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Tornadoes touch down in Iowa, causing several injuries and destruction


Tornadoes touch down in Iowa causing severe damage and destruction.

Shark attacks: What are the most dangerous places in America? Here's your guide.


Shark attacks in New York waters are so rare that there have been only 10 documented cases.

Harvey Weinstein asks court to dismiss Ashley Judd lawsuit, says they had a 'bargain'


The disgraced producer said they had 'a bargain' and he helped Judd's career.

Man allegedly put baby monitor in co-worker's bedroom that remained there for months


Christopher Neel of Nashville is charged with wiretapping.

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Family of 1988 cold case victim attends suspected killer's court appearance

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John Miller was arrested Sunday in the killing of 8-year-old April Tinsley.

Steam pipe blast spews asbestos, creates bus-size crater in the middle of NYC


An 86-year-old underground steam pipe exploded in New York City Thursday morning, spewing dangerous asbestos-tainted debris throughout the area and leaving a huge crater.

Bees sting parks worker several hundred times as he hangs upside-down

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A swarm of bees stung a New Hampshire tree cutter several hundred times Thursday as he dangled upside-down mid-air, authorities said.


Beaches reopen day after 2 children hurt in possible shark attacks

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Fire Island beaches closed in the wake of two suspected shark attacks reopened.

'We avoided a disaster': Bystander saves baby from car on hot day, mom arrested


The boy was not in the car for very long and was in good condition.

400-pound boulder partially severs boy's arm on California beach


The teen was hospitalized in serious condition.


Death row inmate hopes DNA testing on key piece of evidence will save his life

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Time moves slowly for 37-year-old Julius Jones as he sits and waits on death row in Oklahoma.

FBI director: 'Russia attempted to interfere in the last election'

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As President Trump continues to "clarify" his views on whether Russia launched an assault on the 2016 election, the FBI director made his own views clear today.

Police rescue baby from bank robbery suspect who allegedly used child as a shield

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Police in northern Texas rescued a baby from a suspected bank robber who allegedly tried to use the child as a shield when officers attempted to arrest her: officials.

WATCH: Mark Zuckerberg talks Holocaust deniers and the battle against 'fake news'


The Facebook CEO told technology website Recode that false content wouldn't be removed but wouldn't be widely distributed either.


Mega Millions jackpot surges to $422M before Friday's drawing

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The Mega Millions jackpot has surged to $422 million for Friday night’s drawing after there were no winners Tuesday night for the top prize.

Thursday, Jul 19

Alleged intruder who picked the wrong home taken down by MMA fighter


Admit it. There have been times in your life when you've dreamed of becoming an expert fighter and raining down sweet superhero justice on the wrongdoers of the world.

Police release body-camera video of Stormy Daniels arrest


Police in Columbus, Ohio, released body-camera video showing Stephanie Clifford, the adult film star known as Stormy Daniels, being arrested.

Wednesday, Jul 18

12 suspects in mistaken killing of Bronx teen indicted on murder charges


Twelve alleged Trinitarios gang members have been indicted on murder charges in the mistaken identity stabbing death of a 15-year-old Bronx teen.

13-year-old boy bitten by possible shark


Police in Suffolk County responded to two people who reported that they were bitten in the waters off Fire Island near Long Island, New York.

2 suspects all smiles in pose with officers after arrest


A couple apprehended in Florida after a high-speed chase posed with a smile alongside the arresting officers, as shown in video and photos.

17-year-old dies after high school band practice


A 17-year-old girl died after high school band practice on Monday night.

Tuesday, Jul 17

'Possible serial killer' nabbed in slayings charged with capital murder

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A parolee who cut off his ankle monitor is now suspected in connection to a series of murders in the Houston area has been arrested, police said.

Young man walked miles for first day of work, gets car from CEO

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When his car broke down, the young man decided he had no choice but to walk.

4 of 5 teens in deadly rock-throwing case accept plea deals


The four boys could have faced up to life in prison if convicted of murder.

Couple 'in disbelief' after finding woman at bottom of cliff

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A California couple described finding a car-crash victim who survived seven days at the bottom of an oceanside cliff.

Monday, Jul 16

Lava bomb injures 23 on tour boat in Hawaii

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It punctured the roof of a tour boat in Hawaii Monday.

Gas station clerk helps woman escape alleged kidnappers


Police credited a "quick thinking" clerk in California for saving a woman's life.

Arrest made in 1988 child murder after genealogy research matches DNA

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Police have arrested an Indiana man after DNA matched a cold case from 1988 in the death of an 8-year-old girl.

Chicago police release bodycam footage of fatal shooting


The shooting caused large protests on Saturday and Sunday nights.

Sunday, Jul 15

3 police officers shot in Kansas City, rifle-wielding suspect killed: Officials

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Three police officers were shot in a confrontation in Kansas City on Sunday.

'Peace Day' declared for boy who delivered inspirational messages before his death


Mattie Stepanek, who had a rare form of muscular dystrophy, died in 2004 when he was 13 years old.

East, West coasts both start off week with hot temperatures

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Both coasts will be dealing with 90-degree weather on Monday.

Woman survives for a week after crashing car off 200-foot cliff

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The woman was on her way to see her sister when reported missing.