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Sexual harassment at work is a global problem. Now, the world is finally talking about it.


Women across the world talk about their experiences of sexual harassment.

Face transplant recipient: 'I bet it all' and won

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Pat Hardison, a Senatobia, Miss., volunteer fireman, received the world’s most extensive face transplant two years ago.

ACLU asks federal court to reconsider block on undocumented teen's abortion


ACLU asks federal appeals court to reconsider block on undocumented teen's abortion

5 things you need to know Monday

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The biggest news to start your day.

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50 train cars derail in Tennessee, nobody hurt


Authorities say 50 cars of a Norfolk Southern train derailed and plowed into buildings in Knoxville, Tennessee on Saturday night. No one was injured. One witness said the wreck sounded like a bomb and felt like an earthquake. (Oct. 23)


Philippines declares pro-ISIS militants in Marawi ‘finished’


Hundreds of militants launched the siege on May 23.


Student's reaction to being named homecoming king is priceless


Tyler Kaut has Down syndrome, and is truly loved by his classmates. When they named him homecoming king, he had the most epic reaction.


Weird questions about building the border wall that you were afraid to ask


The USA TODAY Network obtained almost 200 pages of emails sent to Customs and Border Protection, containing hundreds of questions.


John McCain mocks Donald Trump’s deferment ‘bone spurs’ (without naming him)

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Sen. John McCain doesn’t have to speak Donald Trump’s name to excoriate him.


Japan's Shinzo Abe wins big in parliamentary elections with tough North Korea policy


Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's ruling coalition maintains two-thirds majority in lower house of parliament in national elections.


Italy’s 2 richest regions seek more powers from Rome


Regions of Lombardy and Veneto vote on non-binding referendums to gain more power from Italy's central government.


Bergdahl, facing sentencing, says Taliban treated him better than Army

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“At least the Taliban were honest enough to say, ‘I’m the guy who’s gonna cut your throat,’ ” Bergdahl told British journalist Sean Langan.

All five living ex-presidents come together for hurricane relief


Former U.S. presidents Jimmy Carter, George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama came together at Texas A&M University for a concert to support the victims of the multiple hurricanes that hit different parts of the…


Family: Joshua Tree hikers' murder-suicide was act of compassion

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Rachel Nguyen had suffered a head injury, leaving the couple in the desert without water or hope, investigators and family believe.


Bill O'Reilly dismisses NYT report as 'lies and smears'

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The New York Times backed its story: 'This article... is accurate and deeply reported and we welcome any challenge to the facts.'


Billionaire Babis scores big Czech election win


Czech billionaire Andrej Babis won a thumping victory in Saturday's election as voters shunned traditional parties and gave a mandate to the anti-establishment businessman pledging to fight political corruption while facing fraud charges…

Russian opposition Chief Navalny released from jail


Russian opposition chief Navalny released from jail

Jimmy Carter: The media has been harder on Trump than predecessors

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Ex-president also willing to be envoy to North Korea.


Jimmy Carter willing to travel to North Korea for President Trump


Former President of the United States, Jimmy Carter, said he is willing to go to North Korea on behalf of the Trump administration in order to dissipate rising tensions. Maria Mercedes Galuppo(@mariamgaluppo) has more.

Sunday, Oct 22

Behind efforts to build prototypes of Trump's border wall, emails show a confusing and haphazard process

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Emails sent to the government highlight a confusing border wall bidding process that may have overlooked qualified candidates for the sake of speed.

Populist billionaire’s party wins big in Czech Republic

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The vote paves the way for the euroskeptic billionaire Andrej Babis to become prime minister.

Caitlan Coleman breaks her silence, says fond memories of Pa. home helped during Taliban hostage ordeal

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Ten days after her rescue from Taliban-linked militants, Caitlan Coleman has issued her first public statement in a series of emails.

Saturday, Oct 21

Report: Fox kept Bill O'Reilly despite $32M sexual harassment settlement

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New York Times says deal cleared the way for Fox to sign a new contract with the host.

Joshua Tree hikers found locked in embrace died by murder-suicide, officials say

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The two were last seen entering the park in late July.

The Bubble: Anti-Trump brigade 'hit a new low,' conservatives say

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Meanwhile, commentators on the left said John Kelly lost credibility.

Warrantless ICE arrest of man inside house under investigation

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A video taken by a man remodeling a house in Oregon shows federal immigration agents arresting his co-worker, even though they acknowledged they lacked a warrant to enter the home.

Friday, Oct 20

Alabama cop-killer raises middle fingers, curses state as he is put to death

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Supreme Court refuses to halt the execution amid a lawsuit over the lethal injection protocol.

The Niger attack, Rep. Wilson and John Kelly: How we got here

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The White House has defended the slow pace of information, saying an investigation would eventually offer clarity about the tragedy.

What happened? Family seeks answers after Ohio woman, 22, dies during Arizona rehab stint


Madison Victoria Cross, a 22-year-old mother battling opioid addiction, flew from her Ohio home to Phoenix last week determined to get clean.

Thursday, Oct 19

'Go home, racist!' Richard Spencer shouted down at University of Florida speech

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Spencer spoke and – eventually -- fielded questions from a boisterous audience packed with opponents at the University of Florida on Thursday.

George W. Bush delivers clear rebuke, without mentioning Trump by name

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Bush's speech was a bullet-point list of what he sees as threats to a democracy. "Bigotry or white supremacy in any form is blasphemy against the American creed," Bush said.

When it comes to sexy Halloween, women just can't win

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Time to buy Halloween costumes, ladies, and you've got hundreds of choices — all starting with "sexy."

The #MeToo movement didn't begin with Harvey Weinstein. And it won't end there

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Tarana Burke, not Alyssa Milano, saw the power of those two simple words to fight sexual harassment, assault and exploitation -- especially for WOC.

Wednesday, Oct 18

Trump's handling of cases involving troops killed in action part of growing controversy

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Lawmaker and mother of fallen soldier said Trump disrespected the dead man.

5,000-mile long 'river in the sky' to deliver heavy rain, feet of snow to Northwest

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On the very tops of the Cascade mountains, a whopping 9 feet of snow could fall, the weather service said.

See Uranus with your naked eye this week

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It will be out in all its blue-green glory.

Real death toll in Puerto Rico is probably 450 — much higher than official count

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The official count from Hurricane Maria is now 48 deaths.