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'This can be a mean-spirited town': Rex Tillerson bids farewell – video


Rex Tillerson has said farewell to the state department with a parting shot at Washington, a plea for integrity – and no mention of the man that fired him. Tillerson didn't directly address the icy manner in which he was dismissed last…

'I love the president': John Dowd quits as Trump lawyer in Mueller investigation

www.theguardian.com also on The Guardian / US

John Dowd, Donald Trump’s lead lawyer in the Mueller investigation into Russian election interference and alleged links between Trump aides and Moscow, resigned his role on Thursday while protesting his “love” for the president.

'Great Pacific garbage patch' sprawling with far more debris than thought

The patch of detritus is more than twice the size of France and is up to 16 times larger than previously estimated

Parkland students to Congress: tighten gun laws or risk 'killing America's future'

www.theguardian.com also on The Guardian / US

The students who have shaped a national debate over gun laws have warned the US Congress to take action or risk “killing the future of America”.

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'You have the power to change America': Parkland students interview Bernie Sanders – video


Rebecca Schneid and Dara Rosen, two student journalists from the Florida high school where 17 people were shot dead, interview the Vermont senator Bernie Sanders and ask him whether he thinks Donald Trump has the courage to take on the NRA.

Raptors, Rockets or revolts? The biggest threats to the Cavaliers-Warriors duopoly

Cleveland are the weakest they’ve been in years while Golden State are not the invincibles they once were. How likely is the old guard to change?


John Bolton to replace McMaster as Trump's national security adviser

www.theguardian.com also on The Guardian / AU

HR McMaster has resigned as Donald Trump’s national security adviser and will be replaced by John Bolton, the hawkish former US ambassador to the United Nations, the president announced on Thursday night.


Rex Tillerson says goodbye – but doesn't mention the man who fired him

www.theguardian.com also on The Guardian / US

Secretary of state, who was fired by Trump last week, departs with a plea for integrity and says ‘this can be a very mean-spirited town’


Uber crash shows 'catastrophic failure' of self-driving technology, experts say

Concerns raised about future testing as footage suggests fatal collision in Arizona was failing of system’s most basic functions

A trade war would be bad, but Trump does have a point

www.theguardian.com also on The Guardian / AU

China has been flouting intellectual property rules and it has more to lose


'Dead zone' in Gulf of Mexico will take decades to recover from farm pollution

A new study says that even in the ‘unrealistic’ event of a total halt to the flow of agricultural chemicals the damage will persist for 30 years


'I'd beat the hell out of him' says Joe Biden of Trump – video


Donald Trump has struck out on Twitter at former vice president Joe Biden, who mused days before about beating up the US president if the two were in high school. At a rally hosted by a sexual assault awareness group on 20 March, Biden…


Trump attacks Joe Biden amid reports of 2020 presidential run

www.theguardian.com also on The Guardian / US

Reports that Joe Biden is preparing a run for the White House in 2020 seemed to draw a response from Donald Trump on Thursday. The former vice-president would “go down fast and hard, crying all the way”, the president tweeted, if he ever…

Thursday, Mar 22

Austin bombing suspect blows himself up with swat team closing in

www.theguardian.com also on The Guardian / US

In the end, it was sightings of a strange man in a blond wig in several stores that led authorities to a serial bomber who had terrified the city and suburbs of Austin, Texas, for almost three weeks and left two people dead.

Uber dashcam footage shows lead up to fatal self-driving crash – video

WARNING: SOME VIEWERS MAY FIND THE FOOTAGE DISTRESSING Video of the first self-driving car crash that killed a pedestrian in the US shows ​how the autonomous Uber failed to slow down before it hit a 49-year-old woman walking her bike…

Wednesday, Mar 21

Cynthia Nixon to run for New York governor – video


The actor Cynthia Nixon announced that she is running for New York governor, in a move that will pit her against the incumbent Democrat, Andrew Cuomo. Her website suggests that she will be coming at the ‘centrist and Albany insider’ Cuomo…

Trump defends his call to congratulate Putin on Russia election victory

www.theguardian.com also on The Guardian / US

Donald Trump defended himself against criticism over his congratulatory phone call to Vladimir Putin following the Russian president’s recent re-election, insisting on Wednesday afternoon it was in US interests to maintain a positive…

Austin bombings explained: what has been happening in Texas? – video

Police say a man suspected of being the bomber behind a series of explosions across central Texas blew himself up in a vehicle as a swat team approached.

Cambridge Analytica execs boast of role in getting Donald Trump elected

www.theguardian.com also on The Guardian

Execs from firm at heart of Facebook data breach say they used ‘unattributable and untrackable’ ads, according to undercover expose

Tuesday, Mar 20

Students take cover during Maryland school shooting – video

The gunman who opened fire at a Maryland high school on Tuesday morning has died after a school resource officer fired at him, a sheriff said. A male student, armed with a handgun, wounded a female student and a male student. All three…

Senators release election security recommendations to deter meddling

www.theguardian.com also on The Guardian / US

Bipartisan group calls for urgent action by Congress to help states protect their voting systems from threats of foreign interference

Senior housing department official loses job after allegations of corruption

www.theguardian.com also on The Guardian / US

Johnson Joy departs from position as Ben Carson’s chief information officer after the Guardian disclosed link to colleague accused of fraud

'Utterly horrifying': ex-Facebook insider says covert data harvesting was routine

www.theguardian.com also on The Guardian

Sandy Parakilas says numerous companies deployed these techniques – likely affecting hundreds of millions of users – and that Facebook looked the other way

Monday, Mar 19

Trump calls for death penalties for drug dealers as focus of opioids plan

www.theguardian.com also on The Guardian / US

Trump’s policy rollout focuses on punishment for dealers and traffickers but doesn’t propose new legislation to combat the crisis

Austin bombs: fourth explosion in a month puts city in lockdown

www.theguardian.com also on The Guardian / US

A deadly serial bomber has struck in Austin for what appears to be the fourth time this month, frightening residents and prompting police to put a neighbourhood in the Texan capital into lockdown.

Self-driving Uber kills Arizona woman in first fatal crash involving pedestrian

Tempe police said car was in autonomous mode at the time of the crash and that the vehicle hit a woman who later died at a hospital

Trump tweets raise fears for Mueller but White House says he's safe

www.theguardian.com also on The Guardian / AU

Donald Trump cast doubt on memos of conversations between him and the fired FBI deputy director that have reportedly been handed to Robert Mueller, claiming Andrew McCabe did not take notes during their meetings.

Sunday, Mar 18

Facebook employs psychologist whose firm sold data to Cambridge Analytica

www.theguardian.com also on The Guardian / US

The co-director of a company that harvested data from tens of millions of Facebook users before selling it to the controversial data analytics firms Cambridge Analytica is currently working for the tech giant as an in-house psychologist.

Officials wanted Florida school shooting suspect forcibly committed in 2016

www.theguardian.com also on The Guardian

Officials were so concerned about the mental stability of the student accused of last month’s Florida school shooting that they decided he should be forcibly committed. The recommendation was never acted upon.

Jared Kushner's company routinely filed false New York City paperwork

Construction applications falsely claimed no rent-controlled tenants protected by rules to prevent developers from pushing them out