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Two GOP senators say Roy Moore shouldn’t run for office

Two GOP senators said Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore should not be a member of Congress amid allegations that he sexually harassed teenage girls when he was in his 30s. “The allegations are stronger than the denial, and Roy Moore…

Nurses stood and laughed: Why a family put a hidden camera in their father's room at a nursing home

NZ Herald / World 13 sources

By the late winter of 2014, James Dempsey had served in a world war, raised children, buried a wife and seen the best of his health behind him.As he prepared for a stay at a nursing home on the outskirts of Atlanta, the 89-year-old...

Owning dogs may be great for your heart and lower risk of death, new study says

Modesto Bee 17 sources

You may have a reason to love your dog even more. A study published this week found that dog ownership correlates with lower rates of mortality and some fatal diseases, … Click to Continue »

'My sons love hunting, I don't': Donald Trump's soft spot for elephants

Stuff.co.nz 4 sources

Conservationists who have a visceral emotional reaction to words like "carbon emissions" and "TransCanada" and "Rick Perry" rarely find themselves closely allied with US President Donald Trump's opinions on the proper stewardship of the…

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Trader Joe's recalls packaged salads over glass shards, plastic concerns

Fox News / Health 21 sources

Trader Joe's says it has recalled several packaged salads after a supplier said there may be shards of glass or hard plastic inside.


Rep. Speier calls congressional Office of Compliance an "enabler" of sex harassment

"We have a system in place that allows for the harasser to go unchecked," Speier said on "Face the Nation"


More than 1.5 million free needles given out in Columbus

The Eagle / News 4 sources

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Officials say more than 1.5 million free needles have been handed out to 3,000 drug users in Columbus as health advocates work to stop the spread of HIV and other infectious diseases.

Jesse Jackson's decades in public eye shaped by many roles

The Eagle / News 10 sources

CHICAGO (AP) — For more than 50 years, the Rev. Jesse Jackson has been in the public eye as an activist, a two-time presidential candidate and a guiding force in the modern civil rights movement.


Puppies rescued from Puerto Rico may be infected

The Boston Globe 6 sources

Puppies rescued from hurricane-devastated Puerto Rico looked like they were on the way to a healthy new life in northern New England. But ten puppies brought to New Hampshire and Vermont on Nov. 9 have potentially been infected with a…



A dying war vet in a US nursing home needed CPR, but hidden video shows his nurse laughing instead

Stuff.co.nz / World 13 sources

By the late winter of 2014, James Dempsey had served in a world war, raised children, buried a wife and seen the best of his health behind him.

Klamath Falls dogs, animal hospital join stem cell research

The Eagle / News 4 sources

KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. (AP) — Tank, a large 2-year-old Newfoundland dog who fits the name, was getting ready for an out of the ordinary procedure on Nov. 9.


Blood type can affect risk of heart attack when pollution rises

Deseret News 17 sources

Building on research showing that periods of high air pollution are associated with increased risk of heart attacks,...

Saturday, Nov 18

Fashion designer Azzedine Alaia, known as an industry rebel, dies at 77

Toronto Star / News 69 sources

The Tunisian-born Alaia was dubbed the “king of cling” for the form-fitting designs he popularized during the 1980s (which helped define the style of the decade) and updated over the decades.

Video shows nurses laughing as dying WWII vet calls for help

NY Daily News 24 sources

The clip revealed a decorated World War II veteran died calling out for help while a pair of nurses laughed in front of him.

Having a dog might just save your life, study says

Having a dog can bring a lot of love into your life. It could also make it last a little longer.

World’s first head transplant to be performed in China soon, says ‘radical’ US surgeon

An Italian doctor announced on Friday that he will soon perform the world’s first human head transplant in China because medical communities in the United States and Europe would not permit the controversial procedure.

Friday, Nov 17

All The Best Black Friday Deals, In One Exhaustive List

Check back, because we'll keep updating this list as the deals roll in

Headlines called it the ‘first marijuana overdose death’ in the world. Except that’s not what the doctors meant.

Drug policy and health experts are warning against making too much of a report about an 11-month-old who died after exposure to cannabis.

Rev. Jesse Jackson reveals he has Parkinson's

NBC News / News 117 sources

Prominent civil rights activist Rev. Jesse Jackson has been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, he announced Friday.

Head Transplant Doctor Claims First Successful Human Head Transplant...on a Corpse

Gizmodo 46 sources

Sergio Canavero, who actually looks like the kind of guy who’d be really excited about head transplants (image: AP) One nice thing about teddy bears is that if your dog tears the head off of your child’s favorite one, you can just sew it…

Thursday, Nov 16

How to shop for car deals on Black Friday

Black Friday has become one of the single best days of the year to buy a car.

US scientists try 1st gene editing in the body

Fox News / Health 11 sources

Scientists for the first time have tried editing a gene inside the body in a bold attempt to permanently change a person's DNA to cure a disease.

American Heart Association revises what constitutes high blood pressure, nearly half of all US adults now suffer from 'silent killer'

Firstpost / World 40 sources

Washington: Tighter blood pressure guidelines from US heart organizations mean millions more people need to make lifestyle changes, or start taking medication, in order to avoid cardiovascular problems. Americans with blood pressure of 130…

Doctors claim baby's 2015 death was caused by marijuana overdose

Fox News / U.S. 38 sources

Two poison control doctors who listed an 11-month-old boy’s cause of death as damage to his heart muscle claim that it was brought on by ingesting marijuana.

Wednesday, Nov 15

U.S. scientists try gene editing inside person for first time in hope of curing disease

Toronto Star / News 83 sources

The experiment was done in California on a 44-year-old man, who has a metabolic disease called Hunter syndrome. Through an IV, he received billions of copies of a corrective gene and a genetic tool to cut his DNA in a precise spot.

FDA warns of injury, death with herbal supplement kratom

Federal health authorities are warning about reports of injury, addiction and death with a herbal supplement that has been promoted as an alternative to opioid painkillers and other prescription drugs. The supplement, kratom, made from a…

Scotland moves closer to introducing world-first ‘minimum price’ law for alcohol to address health concerns

Britain’s top court on Wednesday supported the Scottish government’s innovative plan to stop people “drinking themselves to death” by imposing a minimum price on alcohol.

Digital pill that tracks use when swallowed gets FDA approval

U.S. regulators approved the first medicine with an embedded sensor to help keep track of whether patients with mental illness are adhering to their prescriptions.

Tuesday, Nov 14

Half of US adults have high blood pressure in new guidelines

Madison.com / News 95 sources

High pressure, which for decades has been a top reading of at least 140 or a bottom one of 90, drops to 130 over 80 in advice announced Monday by a dozen medical groups. Find out what that means for…

Rising teen suicide rates in U.S. could be linked to surging social media use, study says

Suicide rates among U.S. teens rose between 2010 and 2015, according to data from the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Why the rates went up isn’t known. The study suggests that one factor could be rising social media…

Gates Offers $100 Million to Fight Alzheimer's

NBC News / News 85 sources

Bill Gates has promised to invest $100 million to fight Alzheimer's disease.

The first 'digital pill' has just been approved — here's how it could revolutionize health care

CNBC / U.S. 136 sources

Digital pills are being positioned as the future of medicine. But what are they?