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Friday, Jun 22


So much hoopla for such a modest tax cut

It's not nothing, but it's not much.

Before we English-test our migrants, let's fact-check our politicians

Last year Malcolm Turnbull announced plans to “strengthen” our citizenship laws. Then something embarrassing happened. Now it's back on the agenda.

Thursday, Jun 21

ABC motion reveals immaturity at heart of Liberal Party

The Young Liberals' motion to privatise the ABC raises doubts about whether such naive amateurs have any place at the top table of a major party - at least until they know how to use a knife and fork.


Breakthrough in cold case killing of Airlie Beach mother-of-three

Police have charged a family member of Airlie Beach resident Dorothy Britton with murder after the woman's body was found in her home more than two decades ago, allegedly with a gunshot wound. The 51-year-old South Australian man, a former…


When Pauline Hanson backs your tax code, alarm bells should ring

These tax cuts do not constitute tax real reform, are unaffordable and unfair.

Wednesday, Jun 20


Never mind the tax, it's wage growth that's making us glum

Why do politicians keep going on and on about tax when they must know it’s not our real concern?


Almost 550 Telstra jobs in Queensland 'in the firing line', union says

Almost 550 jobs at Telstra's two call centres in Queensland are "in the firing line" according to the Community and Public Sector Union, after the company announced it would cut a quarter of its workforce in the next three years. CPSU…

What you need to know about the plastic bag ban

The union representing retail workers has called on customers not to take their frustrations out on supermarket staff as plastic becomes not so fantastic in the Sunshine State. Woolworths has banned single-use plastic bags as of Wednesday,…

Queensland turns winter wonderland during record-breaking winter week

Temperatures dropped below freezing several times during the past week as Queensland was transformed into a winter wonderland and a Gold Coast suburb shivered through its coldest June morning ever recorded. Thursday will be a dark day in…

Monday, Jun 18


Beijing uses infrastructure as friendly forerunner of political power

The Chinese Communist Party has a history of using infrastructure as a Trojan Horse for domination.


Why you should keep paying the 'tampon tax'

Amid moves to exempt sanitary items from the GST, experts warn there are better ways to help women.

Sunday, Jun 17


Dangerous territory as households feel sting

Almost unnoticed, cost of living pressures have climbed back to the top of the political agenda, just like they did in 2007.


What One Nation got so badly wrong

Being in Parliament and more particularly being effective is much harder than many think.


Clive Palmer changes party name to United Australia Party

Clive Palmer has renamed his Palmer United Party and announced the party will contest the next federal election.

Saturday, Jun 16


Liberal Party members call to sell ABC nothing but 'pure self-indulgence'

The motion was a classic case of 'virtue signalling' to their own base – the very thing conservatives like to decry when they see it from the Greens or Labor.


Don't kid yourself, Trump and Kim are up to no good

What did two of the most dangerous men in the world really talk about for two hours in a room, all alone?


Long wait times for cancer diagnosis triggers alarms

Danielle Nicholas waited for eight months to be told that yes, she had cancer. The single mother and nursing student from Taringa was just 33 when she went to her doctor, a warning ringing in her ears. The National Bowel Cancer Screening…

Friday, Jun 15


Trump triggers talk of Australia going nuclear

To suggest that Australia now needs its own atomic arsenal is to suggest that there has been a fundamental breakdown in trust. In short, that the US alliance is dead.


Greens' Andrew Bartlett to resign from Senate, paving way for Waters

Brisbane Times

The Greens' Andrew Bartlett will resign in August, paving the way for Larissa Waters' return after she was embroiled in the dual citizenship saga.


Queensland magistrate's family claim self-defence

The husband and son of a Queensland magistrate claim they were acting in self-defence when they assaulted one of their "feral" neighbours. David Pirie and son Lachlan are on trial in the Brisbane District Court over an alleged attack on…


Dee Madigan refuses to delete 'toddler tantrum' tweet about LNP MP

Advertising executive Dee Madigan has been referred to the powerful Queensland parliamentary ethics committee after refusing to delete a tweet about an LNP MP. Last month, Ms Madigan quote tweeted a GIF of manager of opposition business…

Wednesday, Jun 13


Pink tax versus blue tax: the case for taxing women lightly

Brisbane Times

There's a case for taxing women more lightly than men, and Scott Morison has helped make the point.


Juvenile detainee put in spit hood by guards sues state government for $750K

A Queensland man who was restrained in a spit hood as a juvenile while on remand in an adult prison is suing the Queensland government for $750,000 in damages, claiming he now suffers post-traumatic stress disorder. The alleged…


Sunshine Coast eating disorder patients to get five times more therapy sessions

Hundreds of Sunshine Coast residents with eating disorders will get access to improved healthcare under a $3.2 million pilot project launched on Tuesday. The two-year project, funded by the federal government, will aim to better equip…

Tuesday, Jun 12


Adani shuns water trigger despite drought

Labor says the move by the Indian mining giant is nonsensical and increases scepticism over the project.

Monday, Jun 11

Two rogues: Trump, Kim unlikely to keep to deal even if they make one

Even if Kim and Trump strike an agreement, there can be no confidence that the two leaders - or even one of them - will respect it.

Sunday, Jun 10

Queensland's most expensive cancers revealed in new study

Queensland researchers have revealed the state's most expensive cancers in a new study, which used data from the Queensland Cancer Registry and Medicare to examine the medical bills and out-of-pocket costs associated with cancer treatment.…


Plan to generate electricity from household waste gathers fresh steam

A $2.5 billion plan is gathering steam among Queensland councils to build between five and eight power plants where biological bugs break down household waste to produce biogas and ultimately electricity. It is part of an ambitious plan to…

Saturday, Jun 9


Big demands ahead of Queensland budget reveal

The Queensland government should rethink selling public assets, assign a cabinet minister to cutting red tape and fast-track infrastructure projects, Australia's peak business lobbyist says. Australian Industry Group's call on Queensland…

'It’s about time': All aboard for $160 million Sunshine Coast rail upgrade

A start date for construction of an upgrade to the Sunshine Coast rail line has been announced after the state government committed $160 million in funding as part of the Queensland budget, due to be delivered in full on Tuesday. The…