Warring EU factions who want Britain GONE: Bloc set for epic power struggle after Brexit

Daily Express

BRUSSELS is set for an epic internal power struggle between warring factions who want to capitalise on Brexit to force through their own vision for Europe’s future, a leading MEP revealed today.

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Jun 27

‘The final deal will be BESPOKE’ EU cracks as bloc admits there WILL be Brexit trade offs

Daily Express

CRACKS are appearing in the European Union’s united front over Theresa May’s plan for a single market with Brussels officials and member states at odds over the way forward for a future trading relationship with the EU admitting the final…

Mar 22

EU SUMMIT LIVE: May hails 'dynamic' Brexit deal push as EU leaders back UK in Russia saga

Daily Express

THERESA May has praised a new "dynamic push" towards a Brexit deal at the EU summit today in Brussels. She hailed the decisive step taken towards a future partnership and a deal with can deliver prosperity to Britain and the rest of Europe.

Mar 9

Britain could leave the bloc without a Brexit deal 'and do things BETTER than the EU'

MINISTERS are ready to walk away from Brexit talks if Brussels continues to play hardball, it was claimed yesterday. A senior Cabinet source has revealed plans for a “no deal” scenario are well advanced.

Feb 2

'Stop punishing Britain' Italy Five Star leader demands EU strikes good Brexit deal

THE European Union must stop punishing Britain for leavin the bloc and instead change course in negotiations to strike a good deal, the eurosceptic frontrunner in Italy’s upcoming elections has demanded.

Dec 3

‘Don’t pay’ May warned EU must meet Britain’s Brexit demands BEFORE divorce bill

Daily Express

LEADING Brexiteers are urging Theresa May to serve notice on EU bosses at crunch talks tomorrow that they will not get a penny unless British demands are met.

Dec 2

‘Britain will cave to EU demands' Theresa May to accept Brexit deal on Europe's terms

Daily Express

BRITAIN will eventually “cave” to the European Union demands and accept a deal on Europe’s terms, an expert has sensationally claimed.

Nov 24

'We're NOT ready!' EU leader's SHOCK admission over bloc's preparation for no deal Brexit

Daily Express

BULGARIA’S prime minister today broke ranks with other EU leaders and predicted there will be a no deal Brexit - despite admitting the bloc is not ready for the fallout.

Nov 16

Germany’s plot to DERAIL Brexit: Desperate leaders to DEMAND the EU keeps Britain in bloc

Daily Express

A GERMAN plot to keep Britain in the EU is set to be unveiled on Monday.

Nov 9

'EU wants Britain TRAPPED!' May told to review Brexit deal as bloc wants MORE RULE over UK

THERESA May is under pressure to reconsider pushing for a transition period after Brussels strategy papers revealed the Commission wants to use it to extend its rule over Britain.

May 30

Brexit bill WILL be linked to trade deal: Victory for May as EU blinks over divorce payout

Daily Express / News

BRITAIN’S divorce bill for leaving the European Union will be linked to talks on a future trading relationship, eurocrats revealed for the first time today in a boost to Theresa May.

May 26

Brexit talks paper reveals ‘Britain may be forced to make EU payments YEARS after divorce’

Daily Express

BRITAIN could be forced to pay some of the European Unions’s outstanding obligations for years after Brexit under a proposed agreement from Brussels, it has been reported.

May 2

EU ARE DELUSIONAL! May's Brexit meeting with Juncker shows bloc is out of touch

THERESA MAY'S dinner date with Jean-Claude Juncker has proved the embattled European Union is delusional over Britain's Brexit plans, Douglas Carswell has declared.

Apr 25

‘Britain MUST keep paying into EU after Brexit', bloc's leaders demand

Daily Express / News

EUROPEAN Union leaders are set to insist Britain keeps paying EU costs for at least a year after Brexit, according to a demanding draft negotiation plan.

Mar 28

EU owes Britain BILLIONS: May should face down 'nonsense' Brexit divorce bill, blasts IDS

Daily Express / News

BRUSSELS could owe Britain billions of pounds, a former Tory Cabinet minister declared last night.

Mar 21

'Britain WILL get good Brexit deal!' EU leaders want GOOD relationship with UK, Gove says

Daily Express

BRITAIN will get a good deal with the European Union within the two-year deadline, Michael Gove has said, revealing he's had private meetings with senior figures from the trading bloc.

Mar 21

Britain braced for MASSIVE Brexit divorce demand from EU bosses, Europe ambassador warns

Daily Express

BRUSSELS is planning to whack Britain with a massive Brexit “divorce bill” after Theresa May triggers Article 50 next week, the UK’s ambassador to Europe has warned.

Jan 18

Juncker drops HUGE hint that EU will seek deal that keeps Britain IN the bloc post-Brexit

Daily Express

JEAN-CLAUDE Juncker today dropped a huge hint about the EU's strategy for the upcoming Brexit talks by suggesting Britain may continue to be part of Brussels' club beyond the country's official departure date.

Dec 13

Brussels’ Brexit negotiator blasts EU leaders for having ‘no plans’ for bloc’s future

Daily Express / News

ONE of Brussels’ chief Brexit negotiators has blasted European leaders for having “no clear plans” for the future of the EU as he admitted 2016 was “very difficult” for the bloc.

Sep 2

Let's go! Austria calls for deal with post-Brexit Britain as Boris charms Europe's leaders

Daily Express

AUSTRIA wants a strong relationship with Britain it was revealed today as Boris Johnson charmed his fellow foreign ministers in a series of talks.

Aug 23

‘Brexit will be the beginning of a NEW Europe’ EU leaders pledge to reform troubled bloc

Daily Express / News

BRITAIN’S decision to leave the European Union can usher in a new era of solidarity for the troubled bloc, the leaders of Germany, France and Italy have declared.