Wednesday, Nov 28


Honda Passport (2018): US-spec SUV promises roominess

... ▻ New Honda Passport SUV ▻ US market 4x4 larger than CR-V ▻ V6 power, tougher off-road cred. Honda has revealed a new five-seat SUV at the 2018 LA motor show: the Passport. It's Honda's fourth SUV in the US market, slotting between the…


New Porsche 911 officially revealed: full story on 992-generation

... ▻ Porsche's next-gen 911 ▻ Finally revealed at LA show ▻ Carrera S and 4S are first. We promise you, this is definitely the new one. Yes, Porsche has finally and officially lifted the veil on the new 2018 911 sports car, with the first…

Monday, Nov 26


How European Car of the Year works

Our editor-in-chief Phil McNamara is one of the 60-strong judging panel from 23 European countries; judges apportion a total of 25 points across the seven shortlisted cars and the winner will be announced at the 2019 Geneva motor show in…

Bentley Continental GT Convertible (2018): open-top Brit is here

... ▻ New Continental GT Convertible ▻ Next-gen drop-top Bentley is here ▻ ...with tweed roof as an option. Bentley has expanded its Continental GT range with this: the new Conti GT Convertible. It's for the millionaire who spends most of…

Saturday, Nov 24


American road trip! Exploring the west coast in a Ford Mustang


... ▻ 2000 miles in a 2018 'Stang ▻ Our big Cali road trip ▻ Was it a drive of our dreams? The plane door opens, the sun is blinding, and you walk down the steps feeling fresh, alert and with a smile on your face. Your luggage is already…

Friday, Nov 23


New Peugeot 508 SW review: a very French estate


... ▻ New Peugeot 508 SW review ▻ We drive smart new estate ▻ Could it tempt you out of SUVs? Change might be afoot. Jean-Philippe Imperato, Peugeot's CEO, thinks so anyway, despite riding high on the success of the 3008 and 5008 SUVs. …

Wednesday, Nov 21


Audi A1 Sportback review: still just a tarted-up Polo?


New 2019 Audi A1 review ▻ We test new A1 Sportback ▻ Just a smarter Polo, or more? Eight years after it launched its first Mini rival, Audi is back with its second-generation A1. It's on sale now, with prices starting from £18,540 – though…

Monday, Nov 19

New Audi R8 (2019): still the ultimate daily supercar?


... ▻ Coupe and Spyder ▻ Facelift, with suspension tweaks ▻ ... And still naturally-aspirated! Audi has given its R8 supercar a mid-life refresh, with increases to power and torque that push all variants over the 200mph border for the…

Saturday, Nov 17


SC18: meet Lamborghini's first tailor-made supercar

... ▻ Lambo's first one-off ▻ Body of Huracan, heart of Aventador ▻ 759bhp, 531lb ft of torque. Lamborghini is the latest manufacture to join the trend of one-off hypercars with this; the new SC18. Essentially a Aventador with some…

Thursday, Nov 15


New Ford Focus Estate (2018) review: refreshing simplicity


▻We drive the ST Line wagon ▻Bigger boot and independent rear suspension across the range ▻Simple practicality with a decent drive. Take the Ford Focus hatch and simply add a larger boot. Sounds like a simple formula for the Estate, doesn…

Wednesday, Nov 14


DBX: Aston Martin's first SUV is here

The first-ever Aston Martin SUV ▻ Testing has already begun, full reveal Q4 2019 ▻ To be built in the company's new St Athan factory. This is the Aston Martin DBX, the brand's first SUV, and another step towards its transformation as a…

Monday, Nov 12


Four by paw: meet the Jaguar F-type made for the off-road

... ▻ Two 'one-off' rally cars ▻ Continues XK120 celebrations ▻ But they won't go racing. Jaguar is continuing its 70 year celebrations with another new special edition F-type, but this one's a little more 'special' than the Chequered flag…

Friday, Nov 2


Manthey Racing-tweaked 911 GT2 RS breaks Nordschleife road-legal record

... ▻ Sets a time of 6min 40.3sec ▻ Souped-up version of top-dog 911 ▻ You can order one from Manthey Racing. Porsche has just broken another record at the Nordschleife, but this time it wasnt with the destricted 919 Evo – instead it used…


New BMW 8-series Convertible: gentleman racer loses the roof

... ▻ New BMW 8-series Convertible ▻ First official pictures out now ▻ Hot M8 cabrio will follow. BMW is adding a Convertible model to its new 8-series family, to go on sale in March 2019. Prices are TBC at the time of writing but, as is…

Monday, Oct 29


Jaguar F-type 'Chequered Flag' celebrates 70 years since the XK120

... ▻ Around £10k more than the standard F-type ▻ Celebrates 70 years since the XK120 ▻ 2.0-litre 4-cylinder or 3.0-litre V6 Jaguar is celebrating 70 years since the XK120 with a special-edition version of the F-type. Called the Chequered…

