FBI rebuttal of Porter timeline sows more chaos for Kelly and the White House

Washington Post 192 sources

FBI Director Christopher A. Wray's direct contradiction of the White House's official version of how it handled domestic violence allegations against senior aide Rob Porter plunged the West Wing into deeper bout of infighting and…

FBI Told White House About Porter Allegations in July ...


The FBI notified the White House in July about domestic violence allegations against former White House Staff Secretary Rob Porter as part of a completed ...

FBI director contradicts White House account on background investigation of aide accused of spousal abuse

Washington Post

At a Senate hearing, Christopher Wray said the FBI completed a partial report on Rob Porter in March, months before White House said it was contacted by the bureau.

FBI director contradicts White House on Porter investigation

NBC News

Chris Wray, testifying before the Senate, said the FBI had finished its background investigation long before Rob Porter was fired as staff secretary.

FBI Chief Disputes White House Claims On When It Heard Of Rob Porter Allegations

The Huffington Post

Christopher Wray said the FBI turned in a partial report about the domestic abuse accusations nearly a year ago.

White House Let Rob Porter Keep Job Even After Receiving Final F.B.I. Report

The F.B.I. chief upended the White House’s timeline of events, also saying the bureau delivered its first report on Mr. Porter months earlier than officials had said.

FBI's Wray contradicts White House on Porter background check

Reuters / Politics

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - FBI Director Christopher Wray on Tuesday contradicted the White House version of events surrounding the background check for a former top aide accused of domestic abuse by two ex-wives, triggering more disarray…

White House reels as FBI director contradicts official claims about alleged abuser

The White House struggled Tuesday to contain a widening crisis over its handling of domestic violence allegations against a senior official, as it reeled from sworn testimony by the FBI chief that directly contradicted what President…

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FBI Chief Disputes White House Claims On When It Heard Of Rob Porter Allegations

Christopher Wray said the FBI turned in a partial report about the domestic abuse accusations nearly a year ago.

Feb 13

White House Was Warned of Aide’s Background Months Earlier Than Acknowledged

The F.B.I. told White House officials last March about problems in the background of Rob Porter, the aide who resigned in a domestic abuse scandal. The White House has said it learned of the issues in July.

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Abuse Case Exposes Fissures in a White House in Turmoil

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Kelly Says He’s Willing to Resign as Abuse Scandal Roils White House

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