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Trump orders 'bump stock' ban but indicates no stronger action on gun control

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The announcement falls far short of demands from students who survived the Florida massacre and are pushing for a ban on assault rifles

Trump's compromise on gun control: explaining the president's (tiny) offer

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Trump offered a ban on the bump stock devices and a new law to enforce background check laws that are already on the books

'I worked my butt off': Lindsey Vonn emotional after winning downhill bronze

Lindsey Vonn, one of the great alpine skiers of all time, was unable to repeat her downhill victory in the 2010 Olympics in a title defense eight years in the waiting on a sun-splashed Wednesday afternoon in Pyeongchang.

Queen makes surprise appearance at London fashion week

Monarch watches Richard Quinn’s show and then presents him with British design award

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Garlic Girls: South Korean curling team ward off more seasoned rivals

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The five women have become internet sensations with their unlikely progression to Winter Olympic semi-finals in Pyeongchang


A-peeling? Japanese farmers invent edible banana skin

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If you don’t like bananas then read no more – if you do then today is a day of joy


Winter Olympics women's downhill skiing: Lindsey Vonn wins bronze – as it happened

American misses out on second Olympic gold; Lindsey Vonn: ‘There’s nothing special about me. I just ski fast’; Latest medal table | Full event schedule

North Korea cancelled Mike Pence meeting last minute, White House says

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Officials ‘dangled’ face-to-face talks at Winter Olympics, which collapsed after vice-president condemned human rights record


Aide to Florida lawmaker fired after suggesting shooting survivors are actors

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Benjamin Kelly, an aide to state representative Shawn Harrison, repeated a conspiracy theory often used after mass shootings


Chelsea 1-1 Barcelona: Champions League – as it happened

Updates from the first leg of the last-16 tie at Stamford Bridge; Live scores: the goals from the games in the UK and Europe; Send your thoughts to Scott.Murray@theguardian.com


Trump-Russia inquiry: lawyer who worked with Manafort pleads guilty to lying to FBI

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Alex van der Zwaan charged with making false statements to special counsel investigating Trump campaign and its ties to Russia


'It's not a war. It's a massacre': scores killed in Syrian enclave

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Aid groups warn situation in eastern Ghouta could become worst atrocity in war so far


Florida shooting survivors are fighting back. Here's what they need to know about gun control

The current battle to reshape gun laws can feel like a stalemate, but there have been victories too. This is what the landscape looks like right now


Study reveals North Korean cyber-espionage has reached new heights

Spying unit is widening its operations into aerospace and defence industries, according to US security firm


'Sloppy and careless': courts call out Trump blitzkrieg on environmental rules

A cascade of courtroom standoffs are beginning to slow, and even reverse, the EPA rollbacks thanks to the administration’s ‘disregard for the law’


Scientists race to explore Antarctic marine life revealed by giant iceberg

British Antarctic Survey is trying to reach a newly revealed ecosystem that had been hidden for 120,000 years below the Larsen C ice shelf

Marion Maréchal-Le Pen to share stage with US conservatives

Niece of far-right Front National leader Marine Le Pen to address conference after vice-president Mike Pence on Thursday


Israeli police name Netanyahu associates in corruption inquiry

Pair suspected of helping telecoms company in return for favourable coverage of PM

Tuesday, Feb 20

Virtue and Moir win ice dance gold for Canada as Shib Sibs take bronze for USA

Canadian darlings Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir punctuated their brilliant careers with a second Olympic gold medal in ice dance, becoming the most decorated figure skaters in Winter Games history on Tuesday afternoon at the Gangneung Ice…

Former US military commander warns against 'bloody nose' strike on North Korea

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Amid reports Trump administration is considering pre-emptive action, Dennis Blair says striking first would be high-risk strategy

Chinese and US officials scuffled over 'nuclear football' during 2017 Trump visit

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Secret service teams clashed in November when Chinese agents tried to stop case carrying US nuclear codes from entering Beijing’s Great Hall of the People

Monday, Feb 19

Students stage White House protest as Trump gives nod to background bill

Young people ask ‘am I next?’ at demonstration against Washington inaction in the wake of Florida attack

Top Democrat suggests proof of Trump-Russia collusion still to come

While these latest indictments do not allege Trump’s team knowingly colluded, says Adam Schiff, that doesn’t mean later ones won’t

Florida students, thrust in new role after shooting, find a powerful voice: 'we can't waste this chance'

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‘This right now is the biggest issue in our country,’ said a student who survived the Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school shooting

New test can detect autism in children, scientists say

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Blood and urine test, believed to be first of its kind, could lead to earlier diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders

Sunday, Feb 18

Black Panther sets opening weekend record with $192m ticket sales

The movie had the fifth-biggest opening weekend ever in North America, suggesting it will set a record for films directed by a black filmmaker

Trump faces calls to act against Russia after Mueller's indictments

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Democrats and former intelligence officials argue Trump had done nothing to protect future elections from Russian interference

Trump: FBI 'spending too much time' on Russia inquiry and missed Florida shooter signs

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The president’s attempt to use the shooting to make a political point about the Russia inquiries drew swift criticism

Donald Trump v Bill Clinton: why don't the sex scandals seem to stick?

Clinton’s extramarital affair led to his impeachment, yet Trump seems immune to similar allegations. A panel of experts gets to the bottom of the double standard

Saturday, Feb 17

Post-Columbine generation demands action on guns: 'We don't deserve this'

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Survivors of the Florida attack have grown up in a world where school shooting are the norm, and they want a different future

Senior Trump adviser says Russian election meddling 'beyond dispute'

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HR McMaster calls evidence incontrovertible in wake of latest US indictments against more than a dozen Russians

Putin’s chef, a troll farm and Russia's plot to hijack US democracy

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Robert Mueller has revealed audacious meddling in the 2016 election. Can he link it to Trump?

Mueller charges 13 Russians with interfering in US election to help Trump

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DoJ indictment alleges Russian operatives ‘communicated with unwitting individuals associated with the Trump campaign’

Friday, Feb 16

Florida shooting: FBI admits it failed to investigate Nikolas Cruz tipoff

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The FBI admitted on Friday it failed to investigate a specific report in January that Nikolas Cruz could be plotting a school shooting.

Trump 'had affair with former Playboy model', report says

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According to the New Yorker, Karen McDougal claims the affair took place in 2006 and that her story was silenced in the months before Trump was elected president

Florida shooting: suspect escaped scene by hiding among students as they fled

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Nikolas Cruz, 19, charged with 17 counts of murder as officials confirm the AR-15 rifle used to commit massacre was purchased legally

Most Americans can buy an AR-15 rifle before they can buy beer

The military-style gun, the weapon of choice for mass shootings, can be bought in most states starting at the age of 18