Sanders asks if ‘anyone really believes’ Clinton’s book excerpts

The Hill

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) on Thursday hit back at Hillary Clinton's comments about him in her upcoming book about the 2016 presidential election, asking if anyone actually believed them."I.e., Bernie Sanders just...

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Jun 10

Bernie Sanders: It's 'strange' that Trump is more comfortable with authoritarians than democratic leaders

The Hill

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) questioned President Trump's relationships with world leaders on Sunday, saying he found it strange that Trump had difficulty "getting along" with U.S. allies, but "comfortable" working with au...

Jan 31

Maryland rep to run first ad of Democratic presidential primaries

The Hill

Rep. John Delaney (D-Md.), the only declared candidate for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination, is launching the first ad of the 2020 presidential primaries.The ad, titled "Dirty Word," is set to air in...

Sep 5

Clinton blames Sanders for Trump’s ‘Crooked Hillary’ attack

The Hill

Former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is blaming Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) for doing "lasting damage" to her campaign and of "paving the way" for President Trump's attack against her as "Crooked Hillary...

Jun 25

Trump: Hillary Clinton colluded with Democrats to defeat Bernie Sanders

The Hill

President Trump on Sunday accused former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton of colluding with her party to defeat her primary opponent, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.)."Hillary Clinton colluded with the De...

Sep 1

Why Gary Johnson and Bernie Sanders should debate

The Hill

OPINION | In a campaign as repulsive as this one, it would be an debate of substance.

Aug 8

Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party's misguided foreign policy

The Hill

When did Democrats become Republicans? Thankfully, they are still socially liberal (or “progressive” as Americans say, because God forbid they use the L word). However, the Democratic Party’s foreign policy is, unfortunately, very…

Jul 12

TRANSCRIPT: Sanders - 'Why I'm endorsing Hillary Clinton'

The Hill

Transcript of prepared remarks delivered Tuesday in Portsmouth, NH

Jul 12

4 ways Bernie Sanders changed the Democratic Party


Once a little-known senator from a small state, Sanders started a political revolution.

May 21

Clinton feels no pressure to debate Sanders

The Hill

Allies say there's no reason for Clinton to participate.

Apr 15

Clinton tops Sanders on Twitter during debate

The Hill / Technology

Hillary Clinton led the Twitter conversation during Thursday night's Democratic presidential debate.The former secretary of State is the subject of 53 percent of the conversation during the CNN presidential debate from Brooklyn.Rival…

Apr 7

2008 primary battle offers lessons for Sanders, Clinton

The Hill

The Obama-Clinton battle was just as divisive, if not more, than this year's fight.

Apr 3

Clinton ‘confident’ there will be another debate with Sanders

The Hill

She told NBC s Meet the Press, however, that she s not the one negotiating it.

Mar 27

Sanders wants to debate Clinton in New York

The Hill

"I would like to see a debate in New York state," Sanders said.

Feb 22

Clinton-Sanders battle stirs passionate Facebook debate

The Hill

The Democratic primary fight between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders is spilling over to Facebook, where supporters of both candidates are engaged in a passionate debate over who should be the party’s standard-bearer this fall.Fans of…

Feb 14

Sanders: Wall Street buying influence with Hillary Clinton

The Hill

"Obviously, I don't think there's any debate," he said.

Feb 5

Clinton, Sanders tangle in heated debate

The Hill

Clinton is, on average, 20 points behind in the polls in New Hampshire.

Jan 5

Sanders campaign: Bernie beats Clinton on electability

The Hill

“Bernie as the nominee puts our party in a stronger position to defeat Republicans.”

Aug 25

3 reasons Bernie Sanders is now the Democratic front-runner

The Hill

With Hillary Clinton's growing email scandal, Sanders is now the Democrats' best hope.

Jul 6

Team Clinton ‘worried’ about Bernie Sanders campaign

The Hill

Clinton aide says Sanders will be a "serious force."

Jun 26

Clinton backer has 'crush' on Bernie Sanders

The Hill / Business

Margaret Cho, a Hillary Clinton supporter, says she’s got a "crush" on Bernie Sanders.