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Olympic figure skater stabbed to death

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Ten, who was 25, was stabbed by two men trying to steal a mirror from his car.

Russia tests new nuclear weapons after summit with Trump


Russia's military is testing an array of new nuclear and other weapons, from a high-powered laser weapon system to a nuclear-powered cruise missile with "unlimited" range

Syria rebels agree to surrender frontier with Israel


Syrian government set to take back frontier with Israel after rebels agree to surrender

Israel passes controversial Jewish nation-state law


Critics describe the law as racist and say it harms the rights of Palestinians.

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For Russia, Trump is creating more problems than he solves

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Russian President Vladimir Putin says his first summit with President Donald Trump was "successful" and accuses Trump's opponents in the U.S. of hampering any progress on the issues they discussed


Putin attacks Trump's opponents over summit

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Putin made a televised speech to Russian ambassadors in Moscow.

Court orders South Korean government, company to pay families of ferry boat victims


More than 300 people, mostly students, died in 2014 when a ferry boat sank.

Correction: OAS Nicaragua resolution story


The Organization of American States has adopted a resolution condemning human rights abuses committed by Nicaraguan police and armed pro-government civilians since protests against President Daniel Ortega began in mid-April


EU preparing to hit back if US puts tariffs on car imports


The European Union's trade chief says that the bloc is already preparing a list of "rebalancing measures" in case U.S. President Donald Trump would impose tariffs on imported cars and auto parts


Investor frenzy in S. Korea over Russia treasure ship rumors


A South Korean company's claim to have found a sunken Russian warship has triggered investor frenzy amid speculation the ship carried an enormous amount of gold


After rescue, soccer boys pray for protection at Thai temple


The youth soccer teammates rescued from a flooded cave began their first day back home with their families by going to a Buddhist temple to pray for protection from misfortunes

Video emerges of Macron bodyguard beating protester in Paris


A security aide to French President Emmanuel Macron has been seen in a video wearing a police helmet and beating up a student protester


Thai boy rescued from cave speaks out: 'Thought about my parents'

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A boy from the rescued Thai soccer team and his father talked to ABC News.


Russian officials to meet suspected spy jailed in US

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Russian Embassy officials are to meet with a Siberian gun rights activist jailed in Washington on charges of spying on the United States

Chinese president visits UAE amid push to increase influence


Chinese president visiting Abu Dhabi as the two countries look to strengthen trade ties, expand investment


Under Assad's grip, uneasy co-existence with Syria ex-rebels


In Syria under President Assad's grip, uneasy co-existence between military, former rebel fighters who surrendered


The Latest: Thai soccer boys attend religious ceremony


The Thai soccer boys and their coach have attended a Buddhist ceremony at a temple to protect them against misfortunes a day after they were discharged from a hospital following their rescue from a flooded cave


New video captures passengers' terror inside ill-fated S. Africa plane: 'This is bad'


New video from inside the plane that crashed in South Africa recently, killing one, captured the terror experienced by passengers as they saw one of the burning engines.

Wednesday, Jul 18

Thai boys recount cave rescue: Voices in dark, then 'hello'


The 12 boys and their soccer coach who were rescued from a flooded cave in northern Thailand have recounted their ordeal for reporters at a news conference

Rescued boys explain how they survived in cave for 2 weeks

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The 12 young soccer players and their coach rescued from a Thai cave never gave up hope of being found alive and passed the time digging into a rocky wall.

Boys say they dug holes in cave to try to save themselves

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The boys were rescued from a flooded cave over three days last week.

US pastor denied release in latest trial hearing in Turkey


A court in western Turkey has again denied a request for the release from custody of an American pastor who is on trial on charges of aiding terror groups and engaging espionage

Tuesday, Jul 17

Most expensive Chinese movie ever bombs, was pulled from theaters in days


The movie "Asura" took the equivalent of $112 million and six years to make.

Obama delivers veiled rebuke to Trump in Mandela address


Former President Barack Obama has given President Donald Trump's policies a veiled rebuke in a speech honoring the late South African leader Nelson Mandela

Russian prosecutors want to question US intel agents

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Russian prosecutors are pushing to question U.S. intelligence agents and a former ambassador to Moscow in their investigation of an influential foe of Vladimir Putin

EU official urges Trump, Putin not to destroy global order


EU's Tusk urges Trump, Putin, China to unite in avoiding trade wars, preventing 'conflict and chaos'

Monday, Jul 16

Trump casts doubt on US intelligence, calls Putin's meddling denial was 'strong'

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Trump said he trusts the U.S. intelligence community, which has concluded that Russia interfered in the 2016 election. He also called Putin's denial strong.

Massive iceberg threatening Greenland village moves away from coast


Big cracks in the iceberg raise fear that it could break.

'Superman' doctor who cared for soccer team in cave reunites with boys in hospital

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Dr. Pak Loharnshoon of the Royal Thai Army visited the boys in the hospital.

33 passengers hospitalized after Ryanair flight depressurizes

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Some people complained of bleeding from their ears.

Sunday, Jul 15

The Latest: Supporters cheer as Trump nears Helsinki hotel


Several dozen supporters of President Donald Trump, many waving American flags and sporting "Make America Great Again" caps, have cheered as the U.S. leader neared his hotel in Helsinki before his summit with Russian President Vladimir…

France overpowers Croatia 4-2 to win 2nd World Cup


The final ends a tournament full of surprises in a briefly changed Russia.

Summit with Trump a win-win proposition for Putin: Experts


The Kremlin hopes it can restore normal communication channels with the U.S.

ISIS insurgents prove resilient against US Green Berets


ABC News was given exclusive access to U.S. Special Forces troops fighting on the frontlines against ISIS in Afghanistan.