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Hope Hicks takes on expanded communications role at White House


Hope Hicks, a trusted confidante and adviser to President Trump, will serve as interim White House communications director.

Americans' views of trade aren't just about economics. They're also about race.


Do Americans want to end free trade? When doing surveys for her new book on trade, the author found that depends partly on whether whites' -- or blacks' -- jobs might be saved.

Trump has a troubling tendency to blame ‘both sides’

During a combative exchange with reporters, the president yesterday revived his declaration about the deadly violence at a white supremacist rally over the weekend in Charlottesville. From the alt-right to Putin and the Clintons, President…

Trump's hatred of the media is ruining his judgment


Tuesday's news conference featured Trump, furious at the press, freelancing in self-destructive fashion.

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White identity politics isn’t just about white supremacy. It’s much bigger.


White identity politics is much more mainstream than hooded Klansmen or disaffected white men marching with tiki torches.


What to know about Alabama special election

Sen. Luther Strange (R-Ala.) and judge Roy Moore face a runoff race in Sept. to determine who will earn the Republican nomination to fill Attorney General Jeff Sessions's Senate seat. Here's what you need to know.


Obama’s response to Charlottesville violence is the most liked tweet in Twitter’s history

"No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin or his background or his religion,” Obama said, quoting Nelson Mandela.


Defiant after backlash, Trump reiterates ‘both sides’ to blame in Va.

Under mounting pressure to set a clear moral tone for the nation, the president instead lashed out defensively, making clear he believes that the participants in a white nationalist and supremacist rally in Charlottesville were taking part…


Trump criticizes CEOs leaving his jobs panel

President Trump criticized CEOs for leaving his White House jobs panel while speaking to reporters in New York on Aug. 15.


Rhetorical ricochet on Charlottesville illustrates basic truths about the president

From declining to name who was in the wrong on Saturday to a muted denouncement Monday of neo-Nazis and white supremacists and back to his original comments, Trump reminded everyone: He doesn’t like to be told what to say. And he is…


The Fix: Trump’s off-the-rails news conference on Charlottesville and the ‘alt-left,’ annotated

The purpose was to tout his meetings earlier Tuesday on infrastructure at Trump Tower, but reporters used the time question his initial reluctance to condemn the Ku Klux Klan and Neo Nazis until Monday.

Pence praises Argentina as a model partner while raising pressure on Venezuela

Vice president seeks to soothe U.S. allies in hemisphere alarmed over Trump’s threat against Venezuela.


Trump made it clear: He sides with the alt-right

The president argued that he initially blamed both sides because he wasn’t aware of the full facts. But then he defended the aims of the original protest and compared George Washington to Robert E. Lee in the process.

Trump: 'George Washington was a slave owner'

President Trump asked if statues of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson should be removed since they owned slaves while speaking in New York on Aug. 15. With reporters about violence in Charlottesville, Va.

Three controversies stemming from Trump’s rhetoric on race

As candidate and then president, Donald Trump has drawn controversy for his rhetoric on race issues. Here are three examples.

Trump again blames 'both sides' in Charlottesville, says some counterprotesters were 'very, very violent'

The president spread the blame for the rally's violence a day after he belatedly condemned the KKK and neo-Nazis.


Timeline: How growing anger finally pushed Trump to denounce white supremacists

It began with a seemingly delayed tweet condemning the violence of Saturday, but not the racist groups.


The Fix: CEOs’ exits from Trump council show difficulty of separating business from politics

The president's inclination toward the public shaming of those who disappoint him seems to have had a chilling effect on business leaders.


About 1 in 12 Confederate memorials in the U.S. is in a Union state

Most of those memorials are in states that were on the border with the Confederacy — and that allowed slave ownership, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.


There's actually some good news for Trump in the latest Russia leak

The documents showed a campaign aide repeatedly tried to set up meetings with Kremlin officials, but there were three bright spots in the leak.

Tuesday, Aug 15

John Curtis, mayor of Provo, Utah, wins GOP nomination for House seat formerly held by Jason Chaffetz

Curtis is expected to be well positioned in Utah’s conservative 3rd Congressional District ahead of the general election, where he would face a Democrat and several third-party candidates.

