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Turkey Counterpunches By Raising Tariffs On U.S. Goods


Ankara has increased tariffs on U.S. products ranging from liquor to automobiles to beauty products, in some cases more than tripling them.


Los Angeles Is Deploying Body Scanners To Screen Metro Riders


LA's public transit system says it is the first in the U.S. to buy passive millimeter wave scanners for metro stations. The Transportation Security Administration has been doing tests for a year.

iLe Uses Puerto Rican History To Focus On 'Odio'


A new single and accompanying video spotlights an independence movement massacre to make a plea for understanding.


Death Toll In Genoa Bridge Collapse Rises To 39


Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio said a private company responsible for maintaining the Ponte Morandi Bridge did not do its job and was responsible for the collapse.

Rihanna Is The 21st Century's Most Influential Musician


For much of this century's first two decades, there has been at least one Rihanna song on the pop charts. If she is not seen as taking musical risks, it's only because so many of them have paid off.

FACT CHECK: White House Apologizes For False Claim About African-American Jobs


The White House backtracked this week on claims that President Trump has overseen more job gains among African-Americans than his predecessor, Barack Obama.

Wisconsin Reservation Offers A Climate Success Story And A Warning


Climate change is causing more severe flooding around the country, and a disproportionate number of Native American communities are on the front lines.

FACT CHECK: Can Trump Legally Keep Former Staff Quiet? Probably Not


The Trump campaign says former White House staffer Omarosa Manigault Newman broke a nondisclosure agreement but an employment lawyer says, "she's going to be able to continue with what she's doing."


A Big Night For Democratic Diversity, And 3 Other Primary Takeaways


For the first time, a transgender candidate won a major party nomination for governor. Plus, a possible new chapter in the #MeToo era; education as a major theme; and high Democratic turnout.

F***** Up Seeks Significance In Stirring 'Normal People'


Dose Your Dreams is a return to David, a recurring titular hero in F***** Up's work, who now finds himself pushing paper in a desk job.

Nuevofest 2018: Experience The Celebration


Watch all seven performances from this year's festival celebrating the new sounds of Latin alternative music.


Prosecutors Close Arguments Against Manafort: His Money Is 'Littered With Lies'


Prosecutors summed up their case against Paul Manafort by pointing to what they called the strength of the paper trail. Jurors hear next from the defense. Then it will be their time to deliberate.

Catholic Sexual Abuse Crisis Deepens As Authorities Lag In Response


History, legal issues and doctrine all contribute to the continuing failure of Catholic authorities to recognize and respond more effectively to sexual abuse scandals.


Cat Power Combines Her Powers With Lana Del Rey In 'Woman'


Chan Marshall's first album in six years, Wanderer, has spawned its first official single. "Woman" is a duet that mixes icy defiance with fogbound mystery.


Hallquist Makes U.S. History In Her Vermont Gubernatorial Race


Christine Hallquist has become the first openly transgender nominee for governor of a major party in U.S. history. David Greene talks to her about her journey and the remainder of her campaign.

Vulnerable Democrat, Sen. Heitkamp Faces Tough Re-Election Bid


Heidi Heitkamp is running an uphill battle in the increasingly red state of North Dakota. She's trying to defeat GOP challenger Rep. Kevin Cramer by emphasizing bipartisanship.

We Need More Than Apologies, President Of Survivors Network Says


A grand jury in Pennsylvania found that more than 300 Catholic priests sexually abused more than 1,000 victims. David Greene talks to Tim Lennon of SNAP, a network of abuse survivors.

British Police Name Suspect In Crash At Parliament That Injured 3


Salih Khater, 29, is a Sudan-born British citizen who remains in custody. Police say there's no evidence that Londoners are in any further danger in connection with the incident.

'Flights' Is A Trip, If You Like Wandering Off The Edges Of The Map


Polish author Olga Tokarczuk's new collection is a cabinet of curiosities — surreal, loosely connected stories about the human body, about movement, about two-headed calves and saints' relics.


How Bad Are The NFL's Cleveland Browns?


The team failed to win a game last year. This season, Bud Light has set up special refrigerators at local bars full of free beer. But smart technology will unlock them only when the Browns win.

Corey Bellemore Is Disqualified From Beer Mile Race


Bellemore broke his own record in the beer mile — drink a beer, run a lap, drink another beer, etc. Race officials at the Beer Mile World Classic disqualified him for not drinking enough.

'Keep The Evenings Long': Dermot Kennedy Shares His Go-To Playlist


2018 NPR Slingshot artist Dermot Kennedy shares an intimately curated playlist he created for late nights on the tour bus.

Erykah Badu On Stand-Up, Meeting Prince And 'Unpopular Opinions'


Badu joins Stretch & Bobbito for a conversation about her daily visit to "the five doctors," how she became a certified doula, her desire to try stand-up comedy and getting critiqued by Prince.


N.M. Compound Members Granted Bail In Child Abuse Case; Judge Gets Death Threats


Eleven children found during a police raid in Taos County are in protective custody. A toddler's body was discovered on the premises. Prosecutors say the child was a compound member's disabled son.

Sunday's 2nd Place Finish Was A Huge Victory For Tiger Woods


David Greene talks to sports journalist Kevin Blackistone about Tiger Woods, who returned to form last weekend at the PGA Golf Championship. It's been 10 years since he last won a major title.

Italian Officials Say Dozens Of People May Have Died In Bridge Collapse


A long section of the towering Ponte Morandi Bridge collapsed in Genoa, Italy, on Tuesday — sending cars and trucks on the highway crashing down below.

Trump Campaign Files Complaint Against Omarosa Manigault Newman


Steve Inskeep talks to Bradley Moss, an attorney specializing in government transparency, about the Trump campaign's complaint against Manigault Newman, saying she broke her nondisclosure agreement.

Despite Previous Rosy Outlook, ISIS Remains A Problem


A U.N. report says there are still some 30,000 ISIS members in Iraq and Syria. This despite assurances by U.S. and other officials that ISIS has been defeated in Iraq and nearly defeated in Syria.

After Trump Tariffs, Relations With Turkey Are At A Low Point


David Greene talks Amanda Sloat of the Brookings Institution about President Trump's recent hard-line stance with Turkey which sparked an economic crisis for the country.

Politics In The News: Tuesday's Primary Results Roundup


Vermont Democrat Christine Hallquist became the first openly transgender candidate nominated for governor by a major party. Minn. Rep. Keith Ellison won a primary despite domestic abuse allegations.