Friday, Aug 10


U.S. Stocks Drop, Dollar Gains Amid Turkey Crisis: Markets Wrap


Stocks sold off around the world, with U.S. equities erasing what would’ve been a sixth weekly gain as Turkey’s economic crisis deepened. The dollar capped its best week since June as the lira sank to ...

Thursday, Aug 9


Alex Jones Forced Social Media to Make a Choice - Bloomberg

Bloomberg / News

Mark Gongloff is an editor with Bloomberg Opinion. He previously was a managing editor of Fortune.com, ran the Huffington Post's business and technology ...


Doctors Nudged By Overdose Letter Prescribe Fewer Opioids

(AP) -- In a novel experiment, doctors got a letter from the medical examiner's office telling them of their patient's fatal overdose. The response: They ...


A Challenge to the Biggest Idea in Behavioral Finance


A recent paper summarized in Scientific American raises an intriguing question: Is one of the founding theories of behavioral finance known as loss aversion -- the idea that people place more weight o...


Super-Rich Tourists and Dangers to Capitalism - Bloomberg


Barry Ritholtz is a Bloomberg Opinion columnist. He founded Ritholtz Wealth Management and was chief executive and director of equity research at FusionIQ ...

Wednesday, Aug 8


Artificial Intelligence Is Coming for Hiring, and It Might ...

There’s certainly plenty of room for improvement. Employee referrals, a process that tends to leave underrepresented groups out, still make up a bulk of ...

Tuesday, Aug 7

Boeing Finds Surprise Asset for Defense Comeback: Old Warplanes

It wasn’t so long ago that Leanne Caret, head of Boeing Co.’s defense division, was warning of a grim future for one of the planemaker’s marquee fighter jets. As finance chief of the business, Caret h...


SpaceX Launches Indonesian Satellite in 15th Mission of Year

Space Exploration Technologies Corp. successfully deployed an Indonesian satellite into orbit early Tuesday, notching another milestone in its bid to quickly reuse rockets in its 15th mission of the y...

Monday, Aug 6


What’s a Space Force, and Can Trump Really Start One?

Satellites make much of modern warfare possible, through GPS systems, wireless communications and sophisticated weather forecasting. This makes satellites tempting military targets. The U.S. Air Force ...

Sunday, Aug 5


Musk Tweets Video Parody of Hitler `Shorting Tesla Stock ...

Tesla Inc. co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk sent a tweet on Sunday linking a parodied version of Downfall, a movie on Adolf Hitler’s last days, talking about shorting Tesla stock.

Friday, Aug 3


Rookies to Hitch Rides on SpaceX, Boeing's First Crewed ...

Three rookies of spaceflight are among the crew of astronauts strapping into Space Exploration Technologies Corp. and Boeing Co. capsules on the companies’ first flights with humans on board. NASA ass...


Hot, Dusty And on Fire: Portugal's Heatwave Breaks Records

Lisbon, Portugal (AP) -- Eight places in Portugal broke local temperature records Friday as a wave of heat from North Africa swept across the Iberian peninsula — and officials predicted the scorching temperatures could get even worse over…

Thursday, Aug 2


Four Men Awarded Fields Medal in Rio De Janeiro


Rio De Janeiro (AP) -- Four mathematicians on Wednesday were awarded this year's Fields Medal, a prestigious award that many describe as the Nobel Prize of mathematics. Given every four years, the prize goes to mathematicians under 40 and…

Wednesday, Aug 1


Google Is Planning China Search App, Ending Long Boycott ...


Google is preparing a version of its search engine for China that blocks results Beijing considers sensitive, according to people familiar with the situation.


Americans Think NASA Should Focus on Climate Change. Trump Doesn’t


NASA’s focus should not be on the cosmos but on Earth, according to a wide-ranging Bloomberg poll of Americans’ views on space. Observing the climate should be NASA’s “top priority,” according to 43 p...

Tuesday, Jul 31


Heat Wave Hits German Farmers as They Request 1 Billion ...


Berlin (AP) -- The German Farmers' Association is asking the government for 1 billion euros ($1.17 billion) in subsidies to help cover losses from this year's harvest, affected by the continuing droug...

Friday, Jul 20


Climate Change Is Disrupting the Planet’s Seasons - Bloomberg

Poring over four decades of satellite data, climate scientists have concluded for the first time that humans are pushing seasonal temperatures out of ...


Lesser-Known Universities Do More With Research Money ...


Noah Smith is a Bloomberg Opinion columnist. He was an assistant professor of finance at Stony Brook University, and he blogs at Noahpinion

Monday, Jul 2


SpaceX Delivers AI Robot, Ice Cream, Mice to Space Station

Cape Canaveral, Fla. (AP) -- The International Space Station got its first robot with artificial intelligence Monday, along with some berries, ice cream and identical brown mice. SpaceX's capsule reached the station three days after…

Friday, Jun 29


Banks Give Us One Less Thing to Worry About - Bloomberg


There’s a lot to worry about in this terrible world, but for the moment, 10 years after the financial crisis, the banking system really isn’t one of ...


SpaceX Sends Falcon 9 and Robot to the ISS

SpaceX launched its 12th mission of the year. The Falcon 9 rocket lifted off from Cape Canaveral bound for the International Space Station at 5:44 am. (Source: Bloomberg). Terms of Service · Trademarks Privacy Policy ©2018 Bloomberg L.P.…


Are Antibacterials Scarier Than Bacteria? Great Question


So much news, so little time! Science sometimes makes headlines and even more often gives us a different way of thinking about the stories of the week. I'd like to delve into a few timely topics in a sort of lightning round: ...


Trust the Facts on GMOs - Bloomberg


The U.S. Department of Agriculture has come up with cheerful new labels for genetically modified foods. The bright green and yellow circles depict a happy ...

Thursday, Jun 28


Your Evening Briefing - Bloomberg

Kennedy announced he will retire, allowing President Trump to nominate a successor who could create the most conservative court in generations. The Senate ...

Wednesday, Jun 27


The DNA Cops Who Make Sure the World’s Deadliest Viruses Aren’t Rebuilt

Genetic engineering could help produce more resilient crops and more effective vaccines. Some fear that it could also be used to make a biological weapon. In January, a small research team at the University of Alberta engineered a cousin…


The Billionaire Space Race Is Making Life Difficult for Airlines

Bloomberg / Technology

On Feb. 6, Elon Musk's SpaceX launched its largest rocket into the blue Florida sky. Onboard was “Starman,” a dummy strapped into the billionaire's cherry red Tesla roadster. Minutes later, fans cheered as Musk topped himself by nailing a…


The Quest to Find a Trillion-Dollar Nuclear Fuel on the Moon

India's space program wants to go where no nation has gone before -– to the south side of the moon. And once it gets there, it will study the potential for mining a source of waste-free nuclear energy that could be worth trillions of…

Tuesday, Jun 26


Chinese Stocks Enter Bear Market as Trade, Growth Risks Increase


Chinese stocks fell, with the benchmark gauge entering a bear market, amid growing concern about the country’s resilience to a trade war with the U.S. The Shanghai Composite Index fell 0.5 percent at the close, taking its loss since a…

Monday, Jun 25


The Startups Waging War Against Superbugs

Anand Anandkumar's father was a physician who spent his career fighting infectious diseases in the South Indian city of Chennai. It was an infection that killed him. In and out of hospital for a failing heart, he picked up a bug resistant…

Friday, Jun 22


Warning: Alcohol Studies May Impair Judgment - Bloomberg


Many of us would love to know the health impact of moderate alcohol consumption, and researchers had just started a large-scale study to get at the answer ...