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AT&T Buys Time Warner in Transformative Hollywood Deal for Cord-Cutting Age

AT&T’s acquisition will provide customers with a massive amount of content to beam to its wireless, broadband and satellite TV customers.

Trump and Facebook: Where is the line between free speech ...

CSMonitor.com / USA 38 sources

Facebook, the social media site, is squarely in the middle of a tussle over free speech and hate speech this election cycle. After Donald Trump posted a ...

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A New Era of Internet Attacks Powered by Everyday Devices

The attack on the web’s infrastructure laid bare new vulnerabilities linked to our reliance on cameras, smart thermostats and the rest of the internet of things.


Will Millennials pay for network TV on YouTube?

Podcast explores possible tie-up with networks and video service


Panic as experts say BABY MONITORS hacked to bring down Twitter and PayPal

Daily Express 9 sources

HACKERS may have used high-tech appliances such as baby monitors to launch a massive cyber attack that crippled websites such as Twitter and PayPal on Friday.


Attacks that disrupted Twitter, Paypal, Spotify were just a dry run, hackers say

CBC.ca / News 29 sources

Could millions of connected cameras, thermostats and kids' toys bring the internet to its knees? It's beginning to look that way. The hacker group claiming responsibility for Friday's attacks says it has its sights set on a much bigger…


Galaxy Note 7 Recall Dismays South Korea, the ‘Republic of Samsung’

The withdrawal of the Galaxy Note 7, because it is prone to catch fire, is a source of humiliation to many in a country that had prided itself on the company’s success.

Desperate Publishers Are Paying Celebrities to Post Their Articles on Facebook

It seems that some publishers have found a nice little loophole to avoid violating Facebook’s terms of service for sponsored content. An entire industry has popped up around paying celebrities to share articles without indicating that the…


Bermuda Triangle Mystery Disappearances My Be Due To 'Hexagonal Clouds'

The centuries-old mystery of why so many ships and planes vanish in the Bermuda Triangle may finally have been solved.

AT&T to buy HBO, CNN, and the rest of Time Warner for more than $80 billion

The Verge 334 sources

The Wall Street Journal reports that AT&T has reached a deal to acquire Time Warner for more than $80 billion. News of the merger first surfaced on Friday, when Reuters and Bloomberg reported that the deal could top $85 billion. If…


Facebook to allow more graphic, potentially disturbing news posts

CTV News / Business 38 sources

Facebook on Friday said that it will begin allowing more graphic or potentially disturbing newsworthy posts to be shared at the leading online social network.


Friday’s Internet attack was epic, and it may herald bigger hacks

NEW YORK (AP) — Could millions of connected cameras, thermostats and kids’ toys bring the internet to its knees? It’s beginning to look that way. On Friday, epic cyberattacks crippled a major internet firm, repeatedly disrupting the…


Your webcam may have contributed to Internet outage

CNN / Money / News 14 sources

A broad cyberattack that took down large swaths of the internet around the world on Friday was carried out, in part, by unsuspecting devices connected to the internet.


Hackers Used Your Vulnerable Tech To Throttle The Internet

Hackers unleashed a complex attack on the internet through common devices like webcams and digital recorders and cut access to some of the world’s best known websites on Friday, a stunning breach of global internet stability.


Hard crash-landing may have destroyed Europe’s Mars probe

Toronto Star / News 161 sources

Schiaparelli lander suffered problems during the last 50 seconds of its descent through the red planet’s harsh atmosphere, said the European Space Agency.

AT&T-Time Warner deal could create 'seismic shift' in media industry

SMH.com.au / Business 222 sources

A combination of the two companies could rival some of the biggest mergers in history and could kick off a new chapter for the media and technology world.


Instagram is the latest app testing live video streaming

TechRadar 4 sources

Instagram looks to be continuing on its mission to add every possible feature to the once simple photo sharing app.

Saturday, Oct 22

Internet outage swoops across the US - CNET

CNET 195 sources

Waves of attacks against a core internet company play havoc with some of the world's most popular websites, including Twitter, Spotify and Netflix.

