Brisbane Times / Queensland

Wednesday, Oct 17


Labor squashes opposition attempt to create select committee to investigate the Premier

Labor has used its majority in Parliament to block opposition moves to set up a select committee to investigate Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk over bribery allegations. Ms Palaszczuk's actions have been under fire following complaints by…

Tuesday, Oct 16


'Unprincipled and craven': Morrison's Israel pitch plumbs new depths of stupid

The Jews of Wentworth shouldn't feel gratified by Scott Morrison's gambit. They should feel insulted.

Sunday, Oct 14


Fairfax-Ipsos poll: So what was the point of the Liberal leadership implosion?

It's just as well Scott Morrison didn't take the prime ministership on a promise of improving the government's standing in the polls.

Queensland premier refuses KAP call to stand down

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk says she won't stand aside while the state ethics committee investigates her decision to strip a minor party of resources. Labor speaker Curtis Pitt referred Ms Palaszczuk to the ethics committee on…


Premier to recommend mum for bravery

The young mother who was pelted with giant hailstones while shielding her baby during freak southeast Queensland thunderstorms is being nominated for a bravery award. Fiona Simpson, 23, was left with horrific bruising and cuts after hail…

Saturday, Oct 13


'Regime change without a war': we need to get smarter about fake news

Social media makes all of us both consumers and producers of information that can be dangerous.

Friday, Oct 12

Breaking news: government does what it's meant to do

This may come as a shock. The federal government is on the cusp of coming up with an actual solution to a real problem.

'It hits a nerve': the politicisation of the population debate

Raw emotion and cold election calculus are helping to fuel a resurgent political debate over population growth that will have far-reaching consequences.


Based on a lazy assumption, Bill Shorten has been underestimated by politicians and the media

Bill Shorten has had enough of the idea that he can coast to an election victory while his enemies implode.

Winding back gay discrimination in schools is a pragmatic response from Morrison

"We just want to fix it," one government source claims.


To the outraged guardians of the Opera House: Welcome to our world

Brisbane Times / Sport

For years, Australian sport has been a billboard for corporate sponsorship, to the point where there is little soul left behind the logo.

Thursday, Oct 11


Maddening moment in immigration debate

Politicians are right to raise the challenge of rapid migration and the congestion in the big cities. But their endless talk highlights their impotence.


Chinese move was an 'up yours' to the rest of the world

This is not a case of China signalling to others to butt out of its internal affairs.

Wednesday, Oct 10


Voters of Wentworth can send a message on climate governance

Turn the Wentworth byelection into a referendum on climate policy.


How religion will divide the Liberals and inflame the Parliament

The new fight over religious freedom comes at the worst possible time for Prime Minister Scott Morrison and his wounded government.

Tuesday, Oct 9


Want a more capable nation? Start younger

Why is an economics writer getting so excited about preschools? Because I can’t think of any other single initiative more likely to benefit us socially and economically.

Monday, Oct 8


The political will to prevent climate change is lacking, even as the cost climbs

Australians are being presented with another startling contrast between colossal risk and paltry action over climate change.

Sunday, Oct 7


Labor could end Bob Katter's career following embrace of anti-immigration politics

Labor preferences have been crucial to the outspoken MP's previous victories, but they are now under threat.

Saturday, Oct 6


Fate worse than death that seems to have touched most of us

It's called life seemingly without hope. I know that place.


Got a political problem? Commission a report

It's a tried and true method to look like your doing something - without burning any political capital.


With Kavanaugh's appointment, progressive America's nightmare has arrived

Trump has accomplished what has been a Republican dream for half a century: a reliable conservative majority on the Supreme Court.

Friday, Oct 5


Cricket's illusion of change merely entrenches status quo

Recent appointments strongly suggest Cricket Australia is far from committed to overhauling its governance.

Thursday, Oct 4


Brawling ex-prime ministers thwart republican cause

Who would sign up to a campaign that only gets attention when there is a clash of political egos over who is the biggest believer in the cause?

Tuesday, Oct 2


No quarter sought, none given. Lowy went down swinging right to end

Steven Lowy fought his corner tooth and nail and went down swinging, quitting as FFA chairman with harsh words for those who overthrew him.


Palaszczuk defends top Queensland bureaucrat pay

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk says the pay packets given to the state's top public servants are appropriate, despite many earning more than she does. Figures released as part of the state government's dump of department annual…


Jedinak, the quiet achiever who spoke with deeds not words

Mile Jedinak was a comforting presence for his teammates, a man who often appeared focused and intense in public, but behind the scenes was inspirational.

Sunday, Sep 30


The ABC board's inability to deal with two issues at the same time will prove fatal

To really appreciate the monumental world of pain the ABC board finds itself in, it's worth having another look at the evidence.

Saturday, Sep 29


'You're not invited': ABC scandal lifts the veil on stupid politics

Behind closed doors, journalists are bullied, decision-makers are lobbied. The lack of probity is self-sabotagingly stupid.

Friday, Sep 28


Kavanaugh hearing: This wasn't redemption, but history repeating

If you want a fair process, Republican senator Lindsey Graham concluded, "you came to the wrong town at the wrong time."

Thursday, Sep 27


Officials told to keep public in the dark on Great Barrier Reef splurge

Bureaucrats planned how to avoid revealing the $10 million cost of a PR push and a $100 million reef resilience package was also to be kept quiet.