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YouTube excels at recommending videos — but not at detecting hoaxes


Falsehoods were rampant after the Parkland, Fla., school shooting despite the firm’s promise to improve its algorithm. And lawmakers are growing increasingly frustrated and vocal about disinformation on social media.

Thursday, Feb 22


The FCC’s vote repealing its net neutrality rules is finally official. Here’s what happens now.

The FCC's net neutrality vote has finally been published in the Federal Register, the government's official record of all administrative actions. The moment is key, because it kicks off the next phase of the fight over the future of the…


Fla. shooting survivor, target of online vilification, doesn’t want to ‘censor’ critics

David Hogg said he bears no grudge against the social media companies that surfaced and circulated false allegations that he was a “crisis actor.”


SpaceX’s Internet satellites are part of a wave of new tech that could give you more choice in broadband providers

SpaceX hit another orbital milestone on Wednesday: It launched a pair of experimental broadband satellites on a Falcon 9 rocket from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. The test satellites are another step forward for chief executive…


Viral lies swirl as survivors of Florida school shooting become victims of conspiracy theories

Washington Post

The incident has highlighted how nobody — not even a group of teens just days removed from seeing their fellow students gunned down — is off limits in the no-holds-barred world of online commentary.


Twitter suspends thousands of suspected bot accounts, and the pro-Trump crowd is furious

Users of the social-media service who are on the far-right fringe politically are complaining of discrimination.

Wednesday, Feb 21


YouTube promoted a video that falsely attacked a Parkland student. How did this happen?

Conspiracy theories always arrive after a mass shooting in America. The Parkland school massacre was no different.


Humans tried to thwart the robot dogs that can open doors. They resisted.

Boston Dynamics released a video that demonstrates the robots’ ability to learn from to obstacles and interference.

Mark Zuckerberg says he wants to fix Facebook. His employees keep getting in the way.

A divide between Zuckerberg and some key executives has been evident as company leaders scrambled to manage Facebook’s message in the wake of special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s indictment that laid out how Russian trolls had used the…


Why the White House wants to create a commercial space czar

Vice President Pence is recommending streamlined efforts and reusable rocket licensing to help the industry continue to grow.


You don’t have to feel guilty about sharing your TV log-in

You need a password to stream the Olympics and many other shows. Sharing one isn't always a no-no.

Tuesday, Feb 20


Why social media appeals after mass shootings have done little to change gun laws

A group of high school students from last week's Florida school shooting is attempting to break the political stalemate that typically follows mass shootings with urgent social media appeals for new gun laws, but to succeed they will have…


AT&T demanded the Justice Department hand over documents that could show Trump’s influence over the Time Warner deal. A judge said no.

A federal judge has ruled against AT&T in its effort to force the Justice Department to reveal whether President Trump inappropriately interfered with a regulatory review of the telecom giant's $85 billion Time Warner merger. The ruling on…


Getting a new iPhone battery is often a frustrating, weeks-long process

Some people across the country are reporting that they are having a tough time getting new iPhone batteries through Apple's replacement program, which was launched after the company admitted that it slows down phones with older batteries…

Monday, Feb 19


In our eyes, Google’s software sees heart attack risk

By looking at the human eye, Google’s algorithms were able to predict whether someone had high blood pressure or was at risk of a heart attack or stroke, Google researchers said Monday, opening a new opportunity for artificial intelligence…

Sunday, Feb 18


The 21st-century Russian sleeper agent is a troll with an American accent

Russians in St. Petersburg passed English-language tests and studied U.S. politics to target what they called the ‘crap country.’

Saturday, Feb 17


Indictment shows how Russians conspired to disrupt U.S. politics — but not how to stop them


That’s up to the Trump administration, Congress and technology companies. So far, the answers are elusive.

AT&T demands Trump administration logs in court battle over Time Warner deal

AT&T is demanding that the Justice Department hand over additional evidence to prove that President Trump did not wield political influence over the agency as its antitrust enforcers reviewed the company's bid to acquire Time Warner. DOJ…

Friday, Feb 16


As Elon Musk antagonized rival, the space industry battled over who will host a cocktail reception for the vice president

After he launched his giant new rocket into space last week, Elon Musk said he was spoiling for a good race in space. This week, he learned his rivals were up for the challenge, even when it involves such terrestrial trivialities as a…


SpaceX wants to beam Internet down to Earth. Here’s how it will start.

SpaceX is preparing to hit another orbital milestone with the launch of a pair of experimental satellites on Sunday that are designed to beam an ultrafast, lag-free Internet connection down to Earth. The test satellites, dubbed Microsat-2a…


Russian troll farm, 13 suspects indicted in 2016 election interference

Washington Post

The indictment targets the Internet Research Agency, a known Russian entity, for meddling with the 2016 election.

Thursday, Feb 15


Google’s Chrome ad blocker means the Web’s largest ad company is also now advertising’s biggest traffic cop

Google, one of the dominant players in the online advertising world, may soon have even more power in that space. It is now taking on the challenge of determining what’s a good ad or a bad ad and deciding which ones the majority of Web…


Russia used mainstream media to manipulate American voters, study finds

The use of links to popular news sources bolstered the credibility of Russian-backed accounts, researchers say.


New apps make it easier for home sellers to connect with buyers


TOWN SQUARE | Opendoor.com, Knock.com and Letgo.com recently announced expansion plans aimed at revolutionizing the real estate marketplace.

Wednesday, Feb 14


Nominee for FTC chairman signals scrutiny for tech giants

President Trump's nominee to lead one of the nation's top consumer watchdog agencies suggested to Congress on Wednesday that Silicon Valley may draw scrutiny for potential antitrust violations under his tenure, which could challenge the…


This gutsy tactic could make or break the AT&T-Time Warner court fight

The landmark court battle between AT&T and the U.S. government took another unusual turn Wednesday when reports surfaced that the telecom giant may seek to call the Justice Department’s top competition regulator — the very same person…


Siri, already bumbling, just got less intelligent on the HomePod

Siri, we need to talk. You’re embarrassing yourself. You were the Neil Armstrong of voice assistants. When you arrived on the iPhone in 2011, Alexa wasn’t a glimmer in Amazon’s eye. Google’s Assistant didn’t get a voice until 2016. But…

Apple's Siri isn't very smart in the HomePod

The Post's Geoffrey A. Fowler interviews Siri in the HomePod, Apple's new smart speaker. Her answers left a lot to be desired.

Tuesday, Feb 13

Salon.com wants to use your PC to mine cryptocurrency

Claiming that ad-blockers have cut deeply into its revenue, the online media company Salon is asking some readers to bolster its bottom line — by helping the site generate cryptocurrency. The move, launched Sunday, makes Salon one of the…


Uber CEO plays it safe in risk-loving Silicon Valley

Uber's sudden settlement of a high-profile lawsuit filed by Google's parent company is the most striking example of Uber’s new lower-risk approach under its new chief executive.