Macron wins parliamentary majority

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President Emmanuel Macron has won a commanding majority in France's parliamentary election, sweeping aside traditional parties and securing a powerful mandate for pro-business reforms. The result, based on official figures and pollster…

France polls: Macron's party wins clear parliamentary majority


The French president now has a strong mandate to pursue his pro-EU, business-friendly reforms.

Macron wins strong parliamentary majority, estimates show


PARIS (Reuters) - President Emmanuel Macron won a commanding majority in France's parliamentary election on Sunday, pollsters' estimates showed, sweeping aside mainstream parties and securing a powerful mandate to push through his pro…

Macron wins strong parliamentary majority, estimates show


French voters gave President Emmanuel Macron's party an outright majority in parliament.

Macron Wins Majority in French Parliament, Pollsters ...


Emmanuel Macron’s year-old political movement won a clear majority in the French parliament Sunday, sweeping aside established parties and giving the ...

Large parliamentary majority leaves Macron holding all the cards

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President has virtually wiped traditional left and right parties, and a key question now is who will lead opposition

Massive majority in legislature: Macron’s party dominates French parliamentary vote


Republicans leader Francois Baroin declared his party the main opposition and wished Macron 'good luck'

French election: Emmanuel Macron wins parliamentary majority

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Credits; Alt Text; Emmanuel Macron; La Republique en Marche victorious despite record low voter turnout

Macron’s Party and Allies Win Majority in French Parliamentary Elections

The new president’s party, La République En Marche, and its allies were on track to win at least 355 seats in the 577-member National Assembly.

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EMMANUEL Macron's dreams of ramping up spending to fund his election campaign pledges were shut down today after a French watchdog warned he could bankrupt France.

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Macron Outlines Plans to Overhaul France's Labor Laws

The French president, who campaigned for president on a platform of labor reform, says changes to employment regulations are needed to reinvigorate the country’s economy.

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After meeting in Paris, the French and Ukrainian presidents have voiced hope of making progress in resolving the conflict between government forces and Russia-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine.

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Vision and screwdrivers - Macron and Merkel converge on Europe

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BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Back in January, when his chances of winning the French presidency were considered slim, Emmanuel Macron came to Berlin and spelled out what he felt was needed to fix Europe.

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Top Macron ally Bayrou quits French government

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François Bayrou, leader of the centrist party Modem, was Emmanuel Macron's minister for justice.

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Macron kicks off Paris Air Show with airborne entrance

French President Emmanuel Macron is opening the Paris Air Show from the skies.

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Emmanuel Macron takes massive parliamentary majority into first Brexit summit

French president Emmanuel Macron was today preparing to use his massive new parliamentary majority to secure the best deal for his country in a Brexit Europe.

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Macron marches to clear majority in French parliament

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PARIS: French President Emmanuel Macron’s centrist party swept to a large majority in parliamentary elections on Sunday, although it fell short of a predicted landslide. Macron’s year-old Republique en Marche (Republic on the Move, REM)…

Jun 18

France polls: Macron's party set for parliamentary majority

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With a parliamentary majority, the French president has a strong mandate to pursue his reforms.

Jun 18

Large parliamentary majority leaves Macron holding all the cards

President has virtually wiped traditional left and right parties, and a key question now is who will lead opposition

Jun 15

French voters reject Macron as poll finds two thirds DON’T want him to win majority

EMMANUEL Macron has been rejected by his own nation after a poll found voters don’t want him to secure a majority in this weekend’s parliamentary elections.

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Macron: UK can change its mind on Brexit

The door is "always open" for the UK to change its mind about Brexit, the French President has declared as he met Theresa May.

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Emmanuel Macron says door to remain in EU is open to Britain

Theresa May says Brexit talks to start next week following talks with French president where security issues and migration were also discussed

Jun 12

Record low turnout hangs over Macron's expected win in parliament

PARIS (Reuters) - President Emmanuel Macron and his supporters will seek to "restore the trust" of the French people after a record low turnout in the first round of the parliamentary election, Macron's government spokesman said on Monday.

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Joe: Macron's rising is a response to...

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French President Emmanuel Macron's centrist party is projected to win a huge majority in parliament. The Morning Joe panel contextualizes the French elections.

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Macron's likely landslide lifts markets, low turnout clouds celebration

PARIS (Reuters) - A first-round parliamentary election result promising President Emmanuel Macron a crushing majority in parliament lifted investor sentiment on Monday though the lowest voter turnout in modern history clouded celebration.

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Macron's party on course for crushing parliamentary majority - projection

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PARIS (Reuters) - Emmanuel Macron's fledgling party seized a big lead in the French parliamentary election first round on Sunday, projected results polls showed, setting the president on course for a massive majority to push through his…