Thursday, Oct 19


European Leaders Rebuff May's Bid to Revive Brexit Talks

European leaders rebuffed British Prime Minister Theresa May’s pitch to revive stalled Brexit talks on Thursday.


Spain Poised to Strip Catalonia of Powers

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy is poised to exercise constitutional powers to impose tighter control on Catalonia, plunging Spain into uncharted waters as Madrid seeks to quell the region’s bid for independence.


Europeans Pay Little Heed to British Warnings on Brexit

One of the striking features of the International Monetary Fund annual meetings last week was that no one was talking about Brexit—other than the British, of course, who could talk of little else.

Wednesday, Oct 18


Germany's Top Court Denies Request to Halt ECB Bond Buying

Germany’s constitutional court threw out a cease-and-desist request that could have halted the European Central Bank’s giant bond-buying program as the central bank prepares to extend its purchases into 2018.


Germany's Merkel Begins Tricky Three-Way Coalition Talks

A weakened Angela Merkel has kicked off talks on forming Germany’s first three-party government, a process fraught with pitfalls that experts think could stretch into next year.


British Intelligence Chief Notes Quickening Pace of Terror Threats

The head of Britain’s domestic intelligence agency said there has been a dramatic uptick in the threat of Islamist extremism to the U.K., with plots occurring at a faster tempo than at any point in his career.

Tuesday, Oct 17


U.K. Inflation Hits Five-Year High

Consumer prices in the U.K. rose in September at the fastest annual rate for more than five years, a pickup that will reinforce expectations the Bank of England could nudge up interest rates as soon as November.


May Fails to Unblock Brexit Deadlock at Brussels Dinner

British Prime Minister Theresa May was unsuccessful in bridging differences with top European Union officials over financial issues and the timing of free trade talks.


Bomb Kills Reporter Who Covered Malta's 'Panama Papers' Link

A Maltese investigative journalist, Daphne Caruana Galizia, who exposed the island nation’s links to offshore tax havens through the leaked Panama Papers was killed when a bomb exploded in her car, the prime minister said.

Monday, Oct 16


Austria's Right-Wing Parties Fare Well in Parliamentary Elections

Austria’s right-wing parties made strong gains in parliamentary elections on Sunday, after a campaign in which the main contenders competed with tough stances on immigration.


As Islamic State Recedes, Iraqi Forces and Kurds Turn on Each Other

Elite Iraqi forces took control of the local government building in Kirkuk, pushing out Kurdish fighters and effectively retaking the city after skirmishes that have raised fears of a wider conflict between two of the closest U.S. allies…


Spain Gives Catalonia Thursday Deadline to Drop Secession Drive

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy gave the leader of Catalonia until Thursday to cease his bid for independence or face the loss of some powers at the hands of the central government.


EU Foreign Ministers Agree to Stand by Iran Nuclear Deal

European foreign ministers attacked President Donald Trump’s decision to pull his administration’s backing for the Iranian nuclear agreement, calling the move a serious mistake that could lead to a military confrontation with Tehran.


German Towns Filled With Refugees Ask, 'Who Is Integrating Whom?'

Immigration has slowed in Germany, but the lingering effects of more than 1 million refugees is putting communities under stress, pressuring local coffers and feeding concerns about safety, jobs and the quality of education.


The Eurozone's Challenge: Don't Waste the Recovery

The eurozone is enjoying a stronger than expected recovery, and needs to seize the moment to tackle its vulnerabilities in order to increase the currency bloc’s resilience to future shocks.

Sunday, Oct 15


Conservatives' Loss in German State Election Is Blow to Merkel

Hauke-Christian Dittrich/Associated PressHauke-Christian Dittrich/Associated PressHauke-Christian Dittrich/Associated PressHauke-Christian Dittrich/Associated PressHauke-Christian Dittrich/Associated PressHauke-Christian Dittrich…

Saturday, Oct 14


EU Sees Trump Cooperation on Financial Rules

European officials see cooperation with the Trump administration on financial sector oversight “developing in a positive way,” according to a top official who met with U.S. regulators on Friday.


European Leaders Say Iran Deal Must Be Preserved

European leaders urged Washington not to reimpose U.S. sanctions on Iran, saying they were determined to preserve the nuclear accord but ready to work outside the agreement to address Washington’s concerns over Iran’s behavior.


ECB Faces Bond Bottleneck

The European Central Bank is down to its last €300 billion. That’s the amount of bonds that the ECB could purchase next year under its giant bond-buying program without changing the rules, according to two people familiar with the matter

Friday, Oct 13


EU to Press New Measures Against North Korea, Venezuela

European governments are preparing to raise pressure on North Korea and Venezuela, in line with the priorities of the Trump administration, even as Washington throws into doubt the future of the Iranian nuclear agreement.


In Brexit Talks, the Risk of No Deal Looms Large

Prime Minister Theresa May promised that, while the U.K. was hoping for successful negotiations with the EU over leaving the bloc, it was preparing the ground in case talks failed.

Thursday, Oct 12


Legal Intricacies Complicate May's Two-Year Brexit Transition Period

Devising a legal way for the U.K. to continue to trade with the EU “on current terms” while no longer in the EU? Theresa May’s Brexit proposed Brexit transition period would be fiendishly difficult to pull off.

Wednesday, Oct 11


Europe Strains to Keep United Front on Iran Deal

European officials are working on a unified response to President Donald Trump’s expected decision to pull U.S. backing from the 2015 Iranian nuclear accord, but strains have emerged that threaten to weaken Europe’s common stance.


Wall Street Journal Reporter Sentenced to Prison by Turkish Court

A Turkish court sentenced Journal reporter Ayla Albayrak to two years and one month in prison, declaring her guilty of engaging in terrorist propaganda in support of a banned Kurdish separatist organization through one of her articles.


Spanish Leader Opens Door to Suspending Some of Catalonia's Powers

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy demanded that Catalonia’s leader clarify whether he declared independence, taking the first step toward potentially stripping the restive region of some of its powers and escalating his confrontation with the…


Catalan President Stops Short of Declaring Immediate Independence

Catalonia’s separatist leader backed away from an immediate declaration of independence from Spain, slowing a headlong push for secession and potentially drawing out the standoff with Madrid.

Tuesday, Oct 10


Indonesia Investigating Standard Chartered Customers Over $1.4 Billion Transfer

Indonesia is investigating whether dozens of citizens with trust accounts at Standard Chartered owe tax after transferring $1.4 billion from Guernsey to Singapore in 2015.


French Public Sector Adds to Anti-Macron Protests

French leader Emmanuel Macron’s truce with his country’s unions is showing signs of unraveling less than six months into his presidency, as public-sector workers took to the streets Tuesday to protest his attempts to overhaul the sluggish…


BAE Systems to Cut Nearly 2,000 Jobs

British weapons maker BAE Systems said it would cut almost 2,000 jobs, slow production of Typhoon jets, and streamline operations as its new chief executive comes to grips with a dearth of plane orders and the need to lower costs.

Cold War in the Arctic: Russia, Norway Dig In

Norway this week will decide whether to maintain unprofitable coal-mining operations that serve as a symbol of a power struggle between the NATO member and Russia.