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BC Ferries testing out debit on some vessels

On a day that's all about legal pot, another modernization is occurring on BC Ferries – one that has islanders very excited.

Can B.C. buck a troubling voting trend Saturday?

Out of six random people who Joe Perkins asked about voting in Saturday's municipal elections, only one knew when it was.

Island businesses benefiting from new Momoa series

Islanders are getting a chance to interact with one of the stars of Game of Thrones as a new mini-series is being filmed in Campbell River.

Activists say bud battle is far from over

Pot advocates like Dana Larsen are celebrating legalization but also say pot should be more like alcohol in the eyes of the law.

As island celebrates legal pot, dispensaries close

Canada is now the largest country to ever legalize pot, and islanders were among the thousands buying cannabis on a government-run website.


B.C.’s online pot shop sees thousands of visits, products selling out

A government-run website for pot sales in B.C. sees high demand on its first day in business. CTV’s Yvonne Raymond looks at the shopping experience.

Wednesday, Oct 17


Convicted killer Paul Bernardo's pitch for parole denied

CTV News / World

Paul Bernardo and his lawyer appear at a parole board hearing on October 17, 2018. (Sketch by John Mantha)


Legal marijuana: Canada sparks up cannabis on historic day

CTV News

Legalization in Canada: Cannabis being sold coast-to-coast



Assisted deaths on island eclipse national average

More than 500 Vancouver Islanders chose medically assisted death in the first two years it was legal – five times the national average.

Canadian hospitals brace for pot legalization

A look at what hospitals could see upon legalization; warnings over the recall of nutritional drinks; and a mobility expo hits Victoria.

Curious candidates hope to earn your vote

Chances are on Saturday, you'll step into a voting booth and not recognize many names on the ballot. But CTV's Joe Perkins is here to help.

Addictions researchers eyeing legalization closely

For addictions specialists, the end of pot prohibition could mean the beginning of fewer Canadians dying from complications with alcohol.

Canada on verge of history with pot legalization

We're learning new details about what legal marijuana will look like in B.C., including government pricing and online purchasing options.


Tuesday, Oct 16


Photo of man feeding Timbits to bear nets charge under BC Wildlife Act

Court records show Randy Scott and co-accused Megan Hiltz face one count of feeding or attempting to feed dangerous wildlife.


Trump mocks Elizabeth Warren after DNA test released

FILE - In a Thursday, Jan. 12, 2017 file photo, Senate Armed Services Committee member Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass. questions Defense Secretary-designate James Mattis on Capitol Hill in Washington, during the committee's confirmation…


PM questioned on pot pardon plans for convicted Canadians

CTV News / World

Men pass a marijuana joint as they ride in a tour bus on Wednesday, April 26, 2017 throughout Denver. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Joe Mahoney



B.C. government's stern warning to pot shops

Shut down or face the consequences, the province tells existing dispensaries ahead of legalization.



Zipline on Mt. Washington will be island's longest

At 2,300 metres, the $3.5-million zipline being installed at Mount Washington is considered the longest on Vancouver Island.

David vs. Goliath battle in Langford

One more term for incumbent Stew Young will mark three decades at the helm. Will anyone ever be able to unseat Langford's 'cowboy' mayor?

Saanich nanny faces new child porn charges

On Monday, cameras got their first glimpse of Jonathon Robichaud, who is accused of several sex-related crimes against kids.

Province promises its ready for pot legalization

The day pot becomes legal, only one store in B.C. will be licensed to sell it – and the government is encouraging unlicensed shops to close.


Mammogram transparency: New information for B.C. women

Starting today, women who go for a mammogram in B.C. will be given a critical piece of information to help fight against breast cancer.

Police, province say they're ready for legal pot

The B.C. government and Vancouver police say they're prepared to tackle for marijuana to become legal on Wednesday.

Monday, Oct 15