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Melania Trump delivers toys for tots amid Republican turmoil


While the rest of the White House was reeling from the big GOP loss in Alabama on Tuesday night, Melania Trump — blissfully, it seemed — did the work of first lady. Continuing a tradition that became an annual staple for her recent…

Omarosa Manigault’s greatest — and worst — hits in Trump’s White House

Whether the former communications for the Public Liaison Office strutted out of the West Wing with stilettos blazing or was escorted out by security, one thing is clear: she made her mark.

NHL marks 100 years out on the ice


The pro hockey league started with just four teams and no helmets.

Here’s a weird story about Trump, a pastor and a spider


Mark Burns, the South Carolina pastor who once asked God to give Donald Trump “the words to unite this party, this country, that we together can defeat the liberal Democratic Party,” recently defeated another potential Trump foe: a spider.…

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Salma Hayek’s allegations against Harvey Weinstein expose how his abuse showed up onscreen


On Wednesday, Salma Hayek became the latest woman to come forward with allegations of sexual harassment and bullying against producer Harvey Weinstein. In an op-ed for the New York Times, she wrote, “for years, he was my monster,” and…

Other Hanukkah recipes to try, because you can't survive on latkes alone


Fried chicken, brisket, falafel and doughnuts round out the Hanukkah options.


‘Does this mean I DON’T have to bury 2017 in the back yard?’: Celebs react to Doug Jones’s victory


As you might expect, many Hollywood celebrities were thrilled to hear about Democrat Doug Jones’s win over Republican Roy Moore for a U.S. Senate seat in Alabama. Actor Chris Evans thanked Alabama for saving the year, writing, “Does this…


The beautiful lie Bruce Brown and ‘The Endless Summer’ told us about surfing


The late filmmaker made catching a wave look easy. I’m still holding on to that dream.

Facing a rebellion of furious creators, Patreon backs away from a new fee


"Many of you lost patrons, and you lost income. No apology will make up for that, but nevertheless, I’m sorry," Patreon's CEO said.


At a Washington book party for Tina Brown, the former Vanity Fair editor praises Trump and... Weinstein?


Tina Brown brought her book tour, promoting her dishy memoir about editing the glossy magazine Vanity Fair, to Washington on Tuesday night for a party full of people plenty used to gossiping — and being gossiped about. At the Jefferson…


What to know about 'A Christmas Prince,' the Netflix movie that sparked a controversy

In mid-November, Netflix gifted the world “A Christmas Prince,” a feel-good and also truly bonkers original holiday movie that would have been right at home on Lifetime or Hallmark this time of year. The movie quickly caught on with…


A young chef goes for the buzz at Bresca


2.5 stars | Now in his own place, Ryan Ratino shows more of his creativity — and finesse.


The magic of wreathmaking circles


Two unrelated groups, 70 miles apart, share a similar bonding power.


I dumped my boyfriend because he loved 'The Room'


“The Room” is not a bad movie. It is the worst movie.

We’ve tried sticker charts, a bigger bed, coddling. Nothing solves our toddler’s sleep troubles.


He wakes up in the middle of the night and won’t stop screaming until he’s in our bed.

5 gifts a professional organizer says you should never give


If you insist on a mug or calendar, personalize it.


Perspective: Moore thought attacking the press could save his campaign. He failed.

Borrowing from President Trump’s playbook, the Senate candidate gambled on crying ‘fake news.’



Ask Amy: Stressed couple need to learn how to talk


Wife says husband won’t listen as she vents about work.

Carolyn Hax: The travails of a working mom trying to raise two preschoolers


Finding a way to balance your career and your home life is essential.

Tuesday, Dec 12

'I want to see you naked': When alcohol flowed, Mario Batali turned abusive, workers say

One woman alleges groping and another harassment at a Vanity Fair party in Los Angeles in 2010. Batali stepped away from his TV show and restaurant empire on Monday after four women’s allegations were published.

‘Feminism’ is Merriam-Webster’s word of the year, thanks in part to Kellyanne Conway


This is the year when a sea of pink dominated the streets of several American cities, the year when #MeToo became a symbolic driving force against sexual misconduct by men, and when a group of women — “The Silence Breakers” — graced the…

The ‘Weinstein effect’: Firms rethink holiday parties

Can co-workers drink spiked egg nog together without someone who means to pat a colleague on the back accidentally putting his hands inside her blouse instead?

Jimmy Kimmel holds his baby son, post-heart surgery, in emotional health-care monologue

The late-night host scolded Congress for letting CHIP funding expire, leaving millions of children in danger of losing health insurance.

Monday, Dec 11

New Yorker fires Washington reporter Ryan Lizza for alleged ‘improper sexual contact’

The political journalist vigorously denied the allegations, saying he was dismayed the New Yorker characterized “a respectful relationship” with a woman he dated as inappropriate. He called the decision to terminate him “a terrible mistake…

Golden Globes snubs and surprises: Jordan Peele, ‘The Big Sick,’ ‘Boss Baby’ and more


The 2018 Golden Globe nominations were dominated by expected names like HBO’s “Big Little Lies,” FX’s “Feud: Bette and Joan” and Guillermo del Toro’s film “The Shape of Water.” But like every year, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association…

Mario Batali on leave from TV show and restaurant empire after 4 women allege sexual harassment


In the wake of the allegations, the Food Network announced it is putting plans to relaunch his seminal show, “Molto Mario,” next year on hold.

Women-centric stories receive big nod in Golden Globe nominations

The big surprise of the morning was three nominations for “All the Money in the World,” which received attention after Kevin Spacey was recast following sex-abuse allegations.

Sunday, Dec 10

How do you use an anonymous source? The mysteries of journalism everyone should know.


The vetting process news organizations use is one of the practices that journalists assume, perhaps incorrectly, that news consumers understand. Here’s what news people would like readers like you to know.

SNL cold open: Kids wonder if Al Franken, Roy Moore and Trump are on Santa’s naughty list

In its latest cold open, “Saturday Night Live” took on the recent string of high-profile sexual-misconduct scandals, featuring a parade of children — each seemingly more precocious and world-weary than the last — visiting a mall Santa,…

Trump calls for Post journalist who apologized for inaccurate tweet to be fired

Political reporter David Weigel apologized for a now-deleted tweet that showed many empty seats at the president’s rally Friday in Florida.

Saturday, Dec 9

YouTube host discovers that cementing your head into a microwave is a bad idea

Firefighters and paramedics spent about an hour wrangling and chipping away at the microwave after the entertainer's breathing tube became restricted.

Ask Amy: Widow is happy alone, tired of ambush fix-ups

Reader wants to know how to ask her in-laws to let her be.

Carolyn Hax: What to do when you realize that you sound like a braggart

Your great first reaction: Reflecting on a friend’s assessment instead of getting defensive.