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‘Crossushi’ was hyped as the next big thing. Too bad you can’t get it anywhere.


Multiple publications wrote about it — but none checked to see if it was still on the menu.

It’s a Jolly ‘Dolly’ Day on Broadway with Bernadette Peters


NEW YORK — After the tornado, the rainbow. If Bette Midler’s Dolly Gallagher Levi was a dizzying whirlwind of bite and bluster, Bernadette Peters’s is a gentler event, one of endearingly zany charms and touching warmth. She’s the polish on…

‘Your brain is not functioning’: Jimmy Kimmel rips Parkland conspiracy theorists and Trump Jr.

Jimmy Kimmel called out conspiracy theorists attacking the credibility of a group of Florida teenagers who, overnight, have become some of the most vocal advocates for gun control, after a lone gunman killed 17 people at their high school.…

Will the Stoneman Douglas generation finally call BS on cliched movie gun violence?


What if calls for change included movies, in which guns are either toys or “cool” props, but rarely taken seriously?

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Natalie Portman stars in the enigmatic, ultimately unsatisfying ‘Annihilation’


Follow-up to Alex Garland’s ‘Ex Machina’ engages similar themes, to less riveting effect.



You deserve better tacos. Here are 5 of our favorite recipes.


A few meaty recipes plus some plant-based options for your next taco night.

Aloha, partner: Riding the Hawaiian range


Ranching and horseback riding have a long and rich history on the islands.


Last year had ‘Wonder Woman’ and ‘Lady Bird.’ But the number of female leads still went down.


With the birth of the #MeToo movement and success of movies like “Wonder Woman,” 2017 was an empowering year for women in Hollywood. But the year’s top films may not have reflected as much. The number of female protagonists in the 100…


In an era of school shootings, how can we expect kids to focus on learning?


Somehow, kids are supposed to compartmentalize the latest tragedy: to keep studying for tests and preparing for the college admission gauntlet, while not losing their focus.


What do I do with the coat my ex-girlfriend gave me?


After we break up, the stuff our exes gave us can bring back awkward memories.


Michelle Wolf to headline White House correspondents’ dinner

The White House Correspondents’ Association says comedian Michelle Wolf will entertain at its annual dinner in April.

Cocido Madrileño: A deeply comforting and beloved stew from Madrid


ANATOMY OF A DISH | The cool-weather food is packed with meat, vegetables and chickpeas

Oprah on Trump's claim that she's 'insecure': 'What?'


Oprah Winfrey has a silent response to President Trump’s weekend tweet in which he called her “insecure” and slammed a segment she did on “60 Minutes.” It goes a little something like this: [shrugs]. The media mogul was a guest on “The…



Work Advice: Angry boss wasn’t senile after all. He was writing a novel.


In an update to an earlier column, we learn again that one should never try to diagnose a co-worker.


Just add books: 10 accessories for the perfect #shelfie


A design junkie offers her recommendations on how to create a look that’s both stylish and functional.


Ask Amy: Supportive friend now needs same


Reader wants to distance herself from friend who is exhausting.

Carolyn Hax: Resentment over a nickname seems fishy because it’s a red herring


Grandma’s pet name for grandchild grinds Mom’s gears. Or is it Grandma grinding them?

Wednesday, Feb 21

Beard Foundation names José Andrés Humanitarian of the Year following a turbulent year for chefs


The Washington chef will also publish a book this year detailing how he and his nonprofit fed millions in Puerto Rico.

'This is not feminism': Jennifer Lawrence tells critics of her Versace dress to 'get a grip'


The actress lashed out amid a controversy surrounding the weather-appropriateness of her ensemble at a London event for her new movie “Red Sparrow.”

Perspective: Right-wing sliming of students can’t be ignored. It’s too disgusting for that.

Teens who are speaking out after having seen their classmates murdered are being mocked in the wake of the Florida massacre.

Laurie Metcalf has been acting for four decades. She’s finally on the verge of stardom.


At 62, she’s looking at an Oscar nod, a Tony win, a revival of an Emmy-winning role and a return to Broadway.

Tuesday, Feb 20

A dating site for Trump supporters used a sex offender as its model. It has a few other issues, too.

It's a strange site, and not just because of the child sex conviction.

Already seen ‘Black Panther’? Here are some references you might have missed.

“Black Panther” is a mass-appeal superhero movie, breaking box-office records with its dazzling special effects, heart-pumping fight scenes and charismatic characters brought to life by a predominantly black cast. It also tells a story…

Carolyn Hax: Spoiling a grandchild is one thing. Handing him a lighter is another.


Parental supervision — of both the toddler and grandma — is highly recommended.

Monday, Feb 19

We still don’t know if President Trump will attend the White House correspondents’ dinner


President Trump’s missives have the power to shock — and none more so than his reply to an invitation to attend the annual dinner put on next month by the Gridiron Club, an elite group of top Washington journalists. His surprising answer?…

The story behind the story: How the Rob Porter scandal broke

What started as a gossipy tale of White House romance evolved into a story about national security that continues to roil the White House, with officials offering conflicting accounts about what they knew and when.

The political playbook for 2018: Get angry, then get elected

A former Miss America who was maligned by pageant officials is one of many candidates inspired from a place of outrage.

Carolyn Hax: At 22, one partner since age 16 and a difficult itch to discuss


Have some respect for your feelings, and know that hiding them is ultimately destructive.

Sunday, Feb 18

Carolyn Hax: A stay-at-home mom feels abandoned by friends and family


But she can take baby steps to getting her life back.