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XXXTentacion, controversial rapper, shot dead in Florida aged 20

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC

The controversial rapper, a rising star who faced domestic violence charges, has been killed aged 20.

Trump space force: US to set up sixth military branch

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC / News

Donald Trump said the "sixth branch" of the military would be good for national security and jobs.

US child migrants recorded crying

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC.com

In audio reportedly from inside a US border facility children can be heard crying as an agent jokes.

World Cup 2018: Landon Donovan defends support for Mexico


Landon Donovan says he always had "a strong connection" to Mexico despite the bitter US rivalry.

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XXXTentacion: Rap star's volatile life made compelling music

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC.com

A controversial rapper who was shot dead in Florida had a troubled life that inspired his work.


NBA star Kanter's dad facing 15-year prison sentence in Turkey

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC / Sport

Turkey wants to imprison the father of Enes Kanter, a basketball player, on terrorism charges.


Immigration rows: US and Germany compared


Mr Trump called out Germany's immigration stance to defend his own - what's happening there and in US?


Trump says US will not be a migrant camp

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC.com

"Not on my watch," says the US president, as his administration defends its immigration crackdown.


Amanda Lindhout's kidnapper gets 15-year sentence

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC / News

Ali Omar Ader was lured to Canada to be tried for his role in journalist Amanda Lindhout's kidnap.


Texas cop 'abused migrant girl and threatened to deport mum'


The sheriff vowed to "cut out" the officer "like cancer" after he allegedly abused a young girl.

Trump wades into German migration row

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC / News

The US president lashes out at Angela Merkel's leadership as he defends his own migration crackdown.

Walmart shopper shoots dead carjacking gunman

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC / News

A Walmart shopper in Washington state fatally shot a carjacker after he had shot a driver on Sunday.


Trump migrant separation policy: Children 'in cages' in Texas

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC / News

Reporters who visited a migrant detention centre in Texas say they saw 20 children inside one cage.

US child migrants: First ladies speak out on Trump separation policy

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC / News

Former Republican First Lady Laura Bush condemns Trump's policy as his wife also expresses concern.


Facebook cuts out gun-accessory ads for children

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC / Technology

The change means children will no longer see ads for scopes, holsters and other gun accessories.


Royal wedding 2018: Meghan's dad reveals tears over big day

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC

Thomas Markle says he is upset about being "a footnote to the greatest moment in history".

US immigration: Five die after high-speed chase by border agents


A vehicle carrying immigrants turns over several times after a chase by US Border Patrol agents.


American Brooks Koepka wins US Open

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC / Sport

American Brooks Koepka retains his US Open title with victory over England's record-equalling Tommy Fleetwood at Shinnecock Hills.

Sunday, Jun 17

Father's Day tribute to Chris Cornell

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC / Entertainment

The late singer's daughter posted a duet of the pair singing, saying she missed his love every day.

New Jersey arts festival: One shooter dead and 22 injured

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC.com

About 1,000 people were attending the New Jersey arts event when at least two people opened fire.

General Electric faces fines over French jobs pledge

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC / Business

France threatens to take the unusual step of fining General Electric for not creating jobs.

UK TV director's Tesla bursts into flames

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC

Michael Morris' actress wife posts dramatic footage of this week's incident in Los Angeles.

Saturday, Jun 16

Harvard University 'discriminates against Asian-Americans'

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC / Asia

The prestigious US university denies the claim that it prefers white, black and Hispanic applicants.

Friday, Jun 15

US child migrants: 2,000 separated from families in six weeks

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC.com

Figures show the scale of family separations under a crackdown on illegal immigrants at the Mexico border.

US slaps 25% tariff on Chinese goods

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC / News

President Trump unveils 25% tariffs on $34bn worth of Chinese goods, accusing Beijing of intellectual copyright theft.

Paul Manafort jailed by judge for alleged witness tampering

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC

The judge says Mr Manafort had treated court proceedings as "just another marketing exercise".

James Comey broke norms as FBI director but was not biased - watchdog

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC.com

The report criticises ex-FBI director James Comey for his handling of the Hillary Clinton investigation.

Thursday, Jun 14

New York sues Trump Foundation, alleging 'extensive' lawbreaking

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC / News

The lawsuit accuses the Trump Foundation of "persistent illegal conduct" related to the 2016 election.

North Korea sanctions remain until complete denuclearisation, says US

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC / News

No sanctions will be lifted until North Korea has completely denuclearised, says Mike Pompeo.

Trump Kim summit: US wants 'major N Korea disarmament' by 2020

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC.com

The US sets a date it wants to see "major" nuclear disarmament from Pyongyang but details remain thin.

London Breed becomes San Francisco's first black female mayor

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC / News

London Breed now runs the city where she grew up in impoverished public housing.