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Exclusive: EU official warns Facebook's Cambridge Analytica crisis is the 'tip of an iceberg'

Europe's top data protection official has warned that the Facebook Cambridge Analytica scandal is just the "tip of an iceberg." Giovanni Buttarelli, the European Data Protection Supervisor, told Business Insider that Facebook's business…

JPMorgan Chase's CMO explains how she deals with disruption, and why she's moving some ad dollars back to TV

Being a chief marketing officer of a banking and payments company means facing disruption on two fronts at once, JPMorgan Chase's Kristin Lemkau says.

CBA, Australia's biggest home loan lender, says Sydney and Melbourne property prices will continue to fall

In the space of just 12 months, Australia's housing market has been turned on its head. Auction clearance rates are falling, property listings are increasing and lending to investors is falling, contributing to recent price declines.

A Russian company is charging $570 to write fake TripAdvisor reviews for restaurants to dupe World Cup tourists

A Russian marketing agency is offering to write fake TripAdvisor reviews on behalf of ailing restaurants. The service costs $US570 and aims to dupe FIFA World Cup tourists in Russia this summer.

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A key area of the market is having one of its worst starts to a year since the 1990s

A major sell-off is underway in the US corporate debt market. US corporate debt is suffering one of its worst sell-offs in 18 years, according to JPMorgan research.


David Jones just lost another boss as its South African owners restructure

John Dixon, head of Australian fashion and food retailer David Jones, has lost his job after two years following a restructure of local operations by South African parent company Woolworths Holdings Ltd (WHL).


The 10 most important things in the world right now

Hello! Here's what's happening on Tuesday. 1. US President Donald Trump touted a new agreement with China to help reduce recent trade tensions. The deal, which offered very few specifics, drew criticism from both Democrats and Republicans.


Emerging market currencies are under pressure and increasingly moving in the same direction -- here's why you should be taking notice

Emerging market currencies are under pressure, and increasingly moving in the same direction. HSBC says this may be a sign of growing financial and economic contagion risks.


'REASONABLE TO ME': How Westpac loaned $165,000 for a franchise business and it cost a blind woman her home

Evidence at the banking Royal Commission delved into Westpac's business lending processes. The questioning centred on a $165,000 loan for a franchise, using a home owned by a then 59-year-old woman on a disability pension .


Top Trump fundraisers who sought to negotiate $1 billion in business deals with Middle East princes called Jared Kushner a 'Clown Prince'

Top Trump fundraisers who sought to negotiate $US1 billion in business deals with Middle East princes referred to Jared Kushner as the "Clown Prince" and mocked his role as a Middle East negotiator.

This is what caused Telstra's nationwide outage

A software fault caused yesterday's Telstra outage. A built-in failsafe in the company system also failed. Customers will only be compensated on a "case by case" basis.


One Nation reneges on company tax cuts, and the Coalition's signature policy looks close to doomed

The government needs crossbench support for its plan to drop the company tax rate to 25% by FY27 to pass the Senate. In March, a deal was struck with Pauline Hanson's One Nation offering 1000 apprenticeships in return for support for the…


Here's what Westpac thinks is driving Australian unemployment up, and why it's unlikely to fall this year

Australia has created over 330,000 jobs in the past year. However, the number of unemployed Australians is now higher than a year ago, currently standing at 741,000.


10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Good morning. 1. Telstra still doesn't know what caused yesterday's nationwide outage, or exactly how many customers were affected by the problem. CEO Andrew Penn has since apologised for the telco's third outage in a month.

The Australian dollar is on the move as traders relentlessly 'buy the dip'

The Australian dollar rallied across the board on Monday, assisted by strength in stocks and most commodity markets. Positive, if not detailed, trade negotiations between the US and China were cited as the main factor behind the rally.

Toys 'R' Us Australia has collapsed into administration

Toys 'R' Us Australia has appointed voluntary administrators, with an uncertain future for 700 staff and 44 stores nationwide. It follows the collapse the franchise in the US and other countries.


Millennials are driving a shift in investing -- here's how to meet your financial and social impact goals

Amit Bouri is the CEO and co-founder of the Global Impact Investing Network (the GIIN) which provides tools to make impact investing more accessible and effective.


Trump's trade war with China is 'on hold,' but the fight is far from over

President Donald Trump touted a new agreement with China to help reduce recent trade tensions between the two countries. The deal is drawing criticism from both Democrats and Republicans.

Trump's lauded North Korea summit increasingly looks set to blow up in his face

President Donald Trump's planned summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un increasingly looks doomed. Trump has often talked up his work on North Korea, crediting himself with creating the conditions for talks through a hardline policy,…


Every moment you need to see from Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's royal wedding

Prince Harry married Meghan Markle in a lavish affair at Windsor Castle. The event was attended by a vast array of A-list celebrities including David Beckham and Serena Williams.

