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A haven for interracial love amid relentless racism: Columbia turns 50


Founded in 1967 before the Fair Housing Act, the groundbreaking Maryland community welcomed people of all colors, including couples who had married across racial lines.

Coffee with Viagra-like ingredient recalled after FDA discovery

The episode is the latest recall of coffee laced with ingredients to boost libido.

Here's how Trump’s lawyers are trying to undercut the Russia probe

President Trump has asked his advisers about his power to pardon people in connection to the Russia probe, according to people familiar with the effort.

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Trump crushes vial in product demonstration

President Trump on July 20 participated in a product demonstration by Corning, which is introducing a new type of glass drug vial.


Trump team seeks to control, block Mueller’s Russia investigation

President’s legal team is looking to build a case against what they say is the special counsel’s conflicts of interest.

Trump is falling further behind on confirmations


Senate delays have played a role, but the White House has also been slow to put forward nominees for consideration.


Teachers union leader bashes Betsy DeVos — and DeVos strikes back


Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, takes on Betsy DeVos and school choice.

Confusion surrounds health-care bill

Senate Republican leaders have struggled to explain to rank-and-file members what exactly they would be voting on next week.


Durbin, Graham file Dream Act, hoping to ward off legal challenge to DACA


The legislation would grant permanent legal status to more than 1 million young people who arrived in the United States before they turned 18, passed security checks and met other criteria, including enrolling in college, joining the…

'I have headaches': Who is annoying Trump in the Russia probe

Trump points his wrath toward every central figure part of the investigation.


‘Unacceptable’: Fatal shooting of woman by Minneapolis officer should have been recorded, mayor says


Police body cameras failed “when we needed them most,” Mayor Betsy Hodges said. The cameras were turned off when an officer shot Justine Damond, who had called 911 to report a possible rape.


Senate Judiciary panel prepared to subpoena Manafort, Trump Jr., by Friday night

The panel’s chairman said subpoenas for both, plus one other witness, have been approved if they do not respond to the committee’s invitation by close of business Friday.

This Alabama hunter shot and killed an 820-pound hog — after it wandered into his front yard


Wade Seago, who runs a taxidermy business, said he fatally shot the hog — which weighed 820 pounds and had 6-inch “cutters."


Revised version of withdrawn health-care bill would still leave 22 million more Americans uninsured, CBO says

Congressional budget analysts score another version of Senate Republicans’ attempts to get rid of the Affordable Care Act.

Muslim running for U.S. Senate praised the Founding Fathers. Then the diatribes began.


Deedra Abboud, a Democrat in Arizona, said she's found a silver lining: “More people know that I’m out there.”


These boys thought they'd found 'a big, fat rotten cow.' It was a 1 million-year-old fossil.


Jude Sparks was 9 when he tripped over the fossil while on a desert hike near Las Cruces, N.M.


Cecil the lion's son has 'met the same fate' — killed in a trophy hunt in Zimbabwe

Lion guardians at Zimbabwe's Hwange National Park said Xanda was taken by a trophy hunter two years after his beloved father was killed in the same area.


HBCU leaders focus on LGBT inclusion during summit with advocacy group


The effort brought leaders together to talk about “inclusive practices and policies and share best practices for expanding equality” on college campuses.


Thursday, Jul 20

Nearly one-third of dementia cases could be prevented by a healthier lifestyle, report says


The Lancet Commission on Dementia Prevention and Care identified nine risk factors, including hypertension, hearing loss and obesity in middle age; and smoking, depression, physical inactivity, social isolation and diabetes in late life.

5 questions about the brain cancer diagnosed in Sen. John McCain

Glioblastoma is an aggressive, highly lethal type of cancer.

McCain diagnosed with brain cancer, jolting Congress

The announcement comes days after Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) revealed he had surgery to remove a blood clot above his eye.

Wednesday, Jul 19

Australian woman fatally shot by Minneapolis police called 911 twice to report hearing a possible rape


Eight minutes after calling 911, police say, Justine Damond called again because “no one’s here” and she was “wondering if they got the address wrong.”

NASA wanted to talk about science. A congressman wanted to ask about Martian civilizations.

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher wanted a definitive answer during a hearing on “Planetary Flagship Missions: Mars Rover 2020 and Europa Clipper."

PET scans show many Alzheimer’s patients may not actually have the disease

Images showing the presence — or absence — of amyloid could change the treatment for dementia.

Tuesday, Jul 18

Minneapolis police fatally shot Australian woman after hearing 'loud sound,' investigators say

The woman's fiance said any details on her last moments “would be a small comfort as we grieve this tragedy.”

This video of a dog saving a drowning baby deer is the sweetest thing you'll see all day

The 3-month-old fawn is being treated for injuries and will be released back into the wild.

Senate GOP all but admits defeat in 7-year quest to overturn ACA

The collapse is a devastating political defeat for Republicans and it leaves millions of consumers who receive insurance through the law known as Obamacare in a kind of administrative limbo.

Many people can't tell when photos are fake. Can you?


A researcher studying cognitive psychology said her findings about our ability to recognize doctored photos are “a bit worrying.” Using some of the photos from her experiment, we’ve created a short version of the test. How do you fare?

Monday, Jul 17

Breaks by Sens. Mike Lee and Jerry Moran rock party leaders

President Trump decried the opposition to the Senate bill, called for letting the Affordable Care Act “fail” and vowed to keep pushing for a GOP plan. But Republicans, who have long rallied against the health law, may be forced to grapple…

Questions swirl after Minneapolis officer fatally shoots woman who called 911

The shooting of Justine Damond, who had called police to report what she thought was a sexual assault near her home, renews scrutiny of officers in the Twin Cities, the site of two previous controversial shootings.

Sunday, Jul 16

Why these professors are warning against promoting the work of straight, white men

They argue that it oppresses diverse voices and bolsters the status of already privileged and established scholars.

Police thought a skydiver died in an accident — until they saw his final message to his wife

After receiving her husband’s message, the woman rushed to the airfield to get employees to contact the plane to prevent him from jumping. They radioed, but it was too late.