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Italy budget: European Commission demands changes

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC / Europe

For the first time, the European Commission tells a member state to change its national budget.

Khashoggi murder planned days ahead, says Turkey's Erdogan

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Turkey's president says the writer was killed in a "savage way" and demands the Saudis explain.

World markets slide amid investor fears

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Analysts say it is hard to pinpoint the fall on one factor, but blame general investor jitters.

Nasa photographs rectangular iceberg

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC

Nasa has released a striking photo of a rectangular iceberg floating in the Weddell Sea off Antarctica.

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Hurricane Willa: Mexico warns of 'extremely dangerous' storm

The "potentially catastrophic" Storm Willa will hit Mexico's west-central coast later on Tuesday.


US Republican's relatives say he is 'wrong choice' for Nevada

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC / US / Canada

A dozen family members of Republican Adam Laxalt pen an op-ed opposing his bid for governor.

George Soros: Bomb squad destroy explosive device near billionaire's home

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC / US / Canada

The FBI investigates after a package with "bomb components" is found at the billionaire's New York home.


Sandra Day O’Connor, US Supreme Court first woman justice, has dementia

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC / US / Canada

Justice O'Connor, the first woman to serve on the top court, says she is withdrawing from public life.


Mobile app data sharing 'out of control'

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC / Technology

Nearly 90% of apps on Google Play share data with Google parent Alphabet, researchers say.


Bolton says Russia's nuclear treaty warnings 'overheated'

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC.com

The world will not be endangered if the US pulls out of a missile deal with Russia, US National Security Adviser Bolton says.


Poisoned baby food: German jailed for attempted murder

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC / Europe

A 54-year-old man is sentenced to 12-and-a-half years in prison for attempted murder and extortion.


Shipwreck found in Black Sea is 'world's oldest intact'

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC / Europe

A Greek merchant ship dating back more than 2,400 years is found almost perfectly preserved.


World's longest sea crossing: Hong Kong-Zhuhai bridge opens

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC / Asia

The $20bn bridge spanning 55km is an engineering marvel but has been dogged by safety issues and delays.


Trump and the facts about the migrant caravan

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC.com

Are "Middle Easterners" part of a convoy organised by Democrats? We asked our reporter on the ground.

Amy Schumer uses Meghan pic to announce pregnancy

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC / Entertainment

The comedian announced the news via a friend's Instagram story, and a photoshopped picture.


Why did this lioness kill the father of her cubs?

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC.com

We ask the experts to share their theories on why a lioness killed her zoo companion of eight years.

Trump vows to cut aid over migrant caravan

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC / US / Canada

The president continues his threats against the Central American nations as the convoy heads north.


Khashoggi death: US meets Saudi crown prince despite criticism

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC.com

The US treasury chief's meeting in Riyadh comes amid an outcry over the murder of Jamal Khashoggi.

Ask America: How Americans think Trump affects their life

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC.com

We asked people from a dozen US states how they think Donald Trump has changed things for them.


Trump: US will build up nuclear arsenal

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC / US / Canada

The US president says Russia has violated a key nuclear treaty, which he has threatened to abandon.

Monday, Oct 22

Theresa May says 95% of Brexit deal is done

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC.com

The prime minister tells MPs progress is being made, after days of speculation about her job.

Saudis now admit journalist murdered

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC.com

A senior minister blames a "rogue operation" as pressure mounts over the death of Jamal Khashoggi.

Russia nuclear treaty: Bolton in Moscow amid missile tensions

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC / Europe

The US is pulling out of a Cold War missile treaty as its top security adviser visits Moscow.

Dark disappearances: How Saudi critics keep going missing

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC.com

In the wake of Jamal Khashoggi's death, BBC Arabic looks at how Saudi Arabia has dealt with its citizens who criticise it from abroad.

Sunday, Oct 21

Jamal Khashoggi death: UK, France and Germany challenge Saudis

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC.com

The UK, France and Germany demand urgent clarification on how Jamal Khashoggi died.

Russia nuclear treaty: Gorbachev warns Trump plan will undermine disarmament

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC

The ex-Soviet president says scrapping a Cold War missile deal will undermine nuclear disarmament.

Migrant caravan: Desperate members illegally cross into Mexico

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC.com

Honduran migrants are entering Mexico illegally as patience runs thin at the border with Guatemala.

The tip-off from a Nazi that saved my grandparents

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC.com

A Jewish tailor was advised to flee Denmark in 1943 by a German client. But why would this leading Nazi defy Hitler?

Saturday, Oct 20

President Trump to pull US from Russia missile treaty

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC

President Trump said the US will "terminate" a landmark 1987 deal over alleged Russian violations.

Amritsar: At least 59 dead as India train mows down crowd

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC.com

Victims were standing on the tracks watching celebrations for the Hindu festival of Dusshera.

Khashoggi killing: Turkey vows to reveal 'truth' on Saudi critic's death

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC

Turkey's threat comes as Saudi admits for the first time the journalist was killed - in a fistfight.

Jamal Khashoggi case: Saudi Arabia says journalist killed in fight

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC

For the first time, Saudi Arabia admits the critic was killed and says 18 Saudis have been arrested.

Friday, Oct 19

Jamal Khashoggi case: Turkish police search forest

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC.com

Turkish officials believe the Saudi journalist's body may have been disposed of outside Istanbul.

Trump hails body slamming Congressman Greg Gianforte in Montana

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC

A campaign group for journalists' safety is among those to call for the US president to apologise.

Royal tour: Harry and Meghan kick off their shoes on Bondi Beach

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC / Australia

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex get into a group hug with surfers during a visit to the iconic beach.

China economy: Third quarter growth misses expectations at 6.5%

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC / Asia

Growth in the world's second-largest economy cooled as Beijing battles rising financial threats.

Thursday, Oct 18

Jamal Khashoggi case: Mnuchin and Fox quit Saudi summit

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC.com

This comes amid fears journalist Jamal Khashoggi was killed inside a Saudi consulate in Turkey.

Brexit: EU ready to extend transition period

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC

Theresa May says both sides are determined to reach a deal, despite no major breakthrough.

Banksy: How Love is in the Bin's shredding did not go to plan

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC / Entertainment

The artist confirms the canvas was supposed to shred in full, not just partially.

Jamal Khashoggi disappearance: Last column published

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC.com

Jamal Khashoggi's column is published as search of the Saudi consulate in Istanbul continues.