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When I met Keith Jackson -- Terry Pluto (video)


One thing to know about Keith Jackson, don't yell "Whoa, Nellie..."

Monday, Jan 15


Slumping Cleveland Cavaliers have me babbling to myself -- Terry Pluto (photos)

Cleveland.com / Sports

Cleveland Cavaliers have far more problems than trying to beat Golden State.

Friday, Jan 12


How The Jupiter-Pluto Sextile On January 15th Will Change Your Love Life (For The Better!)


The Jupiter-Pluto sextile on January 15th will bring forth some new changes in your relationships. Instead of looking to your horoscope for insight on your zodiac sign, realize that a sextile is a positive change, so be prepared to move…


Cleveland Browns: Was it worth them coming back? -- Terry Pluto (video)

Cleveland.com / Sports

The Cleveland Brows returned in 1999 and it's been two winning seasons, one playoff loss and a lot of pain.


Ex-Cleveland Browns QB Spergon Wynn more than a guy drafted before Tom Brady -- Terry Pluto (photos)

Cleveland.com / Sports

The Cleveland Browns drafted Spergon Wynn in front of Tom Brady. Wynn struggled in football but succeeded in life.

Thursday, Jan 11


Cleveland Browns and Alex Smith? A closer look -- Terry Pluto (video)

Cleveland.com / Sports

New Cleveland Browns general manager John Dorsey turned around one losing franchise by trading for Alex Smith? Can he do it again with the veteran quarterback?

Wednesday, Jan 10

Cleveland Cavaliers Scribbles: Isaiah Thomas, questionable starters -- Terry Pluto (video)

Cleveland.com / Sports

Cleveland Cavaliers have Isaiah Thomas' back, but defense remains a big issue.

Tuesday, Jan 9

Cleveland Browns Parade: Upon further review, it made a point -- Terry Pluto (video)

Several Cleveland Browns players were upset and angry about the 0-16 parade. Good!

Monday, Jan 8


New Horizons: To Pluto And Beyond


The distant world 2014 MU69 is known only as a small blurry dot. But that will change next year.


How Cleveland Browns were frozen out of Jimmy Garoppolo deal -- Terry Pluto

The Cleveland Browns could never figure out why they had no shot at trading for Jimmy Garoppolo.

Sunday, Jan 7


Cleveland Browns quarterback options, Terry's Talkin' -- Terry Pluto


What should the Cleveland Browns make of UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen? How about a veteran quarterback?

Saturday, Jan 6


Should Cleveland Cavaliers trade for DeAndre Jordan? -- Terry Pluto

The Cleveland Cavaliers rank No. 28 in defense this season. Can they make a move to help that weakness?

Friday, Jan 5


Cleveland Browns parade does zero for me -- Terry Pluto (video)

Cleveland Browns fans have a right to parade around in zero-degree wind chills after an 0-16 season. But it means nothing.

Thursday, Jan 4


Advice for Cleveland Browns coach Hue Jackson -- Terry Pluto (video)

Cleveland Browns coach Hue Jackson needs to change a lot for next season.

Wednesday, Jan 3

Grading Cleveland Cavaliers trade with Boston Celtics -- Terry Pluto (video)

Isaiah Thomas score 17 points in his first game with the Cleveland Cavaliers and that is promising.

Tuesday, Jan 2

Cleveland Browns: The case for DeShone Kizer -- Terry Pluto (photos)

No reason for the Cleveland Browns to give up on quarterback DeShone Kizer at this point.

Monday, Jan 1


Cleveland Cavaliers wisely taking it slow with Isaiah Thomas -- Terry Pluto

Isaiah Thomas will play his first game for the Cleveland Cavaliers on Tuesday. But it will take a while before fans see the real Isaiah Thomas.


Cleveland Browns Scribbles: Lots of talk, no progress -- Terry Pluto (photos)

The Cleveland Browns followed up a 1-15 record with this season's 0-16. Words are meaningless after what happened on the field.


Why Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam sticks with Hue Jackson -- Terry Pluto

Despite a 1-31 record, Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam keeps expressing his faith in coach Hue Jackson.

Sunday, Dec 31


Cleveland Browns Halftime Scribbles: Some sloppy play -- Terry Pluto (photos)

Cleveland.com / Sports

Cleveland Browns did connect on two of their longest passes of the season in the first half at the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday.