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Thousands facing no pay after Carillion collapse

Sky News / UK 41 sources

Workers employed by Carillion on private sector contracts will receive no pay after Wednesday unless other companies step in to take them on.

Johnson reopens £350m per week Brexit row

Sky News / Politics 11 sources

Boris Johnson has reopened a row over his controversial claim that leaving the EU will save Britain £350m per week - insisting the figure was too low.

Iceland vows to go plastic-free on its own branded packaging within five years

ITV / News 12 sources

The retailer said it would be replacing plastic with packaging including paper and pulp trays and paper bags.

Two of Martin Luther King Jr.’s Children Speak Out Against Trump

In Atlanta and in Washington, the children of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. criticized President Trump for his language about people from some countries.

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They shared an underage sex video on Facebook. Danish cops have charged all 1000

Stuff.co.nz / World 11 sources

Danish police have charged 1004 young people with distributing sexually explicit material of two 15-year-olds following a tip-off from Facebook.


Donald Trump takes on Dick Durbin over 'racial slur'

BBC / News 35 sources

The US president says he has been "totally misrepresented" by a senator who said he used a racial slur.


Leave campaign's £350m claim was too low, says Boris Johnson

The Guardian 11 sources

Foreign secretary says campaign ‘grossly underestimated’ amount of money UK sends each week to EU




Momentum chief Jon Lansman elected to Labour's executive as hard left tightens grip

The Times / Life 9 sources

Labour took a further step to the left today after a list of candidates backed by Momentum, the grassroots campaign group, won seats on the party's ruling body. Supporters of Jeremy Corbyn already had a slim majority on Labour's national…


Turkey bolsters Syria border as US force plan slammed

Al Jazeera 42 sources

Armoured vehicles, tanks deployed as Turkey, Syria and Russia attack US-led coalition plan to form 30,000-strong force.


Denmark Facebook sex video: More than 1,000 young people charged

BBC / Europe 11 sources

They are accused of sharing explicit videos of two 15-year-olds via Facebook Messenger.

Hawaii alert fiasco is a wake-up call for America to get serious about missile defense

Fox News / World 230 sources

The nuclear attack false alarm in Hawaii this weekend should be a wake-up call—not just to the need to prevent mistakes like this again, but also for the need to get serious about ballistic missile defense. What if the launch had been real…


UAE says Qatari fighter jets intercepted two commercial flights

CNN / World 117 sources

The United Arab Emirates said Monday that Qatari military jets have "intercepted" two commercial planes bound for Bahrain, an allegation denied by Qatar.


Airbus says A380 superjumbo production could end

BBC / Business 38 sources

The European planemaker says it will stop making its giant A380 jet if it does not get any more orders.


Computer beats humans in reading test for first time

Artificial intelligence (AI) software developed by Alibaba Group has performed better than humans in a global reading comprehension test - the first time that machines have outperformed people.

Ford to boost investment in electric cars by 2022

BBC / Technology 76 sources

The firm says it will have 40 hybrid and fully electric vehicles in its range within five years.

Monday, Jan 15

Thousands of jobs at risk as Carillion goes into liquidation

The Guardian 126 sources

Construction company involved in government projects including HS2 collapses as last-ditch talks with lenders fail

Panic as aeroplane skids over edge of cliff in Turkey

The Times / Money 145 sources

Passengers on board an airliner that skidded off a runway in Turkey and plunged down a cliff towards the sea have described a desperate panic to get off the aircraft amid the smell of leaking fuel. The Pegasus Airlines flight, carrying 168…

Donald Trump denies being a racist after reported crude remark

BBC.com 190 sources

The US president says he is the "least racist person", after the row over reported crude remarks.

Sunday, Jan 14

Hawaii told to fix its alert system after false missile alarm

BBC / News 194 sources

The US media regulator says the error that produced panic in the state was "absolutely unacceptable".

2019 Ford Ranger Release Date, Price and Specs - Roadshow

CNET 111 sources

A tougher appearance and a long list of available tech features highlight Ford's return to the midsize pickup segment.

Pegasus Airlines passenger plane skids off Turkish runway and down side of cliff stopping just feet from the sea

Mirror Online 145 sources

All 162 passengers and flight crew were safely evacuated from the plane after the incident at Trabzon Airport in Turkey

Our historic Brexit vote could now be reversed, admits Nigel Farage

The Guardian 17 sources

Remainers ‘are making all the running’ and could swing a vote in parliament, former Ukip leader warns

Saturday, Jan 13

Trump supporters demand London Mayor arrest

Sky News 309 sources

Supporters of US President Donald Trump have disrupted a speech by Sadiq Khan and called for the London Mayor to be arrested.

Facebook's News Feed changes have publishers on edge

CBS News / SciTech 70 sources

Sites that depend on the social network for all-important traffic could have a hard time maintaining their ad rates

Hawaii alert: False missile alarm sparks panic

BBC.com 595 sources

An employee pressed the wrong button, triggering the alert, the state governor says.

Iran sanctions: Tehran vows retaliation over Trump move

BBC 132 sources

US action against the head of Iran's judiciary crossed a red line, the foreign ministry says.

Friday, Jan 12

Trump calls migrant countries '****holes'

Sky News 386 sources

President Donald Trump has reportedly questioned why the US should permit more immigrants from "****hole countries" during a meeting with legislators about a proposed bipartisan deal on immigration.

Donald Trump cancels London visit amid protest fears

The Guardian 352 sources

President will not open new US embassy next month, with secretary of state Rex Tillerson likely to take his place

Farage: New Brexit vote will be 'forced upon us'

Sky News / UK 114 sources

Nigel Farage has insisted a second EU referendum is "the last thing" he wants but expressed his belief it will be "forced upon" voters.

Thursday, Jan 11

Environment strategy aims to stop needless plastic waste

BBC / UK 16 sources

Theresa May is launching a 25-year environmental plan, but green groups say it has no legal force..

Brexit: UK could lose half a million jobs with no deal, says Sadiq Khan

The Guardian 47 sources

Analysis commissioned by London mayor predicts ‘lost decade’ of slump and lower employment with hard Brexit

Bitcoin tumbles as South Korea plans trading ban

Justice ministry prepares bill as clampdown on cryptocurrencies gathers pace

Nigel Farage suggests UK may need second Brexit referendum to settle question of EU membership 'for a generation'

Telegraph 114 sources

Nigel Farage has suggested a second referendum should be held on the UK's membership of the European Union. The former Ukip leader said a second vote would see voters back Brexit in “very much bigger” numbers and that would settle the…