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Trump administration cancels hundreds of existing or planned regulations

In its push to ease restrictions on the private sector, the White House scrapped rules tightening protections for workers and the environment. But it also proposed new regulations that offer employers more leeway with how they run their…

Coffee with Viagra-like ingredient recalled after FDA discovery

The episode is the latest recall of coffee laced with ingredients to boost libido.

The strange legal battle that is pitting Trump's secretaries of the Treasury and State against each other

The oil giant is accused of entering into a business deal with a Russian CEO with close ties to Putin, right after the United States imposed sanctions

Update your Apple devices. Right now.

Apple has released a software update to iOS and macOS that you should download right away. The security update patches a dangerous vulnerability in WiFi chips that allows hackers to “execute arbitrary code” — industry-speak for taking over…

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Microsoft’s profits grow as company pushes cloud computing

Microsoft's efforts to build its Internet cloud business seem to paying off as a healthy boost in sales helped push up profits for the quarter ending in June. The technology company, which grew to prominence for selling software that…

Trump DOJ gives Harley-Davidson $3 million discount on Obama-era pollution fine

The company will no longer have to fund a project to clean up air pollution


This anti-voter-fraud program gets it wrong over 99 percent of the time. The GOP wants to take it nationwide.

Kris Kobach's championing of Crosscheck is one reason many voting rights advocates are concerned that President Trump's voter fraud commission might be a vehicle for recommending mass voter purges.

During 'Made in America Week,' President Trump's Mar-a-Lago Club applies to hire 70 foreign workers

The for-profit club, where Trump spent numerous weekends this spring, asked permission to hire 15 housekeepers, 20 cooks and 35 waiters.


Sears is giving shoppers even fewer reasons to go to its stores

Struggling to beat Amazon, Sears decides to join it


Republicans got 'most ungentlemanly' with each other over the budget last night

President Trump is six months into his presidency with zero major legislative achievements. His own party can't agree on taxes and spending cuts.

Don't blame Trump for the Republican health-care disaster

Republicans only have a plan to have a plan to eventually make a plan on health care, but that's not Trump's fault.


The GOP cannot fix itself — let alone American health care

Handed a golden opportunity to govern, Republicans have blown it.


Why your WiFi feels so slow sometimes

Randall Munroe, creator of the popular webcomic XKCD, is just like the rest of us: He struggles with Internet reliability. In a new strip, Munroe explains how weird it is that to get faster downloads sometimes, he has to turn off his phone…

Thursday, Jul 20

Will proposed cuts undermine Trump’s vision of ‘energy dominance’?

Slashing the Energy Department’s budget exemplifies the administration’s assault on the government’s role in promoting scientific research.

Trade talks fizzle as China rebuffs key Trump team demand

Trade talks with China looked promising 100 days ago. But little progress was actually made.

Wednesday, Jul 19

The TV network mashup that could bring you ‘Flipper or Flop’


Discovery Communications and Scripps Networks are talking about combining — again.

Jeff Sessions's defense of civil asset forfeiture, annotated

The Attorney General offered a rare, full-throated defense of the practice before law enforcement officials today.

The subtle war that’s dividing Netflix and Amazon

To outsiders, both Amazon and Netflix are major streaming players armed with massive budgets and high ambitions to make their mark in Hollywood. But their battle for power and prestige in the movie business highlights clashing approaches…

Netflix, home of bingeable TV, wants to release 40 original films by year’s end

Netflix’s bold foray into movie-making and direct-to-couch distribution is an explicit challenge to the traditional Hollywood model, analysts say.

Tuesday, Jul 18

Wonkblog: Trump contradicted by his own past tweets

From “nobody can do that like me” to “I'm not going to own it."

The 401(k) match is back, and it’s getting bigger


Employers increasingly see the match as a way to lure talented workers -- and to keep them

A Chipotle restaurant is closed after yet another food-borne illness outbreak

A Chipotle franchise in Sterling, Va., temporarily closed this morning after receiving multiple reports from customers who said they got sick after eating at the restaurant, sending the chain's stock plummeting 6 percent.

Trump’s treasury chief hurtles toward potential debt-limit fiasco

Steven Mnuchin is struggling to win support in Congress and the White House for a plan to raise the federal debt ceiling, a measure that could be necessary to avoid a historic, market-rattling default on U.S. government debt.

Monday, Jul 17

Sessions to push for police to take more cash from U.S. citizens

The attorney general said he would issue a new directive this week aimed at increasing police seizures of cash and property, a practice curtailed by his predecessor, Eric Holder Jr.

Trump officials announce 15,000 additional visas for seasonal workers

The one-time increase in H-2B visas — which would be available to workers taking temporary jobs in the seafood, tourism and other industries but not farm laborers — is a seeming about-face from President Trump’s “Hire American” rhetoric…

Signet Jewelers CEO, at center of gender-discrimination case, retires for 'health reasons'

Mark Light’s tenure has been marked by hundreds of women saying they were sexually harassed, with some naming him specifically. Additionally, about 69,000 women alleged that a subsidiary discriminated against them in pay and promotion…

Not lovin’ it: McDonald’s abandons corporate campus in suburbs for allure of the big city

The fast-food chain is one of several firms to ditch their longtime headquarters for urban locales to try to attract and be near young, tech-savvy professionals. The migration threatens the prosperity outlying suburbs have long enjoyed.