of the president’s handling of the fatal…

Charlottesville: CEOs quit Trump council over response to violence

Bosses from Intel, Merck and Under Armour distance themselves from administration after president’s reluctance to denounce white nationalists

North Korea's Kim to assess 'foolish Yankees' before deciding on Guam missile attack

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Leader’s comments come after US defence secretary warned North Korean missile attack ‘could escalate into war very quickly’

President's first Trump Tower homecoming met with mass protest

More than a thousand demonstrators gathered for Donald Tump’s first visit since inauguration, spurred on by the recent attack in Charlottesville

Monday, Aug 14

African American CEO Kenneth Frazier quits Trump panel after Charlottesville

Trump attacks Merck boss on Twitter shortly after he announces departure with statement calling for rejection of ‘hatred, bigotry, and group supremacy’

Trump finally condemns Charlottesville racism, days after violence

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After widespread criticism over initial response to white nationalists, Trump says: ‘Racism is evil and those who cause violence in its name are criminals’

Scaramucci warns Trump to beware 'enemy within' White House

Short-lived communications chief likens himself to Pulp Fiction’s Mr Wolf, called in to clean up dysfunctional White House

Trump under fire for failure to condemn far right following Charlottesville death

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Republicans and Democrats say president’s words on apparent deliberate killing of protester should have been much harsher

Sunday, Aug 13

CIA chief says 'nothing imminent' in US showdown with North Korea

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While Mike Pompeo tries to reassure Fox News Sunday viewers, he notes another missile test by Pyongyang would not come as a surprise

Charlottesville: man charged with murder was pictured at neo-Nazi rally

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Pictures from earlier on day of clashes show James Fields with white supremacist group Vanguard America

Man charged with murder after driving into anti-far-right protesters in Charlottesville

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James Fields, from Ohio, arrested following attack at ‘Unite the Right’ gathering, and two police officers die in helicopter crash

Donald Trump under fire after failing to denounce Virginia white supremacists

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President laments ‘hatred, bigotry and violence from many sides’ but senior Republicans and Democrats demand condemnation of far-right extremists

Saturday, Aug 12

Angela Merkel races ahead in polls with six weeks to go

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Challenge from left’s new saviour Martin Schulz fades among voters content with economic success

Trump's rhetoric on North Korea echoes loudly in void of US diplomacy

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The US president refuses to dial down the war of words with Pyongyang despite his state department being in no fit state to deal with the crisis

Charlottesville: far-right crowd with torches encircles counter-protest group

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People gathering to oppose Unite the Right demonstration say they were hit with pepper spray and lighter fluid in clash on University of Virginia campus

Chinese president speaks with Trump and urges calm over North Korea

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China’s president, Xi Jinping, has told Donald Trump in a phone call that all sides should avoid rhetoric or action that would worsen tensions on the Korean peninsula, according to Chinese state media.