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Trump rips Amazon, says it causes 'great damage to tax paying retailers'; shares decline

CNBC 40 sources

Amazon shares decline as Trump blasts the e-commerce giant again on Twitter

Game of Thrones episode shown in Spain, Nordics by error

SFGate / News 82 sources

MADRID (AP) — HBO said Wednesday that due to an error the sixth episode of Games of Thrones' seventh season was shown a week ahead of schedule in Spain and Nordic countries.

Why Some Say the Eclipse Is Best Experienced in a Crowd

Human behavior researchers offer four reasons why it's worth experiencing totality in a large group, even if the toilets overflow.

Solar eclipse 2017 to be celebrated with events at Cleveland parks, museums (video)

Numerous Northeast Ohio parks and museums are planning special activities to celebrate the solar eclipse and help people observe it safely. Here's a list of some local eclipse-related events.

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Everything you need to know about Another Love Story

A tiny capacity, a big heart, a Shift Shack – is this Ireland’s most intimate festival?

Geely says it has no plan to buy FCA

Autonews.com 37 sources

Geely said it has no plan to buy Fiat Chrysler, denying an Automotive News report that the company was one of the Chinese suitors for the Italian automaker.


Apple is bringing a billion-dollar checkbook to Hollywood, and wants to buy 10 TV shows

CNBC / U.S. 13 sources

Apple is officially open for business in Hollywood.


Soaring digital sales drive Target during second quarter

NEW YORK (AP) — Target reported a dip in second-quarter profit, but it was better than anticipated and a 32 percent spike in digital sales gains drove revenue higher.


MoviePass threatened with lawsuit after slashing subscription fees to $10 a month

The Verge 14 sources

AMC Theatres has threatened MoviePass with a lawsuit, less than a day after the subscription cinema service dropped its subscription fees to $9.95 a month, reports Variety. That means subscribers are able to watch one movie every day for a…

The Aston Martin Wagon is About to Be a Thing

AutoGuide.com 15 sources

The Aston Martin Wagon is About to Be a Thing The Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato Speedster and Shooting Brake have been announced. more


Meet Antifa: This left-wing group is facing down neo-Nazis and the far-right on campuses, at rallies

Firstpost / India 33 sources

On Friday, in a small town in Virginia, the largest group of white nationalists came together in over a decade in a march called 'Unite the Right.' Hundreds of white supremacists, neo-Nazis and Ku Klux Klan members carrying torches held a…

Crunch Report | Uber Agrees to 20 Years of Privacy Audits

TechCrunch 62 sources

Amazon debuts instant pickup to order and pick up your stuff within two minutes, Uber agrees to 20 years of privacy audits, Casper’s new mattress and Microsoft buys Cycle Computing. All this on Crunch Report. Read More


Fiat Chrysler joins BMW and Intel to develop self-driving cars

CNBC / U.S. 37 sources

The addition of FCA gives the BMW/Intel team a boost in the race to develop self-driving cars.


High-tech US plants offer jobs even as the laid-off struggle

As U.S. manufacturers 'automate or evaporate,' they struggle to fill the jobs that require skills to do so


Phone tapes fall from plane

Here's what it looks like when a phone falls 1,000 feet.


Netflix Co-Founder’s Crazy Plan: Pay $10 a Month, Go to ...

Bloomberg / World 4 sources

As movie theaters struggle with tepid sales, Mitch Lowe has an extreme proposal for how to get more people into seats: Let them come to all the showings ...


What's rarer than a total solar eclipse? Finding a pair of eclipse glasses.

Madison.com 63 sources

With the solar eclipse less than a week away, a frenzy of hopeful viewers have scooped up most of the specialized glasses needed to avoid eye damage, making it nearly impossible to find a pair nationally, online and at Madison…


Ex-ambassador 'concerned' over Trump's response to neo-Nazis

Philly.com 33 sources

MOUNT LAUREL, N.J. (AP) - A former ambassador to Germany and current Democratic nominee for governor said on Tuesday there's cause for concern about President Donald Trump's response to a deadly white supremacist and neo-Nazi rally.

