Friday, Feb 23


German Government Hinges on Party Tally

Germany’s political future is staked on a ballot among the fractious rank-and-file of a once-mighty Social Democratic Party still reeling months after its worst electoral showing since World War II.

Thursday, Feb 22


How Brexit Has Put Citizen Safety in Play

For the U.K., losing access to European security programs could have important consequences, Stephen Fidler writes.


A Question for U.K. Ministers: What Were You After With Brexit?

After a week of speechifying by various members of the British cabinet, it is easier to identify what the government wants to stay the same after leaving the EU than what it wants to change, Simon Nixon writes.

Wednesday, Feb 21


France Proposes Tougher Law on Migrants


Tuesday, Feb 20


Reinsurers Hit by Catastrophe Losses, Rising Competition

Reinsurers are being hit by a one-two punch of soaring catastrophe losses and low renewal rates as insurers turn to other avenues to spread risk.


Iranian Airline Bought U.S. Jet Parts Through Front Firms

https://www.wsj.com/articles/european-diplomats-seek-to-curb-iran-actions-in-yemen-syria-1519070241Mohamed al-Sayaghi/REUTERSMohamed al-Sayaghi/REUTERSMohamed al-Sayaghi/REUTERSMohamed al-Sayaghi/REUTERSMohamed al-Sayaghi/REUTERSMohamed al…


Ireland Faces Shifting Currents in Its Ties to EU

Brexit and robust initiatives from Brussels mean big changes ahead for Ireland, where membership in the bloc has been widely seen as a boon, Simon Nixon writes.


Pope Francis Names New Sex Abuse Panel Amid Criticism

Pope Francis renewed his advisory panel on child protection, after a two-month lapse, amid growing criticism of his record on clerical sex abuse.

Monday, Feb 19


ECB Freezes All Payments by Latvia Bank Amid U.S. Probe

The ECB has frozen all payments by a Latvian bank, following accusations by the U.S. that the small bank laundered billions in illicit funds, including for companies connected to North Korea’s banned ballistic-missile program.


Stronger European Earnings Augur More M&A, Higher Dividends

European companies are reporting higher revenues and profits as the continent benefits from the fastest pace of economic growth in a decade, prompting corporate executives to increasingly mull deal making and raise dividend payouts.

Sunday, Feb 18


Latvia Detains Top ECB Official in Anticorruption Probe

A top European Central Bank official was detained over the weekend by Latvia’s anticorruption agency as part of a criminal investigation, in the latest blow to the small Baltic nation’s financial sector.

Saturday, Feb 17


Germany's Coffers Are Overflowing, But No One Is Talking About Tax Cuts

https://www.wsj.com/articles/nato-pushes-eu-to-work-with-allies-for-security-1518883797?mod=searchresults&page=1&pos=1Krisztian Bocsi/Bloomberg NewsKrisztian Bocsi/Bloomberg NewsKrisztian Bocsi/Bloomberg NewsKrisztian Bocsi/Bloomberg…


U.K. Wants Ongoing Defense Cooperation With EU After Brexit

U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May has laid out key areas of security and defense cooperation she hoped to continue with the European Union after Britain leaves the bloc next year.

Friday, Feb 16


Don't Expect a Winner in the Italian Elections, Pollsters Say

As Italy’s electoral campaign heads into the final stretch, polls show that the vote is likely to produce a hung parliament, as a new electoral law and millions of undecided voters combine to make this one of the country’s most…

Thursday, Feb 15

Hopes and Strains Endure in U.S.-Europe Partnership


As officials converge for the Munich Security Conference, U.S.-Europe strains endure, but there is tentative confidence among many European diplomats that the core trans-Atlantic security partnership is holding.

Wednesday, Feb 14


Brexit Heads for Showdown Over Irish Border

In the last 20 years, relations between the U.K. and Ireland have been the strongest in their long and troubled history. Now Brexit has badly damaged this vital bilateral relationship, while the challenges it raises on the island of…


U.K.'s Boris Johnson Calls for Definitive Stance on EU Exit

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson called for the U.K. to make a definitive break from the EU, rejecting the notion of a second Brexit referendum and extolling the country’s global economic potential once it is free of the bloc.


Europe Balks at Taking Back ISIS Fighters

https://www.wsj.com/articles/tillerson-warns-isis-will-return-without-continued-pressure-1518537274?tesla=yBULENT KILIC/AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE/GETTY IMAGESBULENT KILIC/AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE/GETTY IMAGESBULENT KILIC/AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE/GETTY…

Monday, Feb 12


Barclays Hit by New Charge Over 2008 Fundraising

Barclays was charged for a second time by U.K. authorities over a criminal case relating to an emergency fundraising in 2008 from Middle Eastern investors.

Sunday, Feb 11


The EU's Real Rule-of-Law Crisis

The perceived failure of European Union member states to respect EU rules and of Brussels to interpret and enforce those rules consistently and fairly has been an important factor in all recent EU crises. It has led to a loss of trust not…


Plane Crash Near Moscow Kills All 71 on Board

A Russian airplane crashed on the outskirts of Moscow shortly after takeoff, killing all 71 on board, as Russian President Vladimir Putin demanded an investigation into the disaster.


NATO to Try 'Kitchen Table' to Soothe U.S.-Turkey Dispute

Western diplomats hope to use a high-level gathering of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization this week to keep members U.S. and Turkey from going to battle against each other in Syria.


Detained Bookseller Says Sweden Is Using Him as a 'Chess Piece'

A Swedish bookseller detained by Chinese authorities surfaced Friday in a police-arranged appearance in which he accused Stockholm of using him for political gains.

Saturday, Feb 10


Macron Tested as Two Ministers Face Sexual Assault Allegations

French President Emmanuel Macron has positioned himself as a crusader against sexual misconduct, but accusations recently leveled at two members of his own cabinet are testing that stance.

Friday, Feb 9


EU's Chief Negotiator Throws Doubt on Quick Brexit Deal

“Substantial” differences exist between the U.K. and the European Union on the terms of a post-Brexit transition agreement, the EU’s chief negotiator said, throwing further doubt on hopes for a quick deal.


Why Border Controls on Trade Will Rise Again in Europe

The British government’s clear rejection this week of any involvement in a customs union means one thing for British exporters, Stephen Fidler writes: a return to plenty of red-tape at the border.

Thursday, Feb 8


Brussels Neighborhood Struggles to Break Ties to Terrorism

This week’s trial of the only surviving assailant from the November 2015 Paris attacks has refocused attention on the Brussels district of Molenbeek where he grew up and was captured.

Wednesday, Feb 7


German Coalition Deal Evokes Relief and Anxiety in Europe

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s coalition agreement with the Social Democrats will bring relief across Europe, but with negotiations looming on a major overhaul in how the eurozone operates, the news will also induce anxiety.

Merkel Pulls Together Uneasy Governing Coalition

German Chancellor Angela Merkel moved within reach of a fourth term after clinching a coalition deal that would keep Germany’s shrinking political mainstream in power but could leave her presiding over an unstable and fractious government.


Pope's Controversial China Overture Has Cold-War Precedent

Pope Francis’ overture to Communist China echoes the Vatican’s conciliatory approach to Soviet-bloc states during much of the Cold War, a policy some say diminished and others say preserved the church there.