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Friday, Nov 30


Researchers testing potential breakthrough for male contraception


This week, researchers announced the start of a trial for a male contraceptive in gel form. If it works, it would fill an important public health need. CBS News medical contributor Dr. Tara Narula explains.

Researchers testing potential breakthrough for male birth control gel

The gel is applied to the back and absorbed through the skin

Thursday, Nov 29


E-scooters are landing a lot of Americans in emergency rooms

Electric scooters — first seen as a fun way to solve the last-mile puzzle — are leading to deadly situations


Why more Americans are dying, and dying younger

"We are losing too many Americans, too early and too often, to conditions that are preventable," CDC director warns

Researcher who says he gene-edited babies defends himself amid outrage


A Chinese scientist who claimed this week he created the world's first genetically-edited babies was grilled Wednesday by his colleagues. His work is being criticized for using a technique when it's safety hasn't been established. CBS News…


Mexican resort accused of serving "poisonous" alcohol to woman who died

The family of a Wisconsin woman who died after possibly drinking tainted alcohol is now suing the Mexican resort that served her. Abby Conner drowned in a pool at a Iberostar Hotel and Resort in Riviera Maya after drinking while on…


Lawmakers probe outbreak that killed 11 children

New Jersey lawmakers want to know how a deadly outbreak was able to spread through a children's health care center

Wednesday, Nov 28


Youngest kids in class may be over-diagnosed with ADHD

A child's age may factor into ADHD diagnoses in unexpected ways, new research suggests


Tips for driving down medical bills

In our collaboration with Kaiser Health News and NPR, we're taking a look at surprise medical bills that catch many Americans off guard. The latest "Bill of the Month" reveals how costly life-saving drugs can be. Shereese Hickson was…


Chinese scientist claiming gene-edited babies reports possible 2nd pregnancy


The Chinese scientist who claims to have created the world's first genetically-edited babies said another woman who was part of his study is potentially pregnant. At a summit in Hong Kong Wednesday, He Jiankui said his study is on hold…

Scientist claiming gene-edited babies reports possible 2nd pregnancy

He Jiankui claimed at an international summit on gene editing that another woman who took part in his study is potentially pregnant


Man to get new kidney thanks to billboard campaign

Public appeal brings a potentially life-saving opportunity, and makes a good friend out of a total stranger


FDA: Don't use "Rhino" male enhancement products

Widely marketed products contain undisclosed ingredients that can cause sharp drops in blood pressure

Tuesday, Nov 27


Puppies bring joy to dementia patients

The duo who brought the patients the surprise puppies wanted them to know they're loved — especially during the holidays


3 doctors who euthanized autistic woman are under investigation

Three doctors from Belgium are being investigated on suspicion of having "poisoned" Tine Nys


Elon Musk likes 80-hour workweeks -- science says forget it

Tesla's CEO says employees need to be workaholics to change the world, but research suggests otherwise


Global outrage after researcher claims first gene-edited babies

He Jiankui claims he altered their DNA in a lab using a technique called CRISPR


More health insurers refusing to pay ER bills

Anthem is among those denying claims for ER visits it says are "inappropriate," leaving patients with huge bills


Family speaks out on Maryland student's adenovirus-related death


The parents of a University of Maryland student who died after contracting the adenovirus are speaking out about conditions on campus. Freshman Olivia Paregol died last week after complaining about flu-like symptoms. Jericka Duncan spoke…


Parents of Maryland student who died say health center didn't test for adenovirus

Freshman Olivia Paregol's father also believes mold in her dorm room contributed to her death


CDC: Romaine Lettuce Grown Outside California Safe To Eat

It's OK to eat some romaine lettuce again, U.S. health officials said. Just check the label.

Monday, Nov 26


Researcher claims to make world's first gene-edited babies

Researcher says he used gene-editing tool to build resistance to HIV into twin girls, in experiment that brings science and ethics into question

University probes scientist who worked with researcher on gene-editing babies

"This research raises troubling scientific, legal and ethical questions," Rice University said in a statement


FDA vows to overhaul decades-old system for approving medical devices

Food and Drug Administration's pledge comes one day after the publication of a global investigation into medical device safety


Chinese researcher claims he helped make first gene-edited babies


A Chinese researcher has created an international controversy over science and ethics after claiming he helped make the world's first genetically-edited babies. According to the AP, the researcher altered embryos for seven couples during…


Fiancé of Dallas woman who died after surgery seeks "murder" charge

Laura Avila​'s family say doctors in Mexico injected anesthesia in the wrong place, causing a heart attack that resulted in brain swelling


Hundreds hospitalized after poison attack in Syria


In Aleppo, more than a hundred people have been rushed to hospitals after a suspected poison gas attack. As the Assad regime and anti-government rebels blamed each other, Russian warplanes hammered rebel targets. CBS News foreign…

Saturday, Nov 24


How wildfire smoke and poor air quality can affect your health

As firefighters in California get closer to fully containing the fires, people in the region have had to deal with massive amounts of smoke in the air. Thick smog forced many residents to wear masks when going outside. Dr. David Agus joins…

Friday, Nov 23


How gratitude can improve your health, happiness and relationships


Science says being grateful year-round can greatly improve your life. Studies show that expressing gratitude can activate the reward center of the brain and help people connect. Researchers say gratitude is more than just a feeling, it can…


Researchers fighting malnutrition in Rwanda with orange sweet potatoes

Nearly half of children in Rwanda's rural communities suffer from impaired growth and vision loss, due to vitamin A deficiencies. But orange sweet potatoes, which are chock-full of vitamin A, can help. CBS News senior national…