After Charlottesville, Trump retweets — then deletes — image of train running over CNN reporter

President Trump's war with CNN went off the rails Tuesday morning after he retweeted an image of a Trump train running over a CNN reporter, then quickly deleted it after the meme sparked criticism as inappropriate just days after the…

Demonstrators greet the president at Trump Tower

People outside the building spoke out against Trump’s position on a number of issues, from immigration to foreign policy to women’s and LBGTQ rights.

Trump tries to quell outrage over Va. remarks, denounces white supremacists

The president, speaking from the White House, condemned the Ku Klux Klan and neo-Nazis by name and vowed to hold the perpetrators of violence at a weekend white supremacist rally in Charlottesville fully accountable. But some rivals said…

Monday, Aug 14

Trump campaign emails show aide’s repeated efforts to set up Russia meetings

A new batch of communications turned over to congressional committees reveals concerns within the campaign about establishing contacts.

Trump denounces KKK, neo-Nazis as 'repugnant' as he seeks to quell criticism of his response to Charlottesville

Trump's statement came amid outrage from Democrats and some Republicans that he had not forcefully condemned racism and white-supremacist groups after the violence at a march in Charlottesville.

The Fix: GOP senators are standing up to the president more directly than ever

After protests led by white nationalists turned deadly, some Republicans had their most overt conflict with the president yet.

White House confronts backlash over Trump’s original remarks on Charlottesville

The president’s administration spent much of Sunday trying to defend him from a torrent of criticism, including from many Republicans, who said Trump had bypassed an opportunity Saturday to provide moral leadership and to distance himself…

Sunday, Aug 13

Scaramucci: ‘I think he needed to be much harsher’

Ousted White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci said he “wouldn't have recommended” the statement that Trump made about the Charlottesville unrest.

White House: Trump condemnation includes ‘white supremacists’

The clarification stopped far short of what a growing number of Republicans have urged the president to do: directly call out and condemn white supremacy.

Trump condemns ‘hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides’

The president has often been quick to respond to terrorizing acts but was silent for hours on the clashes in Charlottesville.

Trump condemns Charlottesville violence but doesn’t single out white nationalists for blame

BEDMINSTER, N.J. — President Trump on Saturday condemned “in the strongest possible terms” the spate of violence unfolding in Charlottesville and called for “a swift restoration of law and order” — but avoided placing blame on any…

Saturday, Aug 12

Trump breaks silence on Charlottesville: ‘No place for this kind of violence in America’

President Trump broke his silence Saturday afternoon amid violent confrontations between white nationalist groups and counterprotesters in Charlottesville, tweeting that there was “no place for this kind of violence in America.” “We ALL…

Guam official: ‘None of this is good publicity,’ despite Trump claiming a ‘tenfold’ boost to tourism

"I'm just saying that is the result of what's happening. Nobody asked for it. Nobody wanted it,” director of governor's D.C. office told The Post.

The Take: Think things will be rosy for Democrats in 2018? Not so fast.

Democrats see evidence in polls and focus groups of an electorate receptive to moving in their direction. But other factors could frustrate the party, including the peculiar ways in which President Trump confounds some traditional measures…

North Korea will ‘not get away’ with threats to U.S. territory, Trump says in latest warnings

BEDMINSTER, N.J. — President Trump made fresh threats of force Friday against North Korea, writing on Twitter that the U.S. military is “locked and loaded” and later telling reporters that the isolated country would “truly regret it” if it…

Friday, Aug 11

Trump’s baffling attacks on McConnell could be costly to the president

The criticism risks further erosion in the relationship between the president and Republicans whose loyalty he needs.

Trump’s effort to blame Obama for the opioid epidemic


“Federal drug prosecutions have gone down in recent years. We’re going to be bringing them up and bringing them up rapidly. At the end of 2016, there were 23 percent fewer than in 2011. So they looked at this scourge and they let it go by,…

‘When you put this guy in a cage ... ’: Trump’s off-the-cuff sessions with reporters

After a week of seclusion at his Bedminster golf club, the president weighed in on a far-reaching array of topics with neither his new chief of staff nor his press secretary able to control what he might say next.

Washington weighs possible outcomes in North Korea crisis

In this moment of heated rhetoric, planners in and out of government are examining decades of research and projections, playing out war games, and estimating death tolls. The paths forward for President Trump fall into four main categories…