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Michael Gove, Who Warned Of Turkey Joining The EU, Attacks Identity Politics

Michael Gove was accused of “dog whistle politics” this morning for attacking “identity politics” after fronting a Brexit campaign warning of an influx of Turks to the UK.


Billboard Music Awards: 'Icon' Janet Jackson Hails Women For Speaking Out Against Abuse

Janet Jackson made Billboard history on Sunday night (21 May), when she became the first black woman to win the Icon award at the magazine’s annual Music Awards.

Patricia Morison Dead: Hollywood And Broadway Star Dies, Aged 103

Hollywood star Patricia Morison has died, at the age of 103.

AI Could Cut The Cancer Death Rate By 22,000 In The UK - PM Will Say

Artificial intelligence (AI) could prevent some 22,000 cancer deaths every year by 2033, Theresa May will say later today in a speech on how the NHS can harness patient data.

Nando's Will Not Offer Conservative Party Members A Special Discount

Nando’s had dismissed as “incorrect” the suggestion it would allow the Conservatives to offer a discount to party members.

Not The Royal Wedding: Three Cheers For The Other Couples Who Said 'I Do' This Weekend

The world’s media may have been focussed on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle this weekend, but the newly appointed Duke and Duchess of Sussex weren’t the only ones to tie the knot on Saturday.

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe To Be Charged With 'Spreading Propaganda'

The British mother jailed in Iran and accused of trying to overthrow the regime has now been hit with the further charge of “spreading propaganda”, her husband has confirmed.

Donald Trump Is Slowly Realising He's Been Totally Played By North Korea

In the 16 months Donald Trump has been in office as president of the United States, he has celebrated “progress” on the issue of North Korea and its nuclear weapons as one of his major successes.

Looks We Love: Janet Jackson's White Tee And Tulle Skirt At The BBMA's

We love…; Janet Jackson’s Billboard Music Awards 2018 white tee and tulle skirt ensemble.

Looks We Love: Serena Williams In Trainers And Evening Gown At The Royal Wedding

Like any celebrity worth their sartorial salt, Serena Williams wasn’t satisfied with wearing just one stunning royal wedding outfit for the big day on Saturday. The world tennis pro decided to switch out her pale pink Versace dress (that…

While May Must Decide What To Do About Northern Ireland And Brexit, Here's What The People Themselves Think

Theresa May, the UK’s embattled prime minister, is in a maze of her own making.

Billboard Music Awards: Ariana Grande Nails 'No Tears Left To Cry' Performance

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Ariana Grande kicked off the Billboard Music Awards in style on Sunday (20 May), with an exciting performance of her latest single, ‘No Tears Left To Cry’.

How Much TV Is Too Much For Kids?

There’s a moment, in practically every Miss Marple or Hercule Poirot TV series or film, where a maid discovers a dead body.

Mountain Biker Mauled To Death By Cougar Outside Seattle

A mountain biker has been killed and another mauled after straying into mountain lion territory in Washington state in the United States.

Royal Wedding Photos: Princess Charlotte's Cutest Moments From Harry And Meghan's Big Day

The royal wedding hype might be slowly dying down, but we still can’t stop looking at pictures from the big day - mostly of Princess Charlotte.


Royal Wedding Flowers Donated To Different Charities After The Big Day

The beautiful flowers which graced the royal wedding have been shared out to different charities, such as St Joseph’s Hospice in Hackney, east London. One of the patients to enjoy this donation is former embroideress Pauline Clayton, 89, a…

The Waugh Zone Monday May 21, 2018

After the Royal Wedding celebrations, several politicos felt the mother of all hangovers coming on yesterday morning when the Sunday Times reported that some Brexiteer MPs were planning for (another) snap general election this autumn.…


Royal Wedding: 'Suits' Star Rick Hoffman Blames 'Weird Face' On Fellow Guest's Bad Breath

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‘Suits’ actor Rick Hoffman has set the record straight after several royal wedding viewers picked up on his less-than-impressed expression during the ceremony.

'Meltdown Monday' As Largest Timetable Change In Decades Leads To Cancellations

Commuters faced disruption during Monday morning’s rush-hour as trains were cancelled amid the largest timetable change across Britain for decades.

Billboard Music Awards: Kelly Clarkson Calls For 'Moment Of Action' Not 'Moment Of Silence' After Santa Fe Shootings

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Kelly Clarkson opened the Billboard Music Awards with a moving speech about the Santa Fe High School shooting, demanding a “moment of action” in lieu of a “moment of silence”.


Grenfell Tower Inquiry To Open With Poignant Tributes From Bereaved Families

Bereaved families affected by the Grenfell Tower fire are to open the official public inquiry on Monday with commemorations to the dead, to ensure the investigation does not “lose sight” of those at the heart of the tragedy.

Airport Delays At UK Airports Revealed - London Luton Tops List

The worst UK airports for flight punctuality have been revealed, with the longest delays at London Luton.


'People Stopped Coming': How Salisbury Is Getting Back On Its Feet After Spy Attack

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In another world, the idyllic garden at Salisbury’s Mill pub would have been hosting the busiest weekend of the year so far. A Royal wedding, an FA Cup final, and a forecast of 21-degree clear blue skies. It’s not hard to imagine the…

Sunday, May 20


We Should All Be Happy For Our New Duchess

Huffington Post UK

I believe that our new Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, deserves nothing but respect and admiration, and that all criticism of her can be divided into four categories: racism, sexism, classism, and jealousy.

Women Deserve Better Medicine, Period

In a shocking recent essay, Lena Denham, the 31-year-old actress and writer, shared her decision to undergo a hysterectomy - surgical removal of her uterus - to end her long, painful struggle with endometriosis. She explained that…

People With Chronic Conditions Don't Want Pity - We Want Understanding

When I bumped into a former colleague who told me I was looking well I had mixed emotions. I don’t want to seem ungrateful (in fact these days if someone thinks I look ok enough to mention it, then I’m delighted!) However, thanks in part…

Why WE Want To Offer Lewisham Residents A Progressive Joint Ticket

Lewisham has been my home for ten years. I love this unique area of London; I love its sense of community, its diversity and its independent spirit.

Donald Trump 'Demands' Probe Into Claims FBI Embedded Spy In His Election Campaign

Donald Trump says he will insist on an inquiry into whether his election campaign was infiltrated by the FBI for “political purposes”.

I Went Vegan For A Month And This Is What I Learnt

There are some unarguable reasons to go vegan – saving the animals, caring for the environment and improving your health. I thought it was time to give it a go. Here is what I discovered:; Veganism doesn’t have to be expensive There’s no…


We Need To Challenge The Idea That There Will Always Be Crap Jobs

We all know that a job is a key part of a healthy life. But what makes work healthy? And how can we reach those not yet benefitting from current efforts to improve workplace health?