Minnie Driver quits Oxfam after 20 years over Haiti sex scandal

ITV / News 53 sources

The actress resigned after working with the charity for 20 years, saying she was "horrified" by the scandal.

Minnie Driver quits Oxfam role over sex scandal

Sky News

Actress Minnie Driver is the first celebrity to resign as an Oxfam ambassador in protest at the sex scandal engulfing the charity.

Oxfam: Minnie Driver withdraws support over Haiti scandal


Minnie Driver says she is "nothing short of horrified" at sex scandal claims involving aid workers.

Oxfam sex scandal: Companies consider whether to cancel multi-million pound donations

The Times / News

Oxfam is facing a growing backlash from multi-million pound donors, corporate sponsors and charities in the wake of its sex abuse scandal. The Duke of Edinburgh's Award is reviewing whether it should continue to allow children to work in…

Minnie Driver quits role as Oxfam celebrity ambassador

Daily Mail Online

The British actress, who has supported the charity for 20 years, said she was 'horrified' by allegations that some Oxfam aid workers had sex with underage prostitutes in crisis-hit countries.

Oxfam Haiti scandal: Minnie Driver becomes first celebrity to quit charity in protest at prostitution claims

Hollywood actress Minnie Driver has become the first celebrity to quit their patronage of Oxfam over the recent Haiti prostitution scandal.

Oxfam Scandal: Minnie Driver Quits As Oxfam Ambassador After 'Abhorrent Mistakes’

British actor Minnie Driver has become the first celebrity ambassador of Oxfam to quit their role over the sex scandal engulfing the charity.

Minnie Driver cuts ties with Oxfam over sex scandal

Actor had been an ambassador for the charity and said she was devastated by revelations

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Minnie Driver becomes first celebrity to quit as Oxfam ambassador after prostitution scandal

Actress Minnie Driver has quit as an Oxfam ambassador after 20 years with the charity, becoming the first celebrity to step down following allegations that senior staff members paid for sex with locals in crisis zones. Ms Driver said she…

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Minnie Driver quits Oxfam role over sex scandal

Sky News open event

Actress Minnie Driver is the first celebrity to resign as an Oxfam ambassador in protest at the sex scandal engulfing the charity.

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Oxfam scandal: 'Three sex cases reported in 24 hours'

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