Op-Ed Contributor: Where Does Mike Pompeo Stand on the Issues? Too Close to Trump

The New York Times

Here’s how on issue after issue, the new secretary of state is too similar to the president.

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May 9

What’s Kim Jong-un’s Surname? Mike Pompeo Is Learning the Hard Way

The U.S. secretary of state referred to the North Korean leader as “Chairman Un,” suggesting a lack of experience with Korean names.

Apr 27

Mike Pompeo, Wasting No Time, Warns Europe About Iran Deal

A day after being sworn in, the top American diplomat told leaders of the NATO alliance in Brussels that President Trump might soon scrap the Iran nuclear deal.

Apr 26

Senate Confirms C.I.A. Chief Mike Pompeo to Be Secretary of State

After the Senate voted to confirm Mike Pompeo to be the nation’s 70th secretary of state, he turned to urgent problems around the world.

Apr 24

State Dinner, Toronto, Mike Pompeo: Your Tuesday Briefing

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Here’s what you need to know to start your day.

Apr 24

After Late Vote Switch, Senate Panel Approves Pompeo for Secretary of State

Minutes before a committee vote, Senator Rand Paul, Republican of Kentucky, bowed to pressure and backed the confirmation of Mike Pompeo to be secretary of state.

Apr 18

Mike Pompeo, C.I.A. Director, Met With Kim Jong-un in North Korea

The president alluded to the mission on Tuesday when he said that the United States was in direct talks with North Korea at “extremely high levels.”

Apr 13

Editorial: Mike Pompeo Works the Hill

The New York Times

At his confirmation hearing, the secretary of state nominee sounded less isolationist than Trump, but didn’t distance himself from some of his more disturbing views.

Mar 15

Op-Ed Columnist: Mike Pompeo Is Good for Diplomacy

The New York Times

An effective State Department needs a secretary with the president’s ear.

Mar 13

Pompeo, Trump’s Pick for Secretary of State, Is a ‘Great Climate Skeptic’

The choice of Mike Pompeo all but cements hard-line opposition to the idea of climate change at the highest levels of the United States government.

Mar 13

Op-Ed Contributor: Where Does Mike Pompeo Stand on the Issues? Too Close to Trump

The New York Times

Here’s how on issue after issue, the new secretary of state is too similar to the president.

Mar 13

Why Trump Chose Mike Pompeo

The C.I.A. director, Mike Pompeo, President Trump's new pick for secretary of state, is hawkish on foreign policy and shares the president's worldview.

Mar 13

Mike Pompeo, a Hawk Who Pleased the President, Moves From Spying to Diplomacy

In his short tenure at the C.I.A., Mr. Pompeo has brought a more openly political approach. But his clout at the White House was welcomed at the agency.

Mar 13

Trump Answers Questions on Rex Tillerson and Mike Pompeo: Full Transcript

President Trump answered questions about the shake-up in his administration.

Dec 30

Our Reporter Mike Schmidt on His Golf Club Interview With President Trump


I knew this was not going to go over well with the White House press office, which hates being blindsided by the president making news.

Aug 8

Mike Pompeo, Trump’s Outspoken C.I.A. Director

Mike Pompeo, the director of the Central Intelligence Agency, is perhaps the most openly political spy chief in a generation — and one of President Trump’s favorite cabinet members.

Apr 14

Mike Pompeo, Once a WikiLeaks Fan, Attacks It as Hostile Agent

Mr. Pompeo’s attack on WikiLeaks was the latest sign that the Trump administration does not see itself beholden to past statements or stances.

Jan 24

Mike Pompeo Is Confirmed to Lead C.I.A., as Rex Tillerson Advances

The New York Times

Despite Democratic opposition and shaky appearances from his nominees, the president has faced few meaningful barriers to installing the team of his choice.

Jan 11

Mike Pompeo, Trump’s C.I.A. Pick, Faces the Balancing Act of His Career


Known in Congress as an unrelenting partisan, Representative Pompeo is wading into an extraordinary breach between the president-elect and the intelligence agency.

Nov 19

Mike Pompeo, Sharp Critic of Hillary Clinton, Is Trump’s Pick to Lead C.I.A.

Mr. Pompeo, a congressman from Kansas, gained prominence for his role in the House investigation into the 2012 attacks on the American diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya.