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Thursday, Nov 29


E-scooters are landing a lot of Americans in emergency rooms

Electric scooters — first seen as a fun way to solve the last-mile puzzle — are leading to deadly situations


NASA taps private companies for moon missions

NASA picked nine companies to compete for up to $2.6 billion in funding for new commercial moon missions

AI babysitting service vows to stay online amid controversy

Predictim app uses artificial intelligence to vet potential caregivers, but Facebook and Twitter have blocked it

Tuesday, Nov 27


Elon Musk likes 80-hour workweeks -- science says forget it

Tesla's CEO says employees need to be workaholics to change the world, but research suggests otherwise


Indiana soybean farmer witnesses effects of climate change in ruined crops


Government report points to worsening effects on U.S. economy, including in the Midwest, the "breadbasket of America"


Facebook engineer warned in 2014 of Russian intrusion, lawmaker says

A Facebook engineer discovered in October 2014 that "an entity with Russian IP addresses" was harvesting vast troves of information, a British official revealed


Chinese researcher faces criticism after claiming 1st gene-edited babies


Chinese medical officials say they are investigating the scientist who claims to have created the world's first genetically-edited babies. He Jiankui says the twin sisters were born with immunity to HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. He…


Facebook executive grilled by unprecedented group of lawmakers from 9 countries

The hearing comes just days after a British Member of Parliament seized a cache of documents​ that Facebook has spent months fighting to keep sealed


NASA spacecraft takes selfie after supersonic landing on Mars

Photo taken by robotic arm-mounted camera after it landed on the planet shows a close-up of the spacecraft itself


NASA's InSight lander touches down on Mars

NASAs InSight Mars lander touched down on the red planet Monday for a mission to probe the martian interior

Monday, Nov 26


Researcher claims to make world's first gene-edited babies

Researcher says he used gene-editing tool to build resistance to HIV into twin girls, in experiment that brings science and ethics into question

University probes scientist who worked with researcher on gene-editing babies

"This research raises troubling scientific, legal and ethical questions," Rice University said in a statement


Soybean farmer witnesses effects of climate change in ruined crops

Government report points to worsening effects on U.S. economy, including in the Midwest, the "breadbasket of America"


How to watch the Mars InSight landing

After a six-month voyage, NASA's InSight lander is scheduled for touchdown at approximately 3 p.m. ET


Cyber Monday: Shoppers expected to spend record $7.8 billion

Today's Cyber Monday is predicted to be the largest online shopping day in U.S. history. Shoppers are expected to spend $7.8 billion. Last year, more than a third of the online sales were made on smartphones. Anna Werner reports.

Soybean farmer says climate change is to blame for bad harvest


A new government report says man-made climate change is already wreaking havoc on the U.S., and it will only get worse in the coming decades. The report from 13 federal agencies warns of more destructive wildfires, longer heat waves, and…

NASA's InSight Lander set to land on Mars Monday


NASA could make history Monday if its latest Mars lander successfully touches down on the red planet. For the first time, scientists will study not just the planet's surface but also its core. The InSight Lander is set to land just before…


NASA Mars lander set for mission on red planet

NASA's InSight Mars lander will probe the red planet's deep interior after a six-month voyage from Earth


Black Friday sales break records ahead of Cyber Monday


Holiday shoppers racked up record online sales on Black Friday. According to retail analysts at "Shopper Trak," fewer customers traveled to stores Friday. Could this be a sign of heavy online traffic to come on Cyber Monday? CBS News…

NASA prepares to land rover on Mars


Monday afternoon, NASA will attempt to land a spacecraft on Mars. It has been done before, but the thin Martian atmosphere makes it very difficult. More than half of attempted landings on Mars have failed. CBS News' Chris Martinez reports.

Sunday, Nov 25


Parliament seizes Facebook docs that American court ordered sealed

The documents, from a lawsuit in California, could shed light on actions by Facebook executives


Mass deaths and mayhem: Climate report's most shocking warnings

The nearly 1,700-page climate report warns about a world heading into complete chaos by the end of the 21st century.


How retail stores are reinventing holiday shopping using technology

During this busy shopping season, the retail experience is being revolutionized. Stores are using technology to make it easier for shoppers to find, pay and pick up the items they're looking for. Tony Dokoupil reports.

Saturday, Nov 24


Al Gore says Trump administration seeks to "bury" climate report

Environmental groups and activists blasted the White House this week, saying it was trying to "bury" a long-awaited government report on climate change by releasing it on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. Among those who spoke out…


Report reveals staggering economic and health toll of climate change

The report "concludes that the evidence of human-caused climate change is overwhelming and continues to strengthen"

Friday, Nov 23


Black Friday on track for record online spending

Ecommerce sales on pace to match or surpass last year's Cyber Monday revenue, retail experts say


From TVs to iPads, here are some of the best Black Friday deals

The National Retail Federation estimates that more than 116 million people will shop on this Black Friday. Sixty-five percent of this weekend's shoppers say they want to take advantage of retailers' deals and promotions. Consumer Reports'…

Discovery of ancient elephant-sized creature called "startling"

Researchers claim their find overturns the notion that the only giant plant-eaters at the time were dinosaurs

Retailers use in-store technology to compete with online sales

As the Black Friday shopping rush begins, major retailers are looking for new ways to use technology to compete with online competitors. Tony Dokoupil visited the country's largest retailer, Walmart, to see the blend of technology and…


How gratitude can improve your health, happiness and relationships


Science says being grateful year-round can greatly improve your life. Studies show that expressing gratitude can activate the reward center of the brain and help people connect. Researchers say gratitude is more than just a feeling, it can…