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'Feat of engineering' or 'bridge of death'? China opens world's longest sea bridge

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The $20-billion bridge connecting the country to Hong Kong took almost a decade to build and is known as the "bridge of death" among some local media outlets, with officials saying at least 18 workers died during construction.

'Barbaric': Turkey's President hits out over Khashoggi's 'premeditated' killing

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Recep Tayyip Erdogan tells his country's Parliament that local authorities will continue investigating the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, adding "whitewashing such barbarity will of course injure…

Lily spent her 18th birthday homeless and on a hospital bed after being cut adrift

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Children raised in state care lose their support when they turn 18, but it is hoped a new trial in WA extending the age limit to 21 will cut homelessness and boost their chances of education and employment.

Bible Museum's Dead Sea Scroll fragments confirmed as fake

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Washington DC's $US500 million Museum of the Bible is forced to admit a painful truth: at least five of the museum's 16 fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls are apparent forgeries.

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Invictus competitor comforted by playing partner after helicopter triggers his PTSD

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After the sound of a helicopter triggers wheelchair tennis competitor Paul Guest's PTSD, his playing partner Edwin Vermetten instantly moves to comfort him, the pair sharing a raw a moment of kinship and understanding that sums up the…


'Do you want to have a go?': Cyclist's ankle fractured in clash with pedestrian

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James Stevenson says he was riding to work in the Brisbane CBD when he brushed past a pedestrian, who is then captured on camera running and confronting the cyclist.

How the evidence mounted that Jamal Khashoggi had been killed

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What started as an unexplained disappearance has spiralled into a diplomatic crisis for Saudi Arabia and horrified the rest of the world.


'Gravity has caught up with stupidity' with house prices falling in major cities

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The boom time is over and we're now experiencing the "house price fall we had to have", according to Deloitte's latest business outlook, which also tips better wage growth on the horizon.

A NSW Liberal says a snap federal poll would save state seats. Let the blame game begin

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The Wentworth loss has sent shockwaves through Liberal ranks, but one NSW parliamentarian's call for an early federal election in order to stem losses at upcoming state polls is being dismissed as "Sydney-centric", writes Patricia Karvelas.


Fishermen 'gobsmacked' to see man standing chest-deep in crocodile-infested waterway

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Twenty per cent of all crocodiles trapped in the Top End this year were at Hope Inlet — and that's where a man was spotted standing in the water to cast a line.


Bee swarms cause havoc across Sydney as queens battle for hives


Large swarms of bees searching for new homes in the humid spring weather are spotted across Sydney, causing havoc in school playgrounds and shopping strips, invading gardens and even checking out the ABC headquarters in Ultimo.

Third Saudi explanation for Khashoggi killing gets short shrift on Capitol Hill

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Almost every day new explanations about how and why Jamal Khashhoggi was killed keep coming from Saudi Arabia, but none of it's flying in Washington, writes Conor Duffy.


'Why I stay': Darwin residents explain why they call the Top End home

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For several years the Northern Territory's population has been shrinking, and the news about the economy hasn't been encouraging. But many long-term Territorians still love to call it home.

Warne says Australian cricket is 'struggling' — here's how he'd fix it

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Shane Warne says Australian cricket is "pretty ordinary at the moment" and needs to return to its grassroots foundations.

Wall St fluctuates on tech rebound and weaker bank stocks


The Australian share market is expected to start the day with very little momentum, after another volatile session on Wall Street. Meanwhile, the Australian dollar falls moderately to 70.8 US cents.

'Body double': Leaked video shows man leaving consulate in Khashoggi's clothes

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Surveillance footage emerges of a man walking out of the Saudi consulate in Istanbul on the day Jamal Khashoggi died — apparently wearing the dissident journalist's clothes.


One-in-a-million genetic mutation robs boy of childhood


A nine-year-old from the Sunshine Coast is one of two Australian children living with a rare degenerative, terminal disease that has left him unable to walk, talk or feed himself.

Labor's voter tracking practices exposed by a simple Google search

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If you tell Labor volunteers something, it may end up in the "Propensity Table" in their massive campaign database.

Monday, Oct 22

'Labor thinks this is something to trade over': PM plays down deal on NZ resettlement on refugees

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Prime Minister Scott Morrison plays down the prospect of a bipartisan deal with Labor to resettle refugees, saying New Zealand has never been his preferred outcome.

Eleven children taken off Nauru for medical attention

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Australian Border Force officials reveal 11 children have been transferred off Nauru for medical attention, as calls grow for the Government to accept New Zealand's offer to take refugees from the island.

