Sanders: Republican party has 'no credibility' on healthcare – video

The Democratic senator Bernie Sanders slammed Republicans on Wednesday as he unveiled legislation that would expand the Medicare health insurance program for the elderly to all Americans. ‘To my Republican colleagues, please don’t lecture…

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Jul 12

Bernie Sanders officially endorses Hillary Clinton for president

The Guardian / World

Former bitter Democratic primary foes reconcile at joint rally after series of policy compromises to party platform made to reflect Sanders’ campaign ideas

Jun 24

Bernie Sanders: I will vote for Hillary Clinton – to stop Donald Trump

The Vermont senator continues his slow march toward concession and attacks Trump over his ‘campaign of bigotry’ and climate change denial

Jun 17

Bernie Sanders: I will work with Hillary Clinton to stop Donald Trump

In a live-streamed speech, the Vermont senator made it clear he is no longer actively challenging Clinton and that the goal is to ‘defeat Trump badly’

Jun 15

Hillary Clinton meets Bernie Sanders after winning Washington DC primary

Final contest of the often surprisingly close race comes amid fresh intrigue over Democrats’ next steps ahead of the party convention in Philadelphia next month

Jun 8

How Bernie Sanders made Hillary Clinton into a greener candidate

He may have lost his campaign, but Sanders achieved major wins, making his rival promise more on green policies and climate change, reports Grist

Jun 8

Bernie Sanders fights on in Democratic presidential race: 'the struggle continues' – video

Speaking at a rally in Santa Monica, California, on Tuesday, Bernie Sanders pledges to continue to fight for the Democratic presidential nomination, despite losing to Hillary Clinton in the New Jersey and New Mexico primaries

Jun 7

Primary cheat sheet: can Bernie Sanders really still beat Hillary Clinton?

Hillary Clinton is set to make history with wins over Bernie Sanders, who faces an impossible challenge. But that doesn’t mean the races won’t be competitive

May 22

Bernie Sanders: I will not support Democratic party chair in her primary

Bernie Sanders has said he will not support the chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) in her primary campaign this year, and would not re-appoint her if he were president and she were re-elected to the House.

Apr 20

Hillary Clinton wins decisive victory over Bernie Sanders in New York primary

The Guardian / AU

Democratic frontrunner victorious, as Trump sweeps to victory in Republican race, reviving his hopes of winning nomination outright

Apr 7

Bernie Sanders: Hillary Clinton is not qualified to be president – video

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders says on Wednesday that his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton is not qualified to be president. Sanders says: ‘I don’t think you are qualified if you supported the Panama free trade agreement.…

Mar 18

Bernie Sanders fights on in Democratic presidential race – video

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders speaks at a campaign rally in Arizona on Thursday. Sanders says he expects to do well in the primaries in western states next week, and shows no signs of dropping from the race after losing…

Mar 17

Sanders concedes defeat to Clinton in Missouri Democratic primary

The Guardian / US

Bernie Sanders said on Thursday he will not seek a recount of results in Missouri’s Democratic presidential primary, conceding defeat to Hillary Clinton.

Mar 14

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders take part in Democratic town hall – as it happened

Democratic candidates quizzed by CNN and TV One in Columbus, Ohio, after day in which Republian rival Donald Trump has been repeatedly asked about violence at his rallies

Mar 9

Hillary Clinton loses to Bernie Sanders in stunning Michigan primary upset

The Guardian

Vermont senator had trailed in polls by more than 20 points but opposition to free trade and growing African American support won votes in rust-belt state

Feb 28

Hillary Clinton defeats Bernie Sanders to win South Carolina primary

The Guardian / US

Hillary Clinton crushed Bernie Sanders in the South Carolina primary and immediately turned to potential battles ahead as she offered a vision for America based on “love and kindness” in stark contrast to the anger and division promoted by…

Feb 3

Are you leaning towards Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton?

It’s a two horse race for the Democratic nomination, and we want your help explaining the contrasting appeal of the two remaining candidates

Jan 18

Democratic debate: Hillary Clinton goes after Bernie Sanders on gun control

As predicted, the three Democratic candidates for president went at each other over guns in their debate on Sunday night.

Jan 12

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders go on the policy attack

The Guardian / US

Race for the Democratic nomination has become more contentious with the Iowa caucus less than three weeks away

Oct 16

Democrats Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders top Republicans in fundraising

The Guardian / US

Candidates release fundraising totals for the last three months – with Ben Carson topping Republican tally and Donald Trump proving frugal

Sep 19

Ted Cruz: Democratic candidates are a 'dangerous socialist ... and Bernie Sanders'

The Guardian / US

Senator and presidential hopeful offers up a few jokes as Republican candidates address party establishment at Michigan conference