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Sean Spicer quits: White House press secretary plays down 'row'

BBC 800 sources

Donald Trump's spokesman is said to have resigned over the hiring of a new communications director.

Drones must soon be registered in the UK

Sky News / UK 18 sources

All drones weighing more than 250g will now have to be registered in the UK, the Government has announced.

Boots 'truly sorry' for handling of morning-after pill pricing row

ITV / News 12 sources

The high street chemist - which charges almost £15 more for the pill than rivals - said it was "truly sorry" for a "poor choice of words".

Victory for Tory Remainers: Hammond believes he has backing for free movement Brexit deal

SENIOR Tories have softened their approach to Brexit after backing a transitional offer that will allow EU citizens free movement to Britain for up to two years after the UK has left the bloc.

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To improve emissions, Audi will recall up to 850,000 cars worldwide except US and Canada

The company intends to reduce overall emissions, especially in urban areas, according to its statement, as well as to maintain the future viability of diesel engines.


Number of homeless children in temporary accommodation rises 37%

The Guardian 7 sources

Councils across England are providing temporary housing for around 120,540 children with their families - a net increase of 32,650


Trump threatens Iran over detained Americans

Sky News / World 40 sources

Donald Trump has warned that Iran will face "new and serious consequences" unless all unjustly imprisoned US citizens are released.


Report: Sessions Discussed Policy with Russian Ambassador

Voice of America 84 sources

The Washington Post is reporting that Russia’s ambassador to the U.S. told his supervisors in Moscow that he discussed campaign-related matters with Attorney General Jeff Sessions last year during the presidential election season, contrary…

Boots' apology after morning-after pill row

Sky News 12 sources

Boots has said it is "truly sorry" for the way it responded to a campaign calling for it to cut the price of emergency contraception.


Minneapolis police chief resigns in wake of fatal police shooting of Australian bride-to-be

ITV / News 198 sources

The head of Minneapolis police stood down at the city mayor's request after the police killing of bride-to-be Justine Damond.


Bank of America chooses Dublin for post-Brexit EU operations

Bank of America has chosen Dublin as its preferred location for its post-Brexit EU entity, in a big-name win for the Government in its hope of attracting Brexit spoils from the City of London. The banking giant already employs 700 people…



Cabinet 'united' over plan to keep our borders OPEN after Brexit, Michael Gove claims

The Sun 8 sources

THE Cabinet is “united” on Britain's borders staying open for an unspecified “transition” period after Brexit, Michael Gove claimed yesterday. The Brexit-backing Environment Secretary insisted ministers were agreed that a transitional deal…


USA V Iran: Trump threatens 'serious consequences' unless US citizens are released

PRESIDENT Donald Trump has threatened new sanctions and serious consequences on Iran if they do not release American citizens "unjustly" imprisoned there.


Russian man at Trump Jr meeting had partner with Soviet intelligence ties

The Guardian / AU 56 sources

Irakly Kaveladze’s partner Boris Goldstein was a Soviet-born banker whose ties to former KGB officials attracted interest from US investigators in the 1990s

Audi begins voluntary recall of 850,000 V6 and V8 diesel cars

Autocar.co.uk 42 sources

The software of 850,000 Audis with V6 and V8 diesel engines is being tweaked in a voluntary recall


The last big dark market left online may already be compromised

Mashable / Technology 102 sources

The Silk Road, Silk Road 2.0, AlphaBay, and Hansa: These are the dark-web marketplaces shuttered by law enforcement, leaving online buyers and sellers of drugs, weapons, and who knows what else scrambling to find the next online bazaar for…

UK to back temporary free movement after Brexit

Eurosceptic cabinet minister Gove confirms support for transitional arrangement


Russian lawyer who met Donald Trump Jr had the FSB state intelligence agency as a client

The Independent 56 sources

The Russian lawyer who met Donald Trump Jr. after his father won the Republican nomination for the 2016 U.S. presidential election counted Russia's FSB security service among her clients for years, Russian court documents seen by Reuters…

Friday, Jul 21

Lyft launches a new self-driving division and will develop its own autonomous ride-hailing technology

TechCrunch 58 sources

Lyft is betting the future of the road centers on sharing autonomous vehicles. It aims to be at the forefront of that technology with a new self-driving division and a self-driving system vehicle manufacturers could integrate into their…

Earthquake off south west coast of Turkey triggers tsunami

Daily Mail Online 375 sources

Beachfront hotels full of British holidaymakers were flooded in the coastal city of Marmaris, Turkey, while the effects were also felt on islands such as Crete and Rhodes.

