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Keystone pipeline spill injects new uncertainty into Nebraska decision

The state's Public Service Commission is due to deliver its decision Monday on the controversial pipeline first proposed in 2008 to move oil from Canada to Texas Gulf Coast refineries.

Sunday, Nov 19


TransCanada sends more crews to Keystone pipeline leak

The 210,000-gallon oil spill in South Dakota occurred Thursday, days before a Nebraska commission votes on the controversial Keystone XL proposed expansion.

D.C.’s economy is creating fewer opportunities for the middle class

Technology, gig economy may be to blame, two reports suggest


Hillary Clinton called Donald Trump a sexual assaulter. He responded with mere insults.

Hillary Clinton claimed last week President Trump was a sexual assaulter, based on his own statements and accusations by multiple women. It very well may be the worst thing she has ever said about him. Clinton had called Trump many things…


He was a rookie cop conducting a traffic stop in a Pennsylvania town. Now there’s a massive manhunt for his killer.

Authorities say the suspect ran after being pulled over and that 25-year-old officer Brian Shaw was shot during a chase.


The most cutting-edge gifts for the techie in your life

They're probably the person in your life you go to help for all your technology needs. Here's how you can give something back.


A sign of hope from Argentina’s missing sub: Seven mysterious signals

Government officials were trying to determine whether the signals sent Saturday could be used to pinpoint the vessel, which stopped communicating Wednesday with 44 people on board. The U.S. Navy is sending vehicles that can conduct…


NFL working overtime: Giants pull upset after sensational catch in OT; Saints stun Redskins with rally

Like New England, the Saints, Vikings and Rams have a lot at stake.

SNL goes after former cast member Al Franken, briefly

“Saturday Night Live” has never hesitated from going after its own people. David Spade took a swipe at former cast member Eddie Murphy for no particular reason in the 1990s, reportedly enraging his fellow comic for the next 31 years. Louis…


Saturday, Nov 18


Please stop annoying this NASA scientist with your ridiculous Planet X doomsday theories

David Morrison makes real discoveries about the real universe. But he also debunks perennial Internet theories that a fake planet will destroy Earth, this time on Sunday.

How a Star Wars video game faced charges that it was promoting gambling

EA would not comment on whether “pay to win” aspects of its latest “Star Wars” game have been removed.


'It’s not who I am': Jerry Jones apologizes for 'inappropriate' racial joke

A four-year-old video was released showing the Cowboys owner telling a racially charged joke at a Dallas hotel.


Thousands march in Zimbabwe to demand Mugabe step down

Washington Post

It was the first time in decades that people in Zimbabwe were able to protest President Robert Mugabe without fear of arrest, coming days after the 93-year-old leader was detained by the military.


Rep. Gianforte’s account to police of assault with reporter appears to contradict apology, records show

Greg Gianforte won Montana’s U.S. House seat 24 hours after the assault, and he later pleaded guilty to charges that he assaulted reporter Ben Jacobs. Newly public records raise questions about whether he was truthful with authorities.


Towns and cities fear trickle-down effects of federal tax plan

Washington Post

Officials are warning that the $1.5 trillion tax legislation, which would eliminate or curtail taxpayers’ ability to deduct the cost of state and local taxes from their federal tax bill, threatens to undermine local leaders’ ability to…


White House's hurricane recovery funding plan meets bipartisan backlash

The White House asked Congress for an additional $44 billion to respond to the three major hurricanes that hit the United States this summer, but key Democrats and at least one Republican said the request was insufficient, suggesting a…

Tesla’s latest creation: An electric big rig that can travel 500 miles on a single charge

Tesla finally took the wraps off its long-anticipated electric semi-truck late Thursday, a truck that Elon Musk said would blow people’s minds into an “alternate dimension.” The question now, analysts say, is whether Elon Musk’s ambition…

NFL not planning another vote from all owners on Roger Goodell’s contract extension


The Cowboys' Jerry Jones is seeking a ratification vote by all 32 owners. The owners already voted, 32-0, in May to authorize negotiations on the extension.

Friday, Nov 17



Stitch Fix goes public in the first tech IPO led by a woman this year

The data-driven clothing subscription company made its Nasdaq debut with 8 million shares priced at $15 each — and ended the day at $15.15.

For $200,000, Tesla will sell you the ‘world’s fastest’ consumer car

The next-generation Roadster is Tesla’s first new sports car since it discontinued the original in 2012 and marks the company’s bid to remain competitive across several categories in the world of electric vehicles that it helped reshape.

Elantra GT Sport is worth the price


There is nothing laughable about Hyundai’s well-crafted four-door hatchback.

Ohio governor candidate apologizes for boasting of sexual history with '50 very attractive females'

Bill O’Neill, a Democrat who serves on the state's Supreme Court, says he will likely drop out of the governor’s race.


Head of Puerto Rico's electric utility resigns amid questions about slow repairs in hurricane's wake

Washington Post

PREPA head Ricardo Ramos Rodríguez had been scrutinized over a $300 million contract the utility signed with the tiny Whitefish Energy firm.


The secret to building a $50 million company


Therrien Waddell, a Maryland construction company, takes a page from Warren Buffett: Live beneath your means