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Trump's push for all-American cars will kill American jobs, auto suppliers say

The U.S. is expected to push for more U.S. made components in the auto industry at this week's NAFTA talks


Four-bedroom, three-bathroom single-family house in Pr. George's Brentwood lists for $319,000


AFFORDABLE HOUSE OF THE WEEK | The house has been updated with new siding, new flooring and new windows.


After Zuckerberg dismissed fake news on Facebook as a factor in the election, Obama tried to send a wake-up call

Interviews with those involved in the government’s investigation and the company’s response provide the first details of how Facebook uncovered the Russian operation and searched for ways to limit the damage.

GOP leaders circulating plan that could end up as massive tax cut for the wealthy

Top White House negotiators and key Republicans have agreed on the target of lowering the corporate tax rate to 20 percent and the top individual rate to 35 percent, but, based on his comments Sunday, President Trump has not.

Sunday, Sep 24


Little unity within D.C. region in effort to woo Amazon’s second headquarters

Lawmakers briefly considered pursuing a joint bid before deciding to go it alone.


How to choose the right path to shield your credit report

In the wake of the massive Equifax data breach, consumers are learning there's a difference between locking and freezing a credit file, and that the choice may come with a catch.

Saturday, Sep 23


Consumers loved 'all-natural' - until Trix cereal lost its neon-bright glow

The big packaged-food companies are discovering that while some consumers avoid artificial colors in their regular diet, they expect them in their nostalgic breakfast treat.


Fighting hard — and losing — the gender discrimination battle in the tech world


Ellen Pao recounts her tech industry life and the hurdles to changing the guys’ game


Mnuchin flew on government jet to Washington following appearance at Trump Tower

The Treasury secretary’s quick trip aboard an Air Force jet joins a series of controversial taxpayer-funded flights.


GOP eyes corporate tax rate of 20 percent, retreating from Trump’s lofty goal

Republican negotiators are also expected to include “full expensing” in tax overhaul — but only for five years.


EPA chief Pruitt met with many corporate execs. Then he made decisions in their favor.

Schedule shows frequent meetings with industry — but few with environmental or public health groups.

Not the stock market’s usual slow September

In what is historically the worst month for stocks, September has seen the Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index rise 1.2 percent, poised for its sixth monthly gain.

Friday, Sep 22


Marriott says it will not cancel conference hosted by anti-Muslim hate group

ACT for America, which calls itself a ‘grass-roots national security’ organization, is gathering at a Washington-area Marriott.


Why neighborhood toy stores are thriving while Toys R Us goes bankrupt

Mom-and-pop toy shops have a better handle on what kids like. And the adults love the free gift wrap.

Calculator: The Game is friendlier — and maybe more fun — than math homework

Players are presented with a goal and a limited number of moves in which to reach it.

Challenge your engineering skills with Circuit Scramble


Players are given just a few moves to get things in working order.


After the breach, Equifax now faces the lawsuits

The credit reporting giant faces claims from shareholders, consumers and one Wisconsin credit union.

The quest to demystify funeral prices


Start-ups are trying to pry open costs in the funeral industry to allow for easier comparison shopping.


Facebook, Google and Twitter face proposed bill targeting shadowy political ads


Democratic lawmakers are pushing for new legislation that would require greater disclosure of political ads that run on Internet platforms, despite a pledge by Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg that the company will voluntarily pull…


How children's self-control has changed in the past 50 years

The talk of screens turning young people into impulsive hedonists? It may be premature.

Walmart wants to send people into your house to stock the fridge — even when you're not home

The world’s largest retailer announced that it is testing a program that would allow customers to use smart-home technology to remotely open the door, then watch a live stream of the delivery.


Yes, Twitter can reject this anti-abortion group’s ads for displaying ‘sensitive content’

Live Action accuses Twitter of censoring anti-abortion message. Twitter says it treats all advertisers the same.

The unusual way KB Home punished its CEO for screaming profanities at Kathy Griffin

The one-two punch of a pay cut and a termination threat is not how CEOs are typically disciplined


The United States just hit $20 trillion in debt. Republicans have a plan to make it worse

In a matter of days, the U.S. Senate is likely to approve a budget that rubber stamps hiking America's debt to $21.5 trillion in the next decade.


A field guide to jerks at work

The powerful bully. The petty tyrant. We all know at least one (maybe the jerk is actually us). Here’s how to get along better.