Borders will remain open for two years after Brexit

The Scotsman 27 sources

Britain is ready to maintain free movement for EU citizens during a transition period lasting a number of years after the official moment of Brexit, reports have suggested.

Thursday, Jul 20

Brexit: Second round of talks fails to produce breakthrough on key disputes, says EU's chief negotiator

The Independent 78 sources

The second round of the Brexit talks have failed to produce a breakthrough on key disputes with the UK, the EU's chief negotiator has said. Michel Barnier said the British Government was still failing to provide sufficient “convergence” on…

John McCain diagnosed with brain cancer

The Independent 480 sources

US Senator John McCain has been diagnosed with brain cancer, his office has confirmed. The tumour was discovered after the former presidential candidate underwent a minor procedure last week to remove a blood clot from above his left eye,…

Two huge 'dark web' markets shut down

BBC.com 102 sources

The AlphaBay and Hansa marketplaces were known for trade in drugs, weapons and malware.

New Grenfell council boss faces 'murderer' shouts

Sky News 31 sources

The newly-elected leader of Kensington and Chelsea Council has been told to immediately resign by furious Grenfell Tower residents during a stormy meeting.

Wednesday, Jul 19

Trump and Putin met twice at G20 in Germany

BBC.com 285 sources

Donald Trump met Vladimir Putin at second, previously undisclosed meeting at this month's G20.

State pension age increase brought forward

Sky News 46 sources

The increase in the state pension age from 67 to 68 will be brought forward, the Government has announced.

French military head de Villiers quits over cuts

BBC / Europe 120 sources

Gen Pierre de Villiers says he cannot guarantee the army model necessary to protect France.

Chris Evans and Gary Lineker are BBC’s top earners as gender pay gap exposed

The Guardian 57 sources

Director general Tony Hall defends pay levels as corporation’s list of best-paid talent reveals major gender imbalance

Tuesday, Jul 18

Inflation unexpectedly falls as oil costs sink

Sky News / UK 60 sources

The rate of inflation fell unexpectedly to 2.6% in June from 2.9% the previous month, led by lower oil prices.

Let Obamacare fail - Trump's new plan

BBC.com 319 sources

The US president says he will not 'own' Obamacare and urges Congress to let the health system fail.

Ed Sheeran cameo divides Game of Thrones fans

The Times / Life 272 sources

He had nine songs in the Top Ten, headlined Glastonbury and has now invaded Game of Thrones. There is just no escaping Ed Sheeran. The singer made a cameo in the long-awaited return of the blood-soaked TV drama for its seven series, which…

Republicans oppose healthcare plans leaving party without majority

BBC / News 269 sources

Two Republicans say they oppose their party's plans, leaving the leadership without a majority.

Monday, Jul 17

David Davis returns to Brussels for Brexit talks as Government descends into all-out war

Telegraph / News 50 sources

A Cabinet minister has criticised his Conservative colleagues for leaking details of sensitive conversations as the Government descended into all-out war. Chris Grayling, the Transport Secretary, said “no one should be discussing on or off…

Theresa May to tell ministers: stop leaking details of cabinet rifts

The Guardian 28 sources

PM’s spokesman says May will remind ministers that cabinet discussions should remain private following days of damaging leaks

Brexit talks resume: Get down to business, David Davis urges

BBC 41 sources

Brexit Secretary David Davis is in Brussels for the second round of talks with the EU.

Philip Hammond urges caution over moves to lift public-sector pay cap

The Guardian 37 sources

Chancellor says public-sector staff are on average 10% ahead of private counterparts once pensions are considered