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NASA Astronaut Peggy Whitson Breaks US Record For Longest Time In Space

Peggy Whitson is doing what she does best today (24 April): running the International Space Station (ISS) and breaking records.

Honda Civic Type R Reclaims Nurburgring Lap Record

AutoGuide.com 17 sources

Honda Civic Type R Reclaims Nurburgring Lap Record New Civic Type R lapped famed 'Ring more than three seconds faster than Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport S. more

7 reasons short sellers are betting against Tesla

Short sellers are betting against Tesla and Elon Musk. Here's seven reasons why.

Alibaba’s Jack Ma predicts decades of ‘pain’ ahead

RT.com 15 sources

Chinese billionaire Jack Ma has warned people should prepare for decades of social upheaval and pain as the internet disrupts the global economy. Read Full Article at RT.com

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This is the first footage of Larry Page’s ‘flying car’

CNBC / Technology 17 sources

The Kitty Hawk Flyer is an "all-electric aircraft" that is designed to operate over water and doesn't require a pilot's license to fly.


Driverless cars trial set for UK motorways in 2019

BBC / Technology 7 sources

The project will include a journey between London and Oxford in 2019.

Here's why Apple reportedly almost booted Uber from the App Store

NJ.com / News 10 sources

Apple CEO Tim Cook once threatened to remove Uber from the App Store, according to the New York Times.


Silicon Valley takes on the flying car

CNBC / Technology 4 sources

More than a dozen start-ups backed by deep-pocketed industry figures along with big aerospace firms are taking on the dream of the flying car. NYT reports.

This might be your last chance to buy the NES Classic

TechCrunch 10 sources

Nintendo is discontinuing the NES Classic Edition. While this decision is still puzzling, you might still be looking to buy one before it disappears into the ether forever. Best Buy stores have some of the last units starting today. If you…


Samsung fixes S8 problem

If you've noticed a strange red tint on your new Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ , know that Samsung has a fix coming.


Rcom-Aircel merger gets shareholders nod

Shareholders of Aircel had already approved the merger on April 22, 2017, convened under the order of the NCLT.


How end of H1B visa lottery could affect Infosys, TCS, Cognizant

Livemint.com 30 sources

Analysts point out that if the way ahead is ‘higher-salary first’, the annual H1B visa quota could be filled at a minimum salary of $75,000


Uber broke Apple's iOS privacy rules and Tim Cook wasn't happy about it

Cook reportedly threatened to pull Uber's app from the App Store. Photograph: Niall Carson/PA. Uber. Uber broke Apple's iOS privacy rules and Tim Cook wasn't happy about it. Uber added fingerprinting code in effort to catch Chinese…


Why Elon Musk posted an intimate photo with girlfriend Amber Heard at the Gold Coast

Brisbane Times 72 sources

Elon Musk has tweeted about a cozy dinner date with girlfriend Amber Heard on the Gold Coast.


Sheryl Sandberg picks 'Option B' in her book on resilience

Though perhaps best known as Facebook's No. 2 executive, Sheryl Sandberg is also a mentor, a mother, a billionaire and an author. When her husband Dave Goldberg died suddenly in … Click to Continue »

Tesla is increasing the speed of Model 3 production by changing assembly line strategy

Tesla Inc Chief Executive Elon Musk took many risks with the technology in his company's cars on the way to surpassing Ford Motor Co's market value.


Taiwan's "hacker minister" reshaping digital democracy

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — Taiwan's "digital minister" Audrey Tang, a computer prodigy and entrepreneur who taught herself programming at age 8, says she's a "civic hacker," who like a locksmith uses specialized skills to help rather than…


Travis Kalanick built Uber into a multibillion-dollar giant, but his blindness to boundaries nearly toppled it

Travis Kalanick, the chief executive of Uber, visited Apple’s headquarters in early 2015 to meet with Timothy D. Cook, who runs the iPhone maker. For months, Kalanick had pulled a … Click to Continue »


BD to Buy Bard for $24 Billion

TheStreet 29 sources

Becton Dickinson (BDX) announced Sunday, April 23, that it will acquire medical technology peer C.R. Bard (BCR) for $24 billion, the largest-ever deal for the 120-year-old buyer. Bard shareholders will receive $222.93 in cash and 0.5077…

Sunday, Apr 23

US accuses TCS and Infosys of unfairly cornering lion’s share of H-1B visas

Livemint.com 30 sources

A US official said Indian IT companies TCS and Infosys are cornering a lion’s share of H-1B visas by putting extra tickets in the lottery system

Three apologises after network problems

BBC / Technology 9 sources

The mobile phone company says some customers were unable to send texts or make calls on Saturday.

