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Trump says he wants Americans to get a ‘giant tax cut for Christmas’


After Republicans in the House and Senate reached an agreement on a common tax plan on Dec. 13, President Trump said he wants Americans to get a “giant tax cut for Christmas.”

Alabama is strong evidence that Trump might want to ignore Bannon's political advice

Bannon told Trump to focus on his base and to stand with Moore. Both have left Trump in a weak position.

Brady says conference bill will be ‘fair'

House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Rep. Kevin Brady (R-Tex.) said on Dec. 13 that the GOP's compromise tax bill will be "simple, fair and focused on helping the American people."


Rep. Terri Sewell: Black women’s vote is ‘the real story’ of Jones’s victory

Commenting on Democrat Doug Jones’s victory in Alabama’s U.S. Senate special election, Rep. Terri A. Sewell (D-Ala.) on Dec. 13 said “the real story of this election was the tremendous African American woman vote.”

Okay, now Republicans' tax bill is close to becoming reality

Republican lawmakers just reached an agreement that could help a merged version of the House and Senate tax bill pass both chambers next week.

Joe Biden and Meghan McCain deliver a feel-good moment of bipartisanship

Journalists — trained to be dispassionate — called it “heartbreaking,” “powerfully emotional” and “a real tear-jerker."

Democrats criticize GOP's compromise tax plan as 'dishonest' and 'a disaster'

Democratic leaders Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Sen. Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) criticized the GOP tax plan for "robbing the future" on Dec. 13.

How Steve Bannon's big bet on Roy Moore backfired

Former White House strategist Stephen K. Bannon went all in on Alabama's Roy Moore and lost. The Fix's Callum Borchers breaks down what the defeat could mean for his sway on President Trump.


Two controversial federal judge nominees will not be confirmed, Senate Republican says

Sen. Charles E. Grassley had advised the White House to “reconsider” its picks after reports that they had expressed sentiments seemingly in favor of discrimination.

'We'll get it done': Sen. Hatch says GOP is close to compromise on tax bill

President Trump pointed to Republican leaders in the House and the Senate, Dec. 13, saying they were close to an agreement on their tax bill. Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) responded to Trump's statement saying, "We'll get it done."

Trump aims to get a vote on tax plan quickly

President Trump said Dec. 13 that he wants to vote on the Republican tax bill quickly, but he said it's not because Republicans lost a seat in the Senate to Democrat Doug Jones (Ala.) on Dec. 12.

Trump thinks write-ins like Nick Saban were 'a very big factor' in Alabama. Wrong, again.

President Trump's initial reaction to the Democrats' win in the Alabama special election on Tuesday night was uncharacteristically gracious -- humble even, by his standards. But it also contained some clear blame-shifting. "The write-in…


Democrats want Senate Republicans to wait for Doug Jones to vote on the tax bill. Good luck with that.

Every once in a while, elections and legislation collide dramatically. Democrats' massive upset in Alabama could be one of those times, by sinking Republicans' tax bill at the last minute. Or, if Senate Republicans have their way, Alabama…

'Unfit to clean toilets’: USA Today's unusually forceful editorial about Trump

The president's antics are objectionable not only to his natural foes but also to some who generally avoid taking sides.


Hear Rep. Cohen call out Republicans for growing criticisms of FBI

In a heated round of questioning during a House Judiciary Committee on Dec. 13, Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.) called out Republicans for their growing criticisms of special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia probe.

Has Mueller expanded the Russia investigation?

During a House Judiciary Committee hearing on Dec. 13, Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Tex.) pressed Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein about whether the Russia investigation has expanded.


Rosenstein defends DOJ agents as 'honorable, principled and trustworthy'

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein told the House Judiciary Committee on Dec. 13 that Justice Department employees are "more professional today than ever."

Rep. Nadler attacks Trump for trying to 'discredit' the Justice Department


House Judiciary Committee ranking member Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) said on Dec. 13 that President Trump is trying to "discredit the free press and the Department of Justice."

Minnesota governor will appoint his lieutenant, Tina F. Smith, to replace Franken in Senate

Gov. Mark Dayton is expected to make the announcement at 11 a.m., and Smith is expected to run for Franken’s seat in November.

House Judiciary Committee chairman accuses special counsel of ‘insider bias’

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) criticized the "magnitude of insider bias" within the special counsel investigation during a hearing on Dec. 13.

Democrats call for halt to GOP tax bill until Jones is seated in the Senate

Senior Republican aides said Wednesday morning that they did not expect Jones’s election to slow down the tax push.

Former ‘Apprentice’ star Omarosa Manigault Newman to leave White House

Manigault Newman is one of few high-profile African Americans who supported Donald Trump during his presidential campaign last year.


Moore's defeat in Alabama could diminish Bannon's influence over Trump

President Trump trusted Stephen K. Bannon's political instincts in Alabama. Bannon steered the president wrong. The question now is whether the Breitbart News chairman's standing with Trump will be permanently diminished, as a result.…

Trump's chutzpah-laden Alabama debacle

The state was a perfect storm of potential embarrassment for Trump. He somehow didn't see it coming — or didn't care.


The Finance 202: Doug Jones victory will likely speed up Republican tax train

Republicans have no incentive to wait for the Alabama Democrat to come to Washington.

The GOP civil war will rage on and other key takeaways

Washington Post

Doug Jones’s upset is every bit as shocking as when a Republican won the late Ted Kennedy’s seat in a Massachusetts special election seven years ago.