The DOJ is demanding IDs of people who visited anti-Trump site, but web host won't comply

CNBC / U.S. 42 sources

A web hosting company said the Justice Department is asking for too much information on users.


Uber settles suit over privacy violations

US Federal Trade Commission said taxi firm’s ‘deception’ harmed consumers

Tuesday, Aug 15

Three CEOs resign from Trump council over Charlottesville

Chief executives of Intel , Merck and Under Armour resign in protest at Trump’s response

Uber settles with FTC over 'God View' and some other privacy issues

Uber has agreed to settle accusations by America’s top consumer protection agency that the ride-hailing company failed to protect consumers’ sensitive data, a misstep that allowed employees to access rider and driver information and led to…

Benchmark: We should have sued Kalanick sooner

TechCrunch 40 sources

The saga between Benchmark Capital and former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick continues. Following last week’s lawsuit revelation, Benchmark penned a public letter to Uber employees, explaining why they’re taking legal action against their fellow…

Tyson's solar eclipse tip: Don't video it, experience it

Tyson, the director of the museum's Hayden Planetarium and host of the podcast "StarTalk," said missing the eclipse "would be to not live as full a life as you could have" — and having a video of it doesn't match watching it happen.

Monday, Aug 14

SpaceX sending equipment, ice cream to NASA astronauts in space

SpaceX is launching its 11th NASA-contracted cargo mission on Monday, scheduled for 12:31pm EST.

Citing safety concerns, Amazon offers refunds on some solar eclipse glasses

Fox News / Science 99 sources

Amazon has offered refunds on some solar eclipse glasses purchased via its site, citing concerns about consumer safety.

Google says it will ban neo-Nazi site after domain name switch

The Verge 222 sources

Just hours after being dropped by GoDaddy, prominent white nationalist publication The Daily Stormer attempted to find a home at Google. As of press time, the site’s registration info pointed to domains.google.com, indicating the web giant…

WannaCry 'hero' pleads not guilty to malware charges

Marcus Hutchins, the security researcher best known for his role in stopping the spread of the global WannaCry attack, pleaded not guilty to allegedly making and selling other malware on Monday.

Sunday, Aug 13

Facebook finds a way into China

CNN / Money 36 sources

Facebook has been banned from China for years, but a new app is showing up in the country that appears to be a sneaky way into the market.

Saturday, Aug 12

UPDATE 1-Uber investors seek to oust Benchmark after 'destructive' lawsuit -report

Reuters / Markets 25 sources

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - A lawsuit filed by investor Benchmark Capital against ousted Uber Chief Executive Travis Kalanick has raised the ire of three investors who on Friday asked the venture firm to divest its shares and step down from…

Google memo highlights need for more diversity talk (CNET News Podcast) - CNET

CNET 115 sources

CEO Sundar Pichai calls off a public debate about a now-dismissed engineer's views that biological factors may explain why there are fewer women in tech. What's next?

Perseid meteor shower set to peak at weekend

BBC / Science 44 sources

Stargazers will get the opportunity to spot shooting stars during the annual Perseid meteor shower.

Charlottesville declares state of emergency amid violence at far-right rally (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

RT.com 105 sources

Fighting has broken out at a ‘Unite the Right’ rally in Charlottesville, Virginia between right-wing protesters demonstrating against the removal of a Confederate-era statue from Emancipation Park, and counter demonstrators. Read Full…

Friday, Aug 11

Uber Investor Sues Travis Kalanick for Fraud

Benchmark, the venture capital firm that is one of Uber’s biggest investors, sued Mr. Kalanick in an attempt to remove him from the ride-hailing company’s board.

Alt-right plans 'free speech' march against Google

The Hill / Technology 115 sources

Alt-right protesters are planning a "March On Google" next week, following the tech giant's ...

HBO offered $250,000 to hackers in bid to delay data release

(Reuters) - Time Warner Inc's HBO network last month offered $250,000 to cyber criminals who hacked into its computer system, asking them to extend a deadline for paying a much larger ransom, according to an email reviewed by Reuters.

Scientists Have Shown That In The Future We Could All Be Getting Pig Organs

Scientists may have stumbled upon a solution to stop the 500 people who die in the UK every year waiting for an organ transplant - pigs.