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G7 leaders call on tech companies to combat online terrorism

The leaders of the seven world powers on Friday called for technology companies to do a better job policing extremist content on their platforms.“While being one of the most important technological achievements in the last decades, the…

Another consequence of climate change: A good night's sleep

Los Angeles Times 10 sources

It’s no surprise that a change in our planet’s climate would affect our coastlines, our weather patterns and our food supply. But here’s something you may not have considered before: Global warming might also affect how well we sleep at…

Rare footage of Tesla Model 3 prototypes driving in public

Tesla's Model 3 has been spotted in the wild.

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Climate Change Is Already Making Americans Sleep Worse

The Atlantic 10 sources

A 765,000-person study argues that unusually warm nights are a public-health hazard.


On-demand food startup Sprig is shutting down today

TechCrunch 5 sources

Sprig, the startup that makes and delivers its own food, is shutting down today, The Information reports. TechCrunch has since obtained the copy of the email Sprig is sending to customers today.



Trump's budget cuts West Coast quake warning system funding

LOS ANGELES (AP) — President Donald Trump's budget proposal would cut federal funding for an earthquake early warning system for California, Oregon and Washington state, a development that seismology experts and some local leaders say…


McLaren is Now the King of the Nurburgring (Sort Of)

AutoGuide.com 2 sources

McLaren is Now the King of the Nurburgring (Sort Of) The street-legal McLaren P1 LM has set a new Nurburgring record. more


Dr. Beach lists America's best beaches of 2017

Dr. Beach has made a career out of ranking and studying beaches around the United States.

Major U.S. tech firms press Congress for internet surveillance reforms

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Facebook, Amazon and more than two dozen other U.S. technology companies pressed Congress on Friday to make changes to a broad internet surveillance law, saying they were necessary to improve privacy protections and…


G7 demands internet giants crack down on extremist content

The G7 nations today demanded action from internet providers and social media firms against extremist content online, vowing to step up their fight against terrorism after the Manchester attack. "The G7 calls for Communication Service…


Forget Supersonic. Hypersonic Is The US Military's New Speed

NDTV.com 2 sources

In the future, military dominance will depend partly on how fast you can fly and how quickly you can get into space.


French designer shows off DIY robot in public for 1st time

French designer shows off DIY robot in public for 1st time

Far Cry 5 trailer brings the fight to disenfranchised America - CNET

CNET 25 sources

Ubisoft takes its shooter franchise to a small fictional town in Montana.


Mark Zuckerberg warns Harvard graduates machines will take their jobs

Mark Zuckerberg finally has his Harvard degree. The Facebook CEO and famous college dropout left the Ivy League university 12 years ago to found the social network, but he returned Thursday to pick up a honorary doctor of laws degree and…

BMW Z4 Concept to preview future Z4 this August

Autocar.co.uk 7 sources

Concept for the upcoming Pebble Beach Concourse d’Elegance will offer an early glimpse of the car’s design


Here's Why There May Be More Hurricanes This Season

NBC News / News 61 sources

Warm ocean waters could fuel an above-normal Atlantic hurricane season, while storm-suppressing El Nino conditions are expected to be scarce.

Before His Dark Materials: Philip Pullman's new novel – exclusive extract

In an extract from his forthcoming novel, The Book of Dust, Philip Pullman returns to the magical world of Northern Lights

Friday, May 26

May urges action against web extremism

BBC / Technology 23 sources

The PM says the fight against so-called Islamic State is "moving from the battlefield to the internet".

Zuckerberg tells Harvard we need a new social contract of equal opportunity

TechCrunch 201 sources

Mark Zuckerberg’s Harvard commencement speech centered around how we can improve life through big projects, equal opportunity and building both local and global community. He outlined a plan “to create a world where every single person has…

Jupiter Juno Images Reveal Terrifying Earth-Sized Cyclones

NASA’s Juno spacecraft has revealed that Jupiter’s poles are a spectacular collection of vast Earth-sized cyclones.

Thursday, May 25

Rocket Lab: We have lift-off! History made as Electron launches successfully from Mahia

Rocket Lab engineers have started poring over data from a historic space launch from the Mahia Peninsula that took the company a leap towards competing in the multi-billion satellite industry.Lift-off at 4.20pm today was the first...

Harvard's Student Paper Is Drunk and Taking Potshots at Mark Zuckerberg [Updated]

Gizmodo 201 sources

The Harvard Crimson has either become the victim of an incredibly funny prank, or Facebook is beta-testing its silent speech brain interface on college students. Today, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg returned to the venerable Ivy League…

Google AI defeats human Go champion

BBC / Technology 77 sources

Chinese Go player Ke Jie has lost two games of Go to Google's artificial intelligence.

Wednesday, May 24

Bitcoin surges to record above $2,400, bringing 2017 gain to more than 150%

CNBC / Investing 15 sources

Bitcoin hit a record Wednesday after a late Tuesday announcement from the Digital Currency Group.

Uber admits underpaying NYC drivers

Uber admitted Tuesday that it had collected tens of millions more from New York City drivers than it should have over a nearly three-year span dating back to November 2014, but pledged to reimburse "every penny," in the latest setback...

Samsung Galaxy S8 iris scanner hacked using contact lens

The South Korean company has made a big deal about the handset's iris scanner, which is supposed to be a highly secure and convenient way to unlock the S8 and authenticate payments. However, Chaos Computer Club, a German hacking collective…

Tuesday, May 23

Cyberattack 'highly likely' linked to N. Korea

CNN / Technology 42 sources

Cybersecurity firm Symantec says the world's biggest cyberattack shows strong links to Lazarus, a hacking group that has previously been tied to North Korea.

Google's AlphaGo takes on Chinese Go master in best of 3 matches

BEIJING, May 23 (Reuters) - Google's artificial intelligence program AlphaGo took on the Chinese world number one of ancient board game Go on Tuesday, the second time it has gone head-to-head with a master Go player in a public showdown.

New Nokia, Apple deal ends bitter dispute

Nokia has settled its legal battle with Apple with a new patent licence agreement and also signed a business deal with the U.S. giant. As Laura Frykberg reports, the deal surprised investors who had expected the dispute to drag on. A tech…

The Surface Pro is exactly what Microsoft needs to boost sinking Surface sales

CNBC / Technology 111 sources

Microsoft unveiled the new Surface Pro on Tuesday. We had a first look and think this is exactly what Microsoft needs to spur sales.

Monday, May 22

How Facebook decides what violent and explicit content is allowed

CNN / Money 49 sources

As Facebook scrambles to deal with videos of suicide and murder on its platform, a new Guardian report reveals the network's internal rules on regulating content.

Twitter co-founder: I’m sorry if we made Trump’s presidency possible

Washington Post 50 sources

If anyone knows how important Twitter is to Donald Trump, it's the president. “Without the tweets, I wouldn't be here,” he told the Financial Times last month. To which Twitter's co-founder says: Sorry about that, world. Evan Williams, who…

Church of England fund becomes top world performer

Return on assets of 17.1% boosted by investment in global equities and private equity

Ford CEO Mark Fields is out — and it looks 'like a coup' (F)

Business Insider 370 sources

Ford Motor Co. announced the departure of CEO Mark Fields on Monday, and some industry experts are calling it a takeover from within.