Peter Chernin Poised for Top Time Warner Role if $85 Billion AT&T Deal Closes

The former Fox executive is said to be interested in a significant role overseeing the combined company's content operations.

Many sites including Twitter, Shopify and Spotify suffering outage

TechCrunch 192 sources

UPDATE 2: As of around 4 PM, Dyn says it’s investigating another DDOS attack, and is continuing to attempt to “mitigate” the issue. Box, Twitter and other sites appear to be down again. UPDATE: As of 9:36 AM ET, Dyn says it has restored…

Friday, Oct 21

Nintendo takes on Sony and Microsoft with new console

Nintendo has revealed its next video games platform, the Switch, which combines both a console and a handheld system for the first time.

Why AT&T’s rumored merger with Time Warner is such a huge deal

A rumored merger with Time Warner would turn the telco into one of the biggest media titans in history.

Apple products on Amazon are fake and can catch fire, Apple says

The next time you need a new Apple charger, don’t order it from Amazon. The tech company said it has discovered nearly 90 percent of the chargers and cables sold … Click to Continue »

Thursday, Oct 20

Tesla: All of our cars will now have full self-driving capability

MLive.com / News 208 sources

Tesla Motors announced Wednesday that, effectively immediately, all of its vehicles will be built with full self-driving capability "at a safety level substantially greater than that of a human driver."

Nintendo's Next Console Is Called Switch, and It Looks Incredible

Gizmodo 177 sources

At 10am EST this morning Nintendo dropped a Twitter bomb with the announcement of its much anticipated new console: the Nintendo Switch. Info about the Switch has been leaking out for the better part of a year now, but until today the…

Trump refuses to say he’ll accept losing

POLITICO 1163 sources

With Hillary Clinton in control of the Las Vegas debate stage — and the presidential election — the Republican nominee says he may not accept the outcome on Nov. 8.

ExoMars orbiter successful, fate of lander probe unknown – Euro space agency

RT.com 69 sources

The European Space Agency (ESA) has confirmed that the ExoMars orbital gas analysis lab is following its intended trajectory, but says it does not yet know whether the surface lander managed to survive impact on the Red Planet. Read Full…

Wednesday, Oct 19

Samsung goes to airports to help exchange Galaxy Note 7s

Samsung will give travelers at some airports the ability to trade in their Galaxy Note 7 smartphones, after the phones were banned on planes because of instances in which the devices caught fire.A Samsung spokesperson said that certain…

What to Expect as Apple Gets Ready to End Mac Update ...

Bloomberg / News 46 sources

Apple Inc.’s long drought of Mac updates is soon coming to an end ahead of the important holiday sales period. After launching new iPhones and Apple ...

Schiaparelli Mars Lander's Fate Still Unknown As European Space Agency Wait For Contact

There is still no word from the European Space Agency’s Mars lander Schiaparelli.

T-Mobile fined millions for selling unlimited data plans that weren’t really unlimited

Federal regulators are slapping T-Mobile with millions of dollars in fines and other requirements after consumers complained that the wireless carrier misled them with its advertising on “unlimited” data. T-Mobile has agreed to pay $7.5…

Tuesday, Oct 18

Netflix Tops Forecasts Thanks to 'Narcos,' 'Stranger Things'

Bloomberg / News 135 sources

Netflix Inc. added 3.6 million subscribers in the third quarter, buoyed by the hit series “Stranger Things” and “Narcos,” hushing skeptics of its strategy to globally dominate online TV viewing. The world's largest online TV network…

Google Pixel review: Home run

The Verge 109 sources

Every Android phone has always been a little compromised, and everybody knows it. There's been a veil of bullshit between you and what Google intended on all of them.

Bill Gates for VP? Hacked emails reveal Clinton’s ...

CSMonitor.com / USA 79 sources

Washington — Hillary Clinton's campaign circulated an initial list of nearly 40 elected officials, military leaders, and corporate executives to be considered for ...

Julian Assange Loses Internet Connection, Wikileaks Says, As Ecuador Reiterates Offer Of Political Asylum

Ecuador has reiterated its determination to protect Julian Assange after the internet link of the Wikileaks founder was cut.