Monday, May 21

Westpac let a blind pensioner guarantee her daughter's loan, then wanted to sell her house

The Hayne royal commission has now turned its attention to lending to small business over the next two weeks of hearings. After a blind women guaranteed her daughter's business loan, which defaulted, Westpac launched legal proceedings to…

Prospa's IPO is out, and two top VC firms have tipped in more money ahead of the $146 million float

Prospa, founded in 2012, lends between $5000 and $250,000 to Australian small businesses, with $200 million in loans currently on the books. The company has been backed by venture capital firms Airtree and SquarePeg, who've increased their…

Telstra's mobile network went down nationwide again

Telstra experienced nationwide network issues on Monday morning. Customers across the country were voicing their frustrations over the 3G and 4G outages on Twitter.

10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Good morning. 1. It's official -- Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are now husband and wife. The couple were married Saturday at St George’s Chapel in Windsor in an elaborate and elegant ceremony. Oprah, Serena Williams and Elton John were…

Sunday, May 20

Meet the choreographer behind Beyoncé's iconic moves

JaQuel Knight has been doing choreography for Beyoncé for years. Knight landed his breakthrough gig at 18 years old for Beyoncé's iconic video "Single Ladies". His most recent collaboration with her at Coachella left people speechless. We…

This electric bike is disguised as a car

The PodRide was invented in 2016 by Mikael Kjellman. He wanted to be able to cycle to work in the winter. The PodRide was an internet hit and Mikeal was overwhelmed with requests from people who wanted to buy one of their own. So, Mikael…

This spike tool pierces industrial bags so you can empty them quickly and easily

The Fledbag Original is a mechanical device that allows you to empty large of seeds, salt, or pellets. It works by puncturing the bag, then a handle allows you to empty the contents.

AUSTRALIAN DIARY: Everything you need to know about the week ahead for markets

US stocks edged lower on Friday night in a cautious session, as markets tracked the outcome of US-China trade talks in Washington. With more of a risk-off tone prevailing, the yield on US 10-year treasuries fell by seven basis points to 3…

Saturday, May 19

We ate everything on Taco Bell's Dollar Cravings Menu -- here's what we thought

At 13 items, Taco Bell's Dollar Cravings menu, there is plenty to try. But not in one sitting... right? Wrong! Marisa Palmer and Nick Fernandez tried everything from the Triple Layer Nachos to the Cinnamon Delights. Following is a…

This Honda Accord has a Tesla motor

This old Honda is powered by a Tesla motor. Tesla + Honda = Teslonda. The Teslonda can go from 0-60 mph in 2.45 seconds. That's faster than the Bugatti Veyron and the Lamborghini Huracán. Following is a transcript of the video.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are officially married -- here's a timeline of everything that happened

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were married Saturday at St George's Chapel in Windsor in an elaborate and elegant royal ceremony. Oprah, Serena Williams, and Elton John were some of the celebrities who turned out to watch them marry, as…

Friday, May 18

The CEO of the world's largest car company flexes on Tesla, touts best-selling electric cars, and says range anxiety is no longer an issue

Carlos Ghosn, the man who helms the world's largest car company, the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance, says customers who buy electric vehicles are far less concerned about range anxiety than they used to be, and that EVs that travel…

8 to 10 people killed in shooting at Texas high school; suspected gunman arrested and explosive devices found

At least eight people were killed in a high-school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas, on Friday, authorities said. A suspected gunman was arrested and a second person was detained, authorities said.

A leaked internal Google video shows a creepy vision of how data could be used to direct human decision-making

The Verge obtained a leaked copy of an internal Google video that offers a "Black Mirror"-style vision of how data could direct human behaviour. The video was made in 2016 by Nick Foster, the head of design at Google's ambitious research…

10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Good morning. 1. The Kilauea volcano in Hawaii has erupted, sending an ash plume almost 10km into the sky. The “explosive eruption” has covered the island with a dangerous ash plume forcing authorities to urge people to take shelter. The…

Thursday, May 17

The US reportedly called Kim Jong Un's bluff by demanding its nukes -- and North Korea is flipping out

North Korea flipped out on the US on Tuesday with a sudden series of statements bashing President Donald Trump's administration. It came not long after a vaunted peace summit between Kim Jong Un and Trump was announced.

The UK is heading for a 'constitutional crisis' if Theresa May forces through Brexit without Scotland

Scotland's Brexit minister warns Theresa May risks a "constitutional crisis" if the PM doesn't back down on plans to push through Brexit bill without the consent of Scottish parliament.

China is drowning in cheap Penfolds wine

Penfolds is popular in China, but the preference is for more expensive labels in the range, rather than entry level wines such as Rawson's Retreat.

Australian unemployment ticks up

Australia created 22,600 jobs last month, above the 20,000 increase expected. However, despite the increase, a greater number Australians joined the workforce, seeing unemployment increase by 10,600.