Friday, Nov 30


Pro-EU MPs plot amendment to take over Brexit talks as Theresa May refuses to back down

Labour and Conservative MPs table amendment which gives Parliament control over Brexit if Theresa May's deal fails to win support. The amendment, tabled by leading Labour MP Hilary Benn, would give MPs the authority to say what steps the…


10 things you need to know in markets today

Good morning! Here's what you need to know in markets on Friday. 1. Trump is either about to sort out the whole trade war thing at the G20 summit ... Or we are all going back to a deep dark economic cold war sometime over the weekend.…

10 things in tech you need to know today

Good morning! This is the tech news you need to know this Friday. Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi said in an all-hands meeting that the company deserves some fault after its self-driving car killed a pedestrian. During an all-hands meeting at…

5 things we learned about the Russia investigation after Michael Cohen’s guilty plea

On Thursday, November 29, news broke that Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump's longtime fixer and lawyer, pleaded guilty to lying to Congress. BuzzFeed news claims that Russian-born businessman Felix Sater's plan for Trump Tower Moscow…

Electric-car owners in China are worried their vehicles are sending their locations to the government

A new report from the Associated Press indicates that electric-car makers, including Tesla, transmit data from its owner-operated vehicles to the Chinese government.


38 photos that show how Britney Spears' style has evolved through the years

From denim dresses to glamorous red carpet gowns, Britney Spears has experimented with plenty of looks since storming on the pop scene. Ahead of the star's 37th birthday on December 2, we've gathered some of her best red-carpet and on…

'Wonder Woman' star Chris Pine has a cameo in the new 'Spider-Man' movie you would probably never notice

Chris Pine ("Star Trek," "Wonder Woman") had a brief cameo in "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse." He plays one of many versions of the webslinger when the movie comes to theatres Friday, December 14.

The 10 most important things in the world right now

Hello! Here's everything you need to know on Friday. 1. Trump is either about to sort out the whole trade war thing at the G20 summit ... Or we are all going back to a deep dark economic cold war sometime over the weekend.


4 charts that indicate there's 'upside risk' to US inflation

Markets rallied strongly this week when comments from US Fed chair Jerome Powell were perceived as dovish. But multiple analysts called it an overreaction, and argued the data suggests there are more rate hikes in store in 2019.

Record-breaking fires have reached 'catastrophic' levels across Queensland, sending thousands fleeing from their homes

Queensland is experiencing unprecedented heat waves and record-breaking wildfires. For the first time in history, fire danger in Queensland has been rated "catastrophic," the highest possible level on the Queensland government's warning…


'If they won't stand up for our future, we will': Thousands of kids turn out for Sydney climate change protests

Australian school children walked out of school in protest today. The protest was directed at the government and its lack of action to prevent climate change.

There's evidence up to 65,000 lives were snuffed out in an instant by a meteor 3,700 years ago

An archaeology team has found evidence of an enormous blast of heat across a 500 sq km area. The blast appears to have wiped out all life and structures where up to 65,000 people once lived.

Sheryl Sandberg reportedly wanted to know if George Soros, who publicly criticised Facebook, was shorting the company's stock.

Facebook chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg reportedly requested opposition research on billionaire George Soros. Sandberg reportedly wanted to know if Soros, who publicly criticised Facebook, was shorting the company's stock. That…


​Booktopia has launched a $10 million equity crowdfunding campaign

Online bookseller Booktopia launched a $10 million equity crowdfund, the largest so far in Australia. The company will tap into its large customer base to sell shares at $1 each.

At least 3 people killed when a truck carrying passengers in cargo bed overturns while fleeing from Border Patrol

At least three people are dead and multiple people are injured in a rollover crash that involved a chase with Border Patrol. A truck was reportedly carrying passengers in the cargo bed when it crashed.


A former Google HR exec says too many people make the same mistake when trying to impress their boss

You won't wow your boss by doing absolutely everything. Instead, prioritise the work that will have the most impact - and say "no" to everything else.

The Myer board of directors has been hit with a second strike

The tide has turned against the Myer board of directors with a vote at the AGM against the remuneration report. This is the second year in a row that more than 25% of votes have gone against the report.

The wildest outfits in the history of Miss Universe's National Costume Show

In honour of Miss Universe 2018 (December 17), we're taking a look back at all the best costumes from the National Costume Show. The National Costume Show is a separate part of the pageant, and doesn't count towards contestants' overall…


The Kremlin says it learned that Trump was cancelling his G20 meeting with Putin through a tweet

The Kremlin on Thursday said it was surprised to learn that a meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and President Donald Trump had been cancelled via a tweet.

China's manufacturing sector stalls

Activity levels across China's manufacturing sector stopped improving in November, the first time that's occurred in well over two years. Momentum in China's non-manufacturing sectors also slowed, painting a bleak picture on the broader…

Trump's team can't seem to get its story straight on whether Michael Cohen is a liar

After Michael Cohen struck a new plea deal with the special counsel Robert Mueller, President Donald Trump and his lawyers slammed his former fixer as a "liar" and said "we can't trust him."

Australian housing credit growth hits another multi-year low

Australian housing credit growth continues to slow, reflecting the impact of tighter lending standards and reduced demand at a time when prices are falling.


How James Harden scored 10 straight points in MVP form

James Harden scored 54 points in an overtime loss to the Washington Wizards. During one two-minute stretch, Harden scored every point in a 10-0 run by the Houston Rockets.

Coca-Cola is on the receiving end of social changes in Australia and its stock is getting beaten up

Shares in Coca-Cola Amatil fell hard after the beverage maker reported another "transitional" year ahead. A short time ago, the shares were down 10.6% to $9.02.

'Malcolm will go ballistic': Former ABC chair denies fight to keep Triple J's Hottest 100 on Australia Day

Former ABC chair Justin Milne has rejected claims of political interference at the national broadcaster. He appeared today before a federal parliamentary inquiry.

A 26-year-old face transplant patient spoke about the astonishing recovery he made less than three years after attempting suicide

Cameron Underwood of Yuba City, California, was left with a severe gunshot wound to his face after attempting suicide in June 2016. Eighteen months later, in January, a donor became available, and Underwood was approved for a face…

Japan's labour market is losing momentum

Japanese unemployment rose unexpectedly in October. The number of job openings to job seekers also fell. The data follows a decline in Japanese GDP in the September quarter, and a recent weakening in growth in employee earnings.

Scott Morrison calls it: The US-China trade war is a 'real threat' to the global economy

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has implored China and the US to use this weekend's G20 leaders' summit to end their trade war, saying the dispute is now posing a real threat to the global economy.


A college coach who used to read applications at Yale says most students should think twice before enrolling in the Ivy League

Is an Ivy League degree worth the cost? According to a former Yale application reader and the founder and CEO of college-counseling firm IvyWise, it's worth considering whether you're getting financial aid.

Floyd Mayweather just got hit with $840,000 in penalties and banned from promoting ICOs for three years

Floyd Mayweather and DJ Khaled have been fined by the US securities regulator for the unlawful promotion of ICOs. The pair promoted a number of ICOs last year, without disclosing that they were paid for their services.