Wednesday, Oct 24


Audi R8 (2019): updated supercar brings new Performance model

... ▻ New 2018 Audi R8 supercar ▻ Facelifted coupe and Spyder ▻ More power + new Performance. Audi has revealed its 2018 R8 supercar range, with both coupe and Spyder versions getting a facelift and refresh under the skin. Gone is the R8…

Monday, Oct 15


Bloodhound SSC: Land-speed record project goes into administration

... ▻ 135,000bhp target ▻ First revealed in 2007 ▻ £25 million needed for 1000mph target. It looks like the Bloodhound SSC's hopes of smashing the world land speed record have come to a halt – for now at least. Today, a post on the project…

Friday, Oct 12


Best hybrid cars in 2018: our top plug-ins and PHEVs


The Toyota Prius is one of the UK's most popular hybrid cars · Audi A3 E-Tron hybrid car: plug-in tech meets A3 sensibilities · Audi Q7 E-Tron plug-in hybrid · BMW 330e: the plug-in hybrid 3-series is here · BMW 530e iPerformance - a plug…

Tuesday, Oct 2


Next Land Rover Defender will arrive in 2020

... ▻ First shots of the 2020 Defender ▻ Off-roading icon reborn ▻ Expect whole family of Defenders. These are the first images of the new Land Rover Defender, which we're expecting to arrive in showrooms in 2020 - bringing the world…


Renault EZ Ultimo: a robo-taxi concept with class

... ▻ Third Renault driverless concept brings the French elegance ▻ Van den Acker goes big with marble, velvet and a near-6m length ▻ Proves there's still hope for privacy, luxury and beauty in the autonomous future. Renault's used its…


New BMW 3-series revealed: G20 debuts in Paris

... ▻ Lower, longer, lighter – and more efficient ▻ Enhanced voice input, more connected driver and safety tech ▻ On sale March 2019, prices starting from £33,610. Here it is – the wraps have come off the seventh-generation BMW 3-series,…


New Mercedes B-class: sleeker, longer, lower MPV debuts in Paris

... ▻ Third-generation Mercedes-Benz B-class ▻ Sleeker, lower design aimed at tempting buyers out of SUVs ▻ On sale December 2018, deliveries start in February 2019. The Mercedes-Benz B-class franchise, which goes by the codename W247, has…

How to turn your Hyundai i30 N up to 11

Hyundai i30 N N Option ▻ New styling pack launched ▻ How to max your i30 hot hatch. Ever worry your Hyundai i30 N hot hatchback isn't quite hot enough? Well, this new N Option styling kit unveiled at the 2018 Paris motor show could be just…

Monday, Oct 1


Infiniti Project Black S: hybrid super-saloon with F1 tech revealed in Paris

... ▻ A development of the car shown at Geneva ▻ Uses F1-style MGU-H and MGU-K ▻ Carbon-fibre body, production unlikely. You're looking at the Project Black S, a super-hot saloon from Infiniti that uses powertrain technology taken straight…

Friday, Sep 28


Audi A8 L (2018) long term test review: big car, bigger handbook


... ▻ CAR lives with an A8 limo ▻ This thing is loaded with tech ▻ Can its price be justified? Is the Audi A8's time now? From its 1994 launch to the latest fourth generation, there are many reasons why the limo from Ingolstadt has been…

Thursday, Sep 27


Porsche 935: cutting-edge 'Moby Dick' homage revealed at Rennsport

... ▻ Based on the classic 'Moby Dick' 935/70 Longtail ▻ Only 77 will be made ▻ A GT2 RS in wolf's clothing. Well that was unexpected. Just days before the Paris motor show, Porsche has revealed a super-limited racing car, and it's a…

Wednesday, Sep 26


New i30 Fastback N revealed ahead of Paris motor show

... ▻ New i30 Fastback N ▻ Second N car ▻ Uses same engine as the i30 N. Hyundai has added another model to its hottest N line-up – not to be confused with its new lukewarm N-line. Called the i30 Fastback N, the new car is exactly what it…


Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S four-door (2018) review: ticking every box


... ▻ Mercedes-AMG's 4-door driven ▻ Ignore the confusing name... ▻ ...because this ticks many boxes. I once read a book about string theory – a multi-dimensional particle physics framework I thought I understood until I got to chapter two…

Tuesday, Sep 25

Audi Q3 (2018) review: pass the ProPlus


... ▻ New Audi Q3 SUV driven ▻ Comfy, practical and robust... ▻ ...but boy is it dull. Chances of this happening are slim, but if someone asked you to picture a premium crossover in your head, this is probably what it would look like. It's…

Thursday, Sep 20


Mercedes-AMG Project One prototype snapped in the UK

... ▻ AMG's hypercar snapped testing ▻ An 1086bhp F1-powered present for AMG's 50th ▻ Concept version at 2017 Frankfurt motor show. After a good few months of radio silence, Mercedes-AMG's Project One hypercar has popped-up again – and in…