'I can't afford to leave my home': evacuating too costly for some in path of Hurricane Florence

For the poorest residents of the city of Myrtle Beach, the storm is a reminder of the city’s economic and racial inequality

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Sep 14

Myrtle Beach's rapid growth means more people in Hurricane Florence's way

Both businesses and housing have seen thousands of people move to the South Carolina beach city in recent years

Sep 14

'I can't afford to leave my home': evacuating too costly for some in path of Hurricane Florence

For the poorest residents of the city of Myrtle Beach, the storm is a reminder of the city’s economic and racial inequality

May 14

East Coast rail franchise 'to be scrapped' by transport secretary

Chris Grayling likely to introduce ‘not-for-profit’ arrangement on line from London to Edinburgh

Oct 23

Post-hurricane cleanup could kill more workers than storms themselves

The two hurricanes that battered Texas and Florida left 200 people dead but neglect of health and safety among mainly day laborers could exact a great toll

Sep 1

Apple considers moving into Gone With The Wind and Matrix studios

Tech firm in talks over office space at Culver Studios in California as it vies to become heavy hitter in TV and film

Apr 5

Activists fight North Carolina law barring cities from raising minimum wage

Across the south, state legislatures have passed ‘pre-emption laws’ stopping cities such as Democrat-run, majority-black Durham from heeding the Fight for $15

Jan 6

UK wind power overtakes coal for first time

The Guardian

Green groups hail analysis showing collapse in coal due to power station closures and rising carbon taxes

Nov 7

McDonald's claims $20m from Florence over piazza restaurant rebuff


The fast-food chain is taking legal action over the ancient city’s refusal to allow it to open an outlet in the Piazza del Duomo

Sep 26

Big investors join list of heavyweights against North Carolina 'bathroom bill'

Morgan Stanley and RBC are among the 53 investors who signed open letter calling for a ‘full repeal to HB2’ and citing that it’s bad for business

Jun 20

China to generate a quarter of electricity from wind power by 2030

Report says figures could rise to nearly one-third with power sector reforms, making it the world wind energy leader by a large margin

May 9

North Carolina and Justice Department set for legal battle over 'bathroom bill'

The Guardian / US

Attorney general Loretta Lynch announces lawsuit against ‘state-sponsored discrimination’ of House Bill 2 as governor accuses Barack Obama of overreach

Apr 19

North Carolina's anti-LGBT law could cost the state millions in lost revenue

The Guardian / US

State’s tourism officials say the economic losses have quadrupled in the past week as the city of Raleigh has already lost $3m

Apr 15

North Carolina reels from business backlash to anti-LGBT law

Raleigh’s convention center has lost $2.4m of bookings and big names in music are staying away from the state despite the governor’s attempt to backpedal

Apr 12

Deutsche Bank is latest business to protest North Carolina anti-LGBT law

The bank announced it will freeze plans to create 250 new jobs at its Cary location, following similar moves from Bank of America, Apple and PayPal

Apr 5

PayPal cancels North Carolina center in protest of law that 'denies equal rights'

Company will not open center that would have employed over 400 people, citing a recently passed law they say discriminates against LGBT citizens

Apr 3

Pepsi chief executive joins criticism of North Carolina law on LGBT rights

The chief executive of Pepsi, a company with roots in North Carolina, has written to Governor Pat McCrory to ask him to repeal a new law preventing specific anti-discrimination rules for LGBT people over public accommodations and restroom…

Apr 1

A divided North Carolina draws national attention in fight over transgender law

National and local reactions to a controversial new law dictating where transgender people can use the bathroom has been immediate and powerful

Jan 3

Major offshore wind operator plans £6bn UK investment by 2020

Dong Energy says it is now convinced UK government will back offshore wind power despite recent cuts to renewable energy sector subsidies

Oct 2

Get off my beach! How the wealthy are laying claim to California's coast

Complaints have been streaming in about security guards, hired by wealthy beachfront homeowners, removing beach-goers from public beaches

Feb 7

Bitter economic winds hasten oil industry’s retreat from the North Sea


Shell’s decision to begin dismantling operations in the famous Brent field is a striking example of the global impact of falling oil prices