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A hint of political maturation

The Bangkok Art and Culture Centre has been put under bureaucratic pressure, its budget cut and its relations with Bangkok Metropolitan Authority strained. One way to support this hub of contemporary art in downtown Bangkok is simple:…

Pink cleansing


A soft spot for anything pastel may attract you to Banila Co, whose best-selling Clean It Zero comes in pink, blue, yellow and violet-coloured jars.

For lips that really pop


Changing shades to match the outfit or mood of the day, a woman can't have enough tubes of lipstick to express herself. French luxury brand Sisley pointed out that more important than the colour, a sweep should provide protection and care.

Get a Paris pout


Paris Fashion Week kicked off yesterday in the City of Lights. In parallel with runway shows, official partner L'Oréal Paris is rolling out a make-up collection under its fashion-meets-beauty project.

Hotel hand garland gala


The Athenee Hotel on Witthayu Road will celebrate the first anniversary of its rebranding with the "Gala Hand Garland Contest", open to interested persons aged 18 to 25.

Nimitr welcomes two young accomplished chefs


137 Pillars Suites and Residences Bangkok will present an exclusive Indonesian-Thai pop-up dinner by two young celebrated chefs at its Nimitr restaurant for only two nights this Saturday and Sunday at 7pm. A collaboration between Nimitr's…

A brief overview of sports injuries

Though being active in sports at the professional or leisure level is associated with good health, the physical extremes that such activities require are often the source of annoying and sometimes debilitating injuries.

Appeasing the spirits among us


Everyone calls her "Auntie Dok Bua", after the most beautiful of all Thai flowers. She is tall and stately, and she lives in the shade of one of Klong Toey's most sacred trees. Her age approaches 70 today, which people say is the same age…

Monday, Sep 24


Parsing the fat

The idea of shedding kilos in this weight-obsessed society has gone beyond paying pricey gym membership fees and hiring a personal trainer to build the perfect body. A number of women who feel they're overweight shift from one diet to the…


Spray-can satire creates headache for junta

Bangkok Post

Thailand's junta chief caricatured as a "lucky cat" with a paw raised to rake in money, or his face crossed out by a thick, red line -- daring graffiti is cropping up across Bangkok as the city's walls become a canvas for rare political…


A long way still to go

It is cruel when the essence of someone's identity is branded as a wrong that needs to be righted. Recently, certain occurrences have reminded society about how the LGBTI people are perceived in a place that is seemingly open, and yet…

A social disease


One of my favourite actors recently left this world prematurely due to frail health caused by chronic excessive drinking. It is sad, because Warut Woratham, once the country's No.1 heartthrob, had managed to quit drinking and opted for a…

Tapping into wealth


Three years ago, corporate consultant Bhaskar Prabhakara and his wife, Lavanya, were looking for a good source of personal investing advice. To their surprise, they struggled to find an advisory service that could give them what they had…

Double jeopardy

Of the 370,000 held in the Thai prison system, 4,500 of them are transgender people.

Sunday, Sep 23


What's Buzzing


The new 4th generation Apple Watch doesn't just want you to know the time, it also wants to save your life. On top of a 30% larger screen, a more thin and sleek design and a two-times-faster processor, the new Apple Watch has improved its…

Borneo to be wild

Landing in Kota Kinabalu, we weren't sure what to expect. The name, to most globetrotters, conjures up the sky-piercing Gurung Kinabalu -- a mountain whose conquerable peak of 4,095m entices both novice and serious mountaineers from all…


Putting 'fat' on the scales

I have the best neighbours on all four sides of my home in leafy Samut Prakan.

Friday, Sep 21


Maroon 5 set to perform at Super Bowl half-time

Thirteen years after Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones played during the Super Bowl half-time, Maroon 5 will display the Moves Like Jagger at Super Bowl LIII.

Your horoscope for 21-27 Sep


Spot-on horoscope for work, money, coupled & single life from famously accurate Guru's fortuneteller. Let's see how would you fare this week & beyond!


Modern French-bistro fare that's a flight above

It's a refreshingly straightforward name for a venue that calls home the historically trend-steeped Sukhumvit Soi 11, but in its simplicity, The Bar Upstairs does not begin to do justice to the full-spectrum spread of wine-ing and dining…

Delicioso, dude! Cali-Mex Bar and Grill


Take Mexico's famously spicy and flavourful cuisine, add a generous helping of California style grill-fare deliciousness… and you've got Cali-Mex, the Hong Kong-based restaurant chain that rates a resounding nailed it! for its impossible…


The road to redemption


Akkarin "Rung" Puri spent almost half of his life behind bars. Instead of hiding his dark past, he's open about his ex-inmate status and uses it to inspire convicts to change their way and campaign for understanding and, more importantly,…

Go Parisian in Bangkok

You can picnic Parisian-style in the middle of Sukhumvit. And, no, I'm not talking about going to Benchasiri Park. You can picnic indoors and more at The Bar Upstairs, the latest venue by Soho Hospitality.

Bite into happiness

If you've got a craving for soft-baked cookies, pastry chef David Okamoto can satisfy you.


Disney admits Dark Side for 'Star Wars'


LOS ANGELES: There is a disturbance in the Force.


Old versus new


Culinary art keeps evolving. Nothing is the same when looking back 50 years, when the same kind of food was completely different from today. It is quite difficult to predict future food style. It would be possible that shrimp with spicy…

Hot from Toronto


Some highlights and award hopefuls from the film festival that will likely occupy the spotlight in the coming months

Laboratory opens


Along with celebrating its 15th anniversary, Chulalongkorn University's Halal Science Center (HSC) paid tribute to the late Tan Sri Surin Pitsuwan by opening a laboratory named after the former foreign minister and Asean secretary-general,…

Phuket project


A new landmark on Thailand's largest island, Central Phuket spans 400,000m² as a luxury, leisure and lifestyle destination.