Scott Morrison apologises to victims of institutional child sex abuse

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"Today Australia confronts a trauma, an abomination hiding in plain sight for far too long," the Prime Minister says, as hundreds of people gather in Canberra to witness the apology recommended by the royal commission into child sexual…

Turnbull returns to Sydney as Phelps reveals campaign cost $300,000

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Former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull touches down in Sydney, as the fallout from Saturday's Wentworth by-election continues and victorious independent Kerryn Phelps says her campaign cost $300,000.

Sunday, Oct 21

Analysis: Angry voters, a risky Parliament and the same old problems … will Morrison find a way out?

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For Scott Morrison, as much as bringing him new problems, Wentworth has put up in lights the ones that were already there, writes Michelle Grattan.

Coalition confident of stemming bleeding after Wentworth defeat

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Losing Liberal candidate Dave Sharma, who believes the ousting of Malcolm Turnbull was the primary reason the seat fell to independent candidate Kerryn Phelps, says "it would be an error to draw national lessons solely from the prism of…

Analysis: Liberals set to pay the high price of dumping Turnbull — but the bill could get even worse

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A historic swing against the Government in a seat held by conservatives for 117 continuous years has left the Liberal Party and the Coalition facing the prospect of humiliation at the next general election, writes political editor Andrew…

Phelps still leads in Wentworth as postal votes are tallied and booths recounted

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ABC election analyst Antony Green says independent candidate Kerryn Phelps is still on track to win the Wentworth by-election from the Liberals, despite a narrowing of her margin earlier today as vote counting continues.

Saturday, Oct 20

Liberals' Wentworth defeat a 'big price' for leadership coup, Morrison admits

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Prime Minister Scott Morrison says Dave Sharma's historic Wentworth by-election defeat represents the price of a leadership spill, as the blue-ribbon electorate changes for the first time in decades.

Government loses majority as Phelps claims historic victory in Wentworth

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Independent candidate Kerryn Phelps claims a historic win in the Wentworth by-election, declaring her victory signals the return of "decency, integrity and humanity" to the Australian Government.

Man killed by lightning near Dubbo as electrical storms engulf Sydney

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A man has died after being struck by lightning at Geurie, near Dubbo, in New South Wales' central west, as thunderstorms lash large areas of the state and the Bureau of Meteorology issues severe weather warnings.

Jamal Khashoggi's death raises questions about Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince

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Just a few years ago, Mohammed bin Salman was relatively unknown. Now, he's one of Saudi Arabia's most powerful men. But the death of Jamal Khashoggi could threaten the Crown Prince's rise.

Friday, Oct 19

Saudi Arabia admits journalist is dead, says he died during fight in consulate

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Saudi authorities admit for the first time that journalist Jamal Khashoggi is dead, saying he died after a fight inside the country's consulate in Istanbul. In response, Donald Trump says he would prefer it if any US retribution did not…

What Wentworth's shifting demographics tell us about today's vote

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Wentworth's changing electorate profile sheds light on how its affluent suburbs have changed over the decades — and how its residents might be approaching today's crucial by-election.

Sydney Anglicans to ban SSM, smoking ceremonies on all church property

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The Sydney Anglican Church is set to vote on sweeping powers that will ensure that no same-sex marriage services or receptions, meditative yoga or traditional Indigenous smoking ceremonies will be held on any of their extensive properties.

Liberals likely to face historic loss in Wentworth, Morrison admits

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Scott Morrison concedes Liberal candidate Dave Sharma is likely to lose Saturday's Wentworth by-election, in what would be the first time the seat had not been held by the party, or its predecessors, since Federation.

Thursday, Oct 18

Opinion: Morrison braces for judgment by Turnbull's old voters

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It's increasingly obvious that as Prime Minister, Scott Morrison will do whatever he thinks it takes — and plumb some dubious depths — to serve his immediate purposes, writes Michelle Grattan.

'This is very bad style': Reef company changed report critical of its program

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A company given millions of taxpayer dollars to cull the devastating crown-of-thorns starfish on the Great Barrier Reef altered a scientific report about the "poor management" of its own program, an ABC investigation can reveal.

12yo girl slashed 20 times on face while walking to school

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Police are investigating a "vicious and cowardly" assault on a young girl who was randomly attacked by a man in a pedestrian tunnel under the Logan Motorway, south of Brisbane.

Judge jails freeway crash driver after texts led to 'catastrophic consequences'

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Aine McGrath was exchanging text messages with her boyfriend before losing control of her car on Perth's Mitchell Freeway, crossing four lanes of traffic and slamming into a car in a collision that killed her friend.