'Science is real,' marchers in nation's capital and worldwide declare

Los Angeles Times 97 sources

Scientists and their supporters took to the streets of Washington, D.C., and of cities around the nation and world Saturday, with many expressing worries about a diminishing role for fact-based research under the Trump administration.

Apple self-driving car testing plan gives clues to tech programme

Livemint.com 25 sources

Apple included a 10-page training plan that appeared to be related to operators taking back manual control of the self-driving car during automated exercises of the system

Saturday, Apr 22

Cassini probe heads towards Saturn 'grand finale'

BBC / Science 55 sources

The Cassini satellite puts itself on a trajectory that will take it to destruction in September.

Science advocates take to Raleigh streets to support March for Science

Marchers have taken to the streets of downtown Raleigh on Earth Day to fight for science in conjunction with the March for Science — a global event taking place on … Click to Continue »

Thousands join global science rallies

News.com.au / World 224 sources

THOUSANDS of scientists, students and research advocates rallied in the US, Europe and Australia on Saturday to conveying a global message of scientific freedom without political interference.

Friday, Apr 21

iPhone's blue bubble won't let me stray to the Galaxy S8 - CNET

CNET 74 sources

Commentary: One of the most important Apple features that keeps me from buying a Samsung Galaxy S8 is blue.

Why it matters that Google Home can now identify you by voice

Smart home hubs are continuing to evolve, and Thursday Google just added a pretty important feature to its own hub, the Google Home.

This Picture of Earth From Within Saturn's Rings Will Make You Emotional

Gizmodo 16 sources

Sometimes, the majesty of the final frontier—a cold, unfeeling space—has the power to make our eyes misty. The images from NASA’s Cassini mission have often been able to do this, and since the spacecraft is dying soon, it makes the…

Tesla is recalling 53,000 cars over faulty parking brakes

The Next Web 74 sources

Tesla might have a huge problem on its hands as the company has issued a voluntary global recall for 53,000 Model S and Model X vehicles to repair a malfunction in the parking brakes. While the automaker claims the issue seems to affect…

Thursday, Apr 20

Google Home recognizes your individual voice

And you can finally use multiple accounts.

Tesla Model S, Model X Recalled for Electric Parking Brake Issue

AutoGuide.com 74 sources

Tesla Model S, Model X Recalled for Electric Parking Brake Issue Approximately 53,000 vehicles are affected by the recall. more

Lawsuit Claims Bose Wireless Headphones Are Spying on You

PCMag.com 35 sources

Sometimes you may listen to 90s boy bands when nobody's around, but you probably don't go around advertising that dirty little secret to others. But, if you own a pair of pricey Bose wireless headphones, your secret may be out. A class…

Facebook's moonshots: Making brains type and skin hear - CNET

CNET 63 sources

The social network finally unveils what its secretive Building 8 hardware lab has been working on for the past year. Communication might never be the same.

Wednesday, Apr 19

Another nearby planet found that may be just right for life

Astronomers have found a new super-Earth that may be not too hot, not too cold for life _ and it's not too far away

Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+ has launched in India and the prices start at Rs 57,900; pre-order today, sale from 5 May

Both the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ feature an almost identical design along with matching hardware specifications except for the battery capacity and screen size.

Prosecutors will drop thousands of cases in Dookhan scandal

The Boston Globe 46 sources

Prosecutors across the state on Tuesday said they would collectively throw out more than 20,000 cases that relied on evidence handled by a disgraced drug lab chemist, Annie Dookhan. The dramatic step, which specialists called unprecedented…

Facebook finally makes a virtual reality world

At F8, Facebook announced new augmented reality features for your smartphone camera, a cute VR version of the social network for Oculus and even more ways to talk to companies on Messenger.