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Opioid crisis largely to blame for decline in B.C. life expectancy — and may foreshadow national decrease

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On average, Canadians have been steadily living longer over many years, but a new report says that 'alarmingly,' it's expected to change.

Italy refuses to budge on EU's budget demands: 'There isn't any B plan'

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A closer look at the day's most notable stories with The National's Jonathon Gatehouse: EU and Italy's new populist government battle over budgets; in the U.S. there's a growing backlash against gerrymandering heading into midterms; Yukon…

Trudeau promises rebates as Ottawa moves to levy carbon tax on provinces outside the climate plan

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The federal Liberal government will slap a carbon tax on fuels in provinces and territories with no adequate emissions pricing plans, but will send annual rebates to Canadian families to offset most of the added costs of this climate…

Cellphone retailers fail mystery shopping test, researchers plan to tell CRTC inquiry

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Mystery shoppers who paid 36 visits to major cellphone retailers in the Ottawa area say they encountered a general lack of knowledge, misinformation, and a total lack of adequate information in writing.

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Insurance bureau pegs tornadoes' toll at $295M


The tornadoes that tore through the Ottawa-Gatineau region last month caused more than $295 million in insured damage to homes, businesses and vehicles, the Insurance Bureau of Canada said Monday.

'Difficult contract' binds Canada to Saudi LAV deal, Trudeau says

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says it's difficult to break Canada's deal to supply light armoured vehicles to Saudi Arabia — which is now facing possible international repercussions because of the killing of a journalist — because of terms…


Oldest intact shipwreck found 2 km down in Black Sea, scientists say

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A team of maritime archaeologists, scientists and surveyors has discovered what it believes to be the world's oldest intact shipwreck — a Greek trading vessel whose design had previously been seen only on ancient pottery.


Saudis plotted journalist's 'savage murder' for days, Turkish president says

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Saudi officials killed journalist Jamal Khashoggi in their Istanbul Consulate after plotting his death for days, Turkey's president says, contradicting Saudia Arabia's explanation that the writer was accidentally killed.

Human traffickers' challenge of 'cruel and unusual punishment' goes to court today


Two men who pleaded guilty to trafficking teenagers in southwestern Ontario but say their prison sentences amount to "cruel and unusual punishment" will go before a judge today.


'Hateful rhetoric' cited after bomb found at George Soros's N.Y. home

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A bomb was found in a mailbox at the suburban New York home of George Soros, the liberal billionaire philanthropist who has been denounced by President Donald Trump and vilified by right-wing conspiracy theorists, authorities said Tuesday.

More than half of all Canadian car loans are financed for 7 years or more

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Canadians are buying more cars than almost ever before, but a closer look reveals they’re taking longer and longer to pay them off, too.

Postal union rotating strike hits Toronto today

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A rotating postal worker strike that has caused disruptions across the country will affect most of the Greater Toronto Area on Tuesday.


Hurricane Willa expected to slam Mexico Tuesday afternoon

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"Extremely dangerous" Hurricane Willa headed toward a Tuesday afternoon collision with a stretch of Mexico's Pacific coast, its 215 kilometre per hour winds and high waves threatening high-rise resorts, surfing beaches and fishing villages.


Plane clips Air Canada jet on the ground at LaGuardia

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Authorities say two arriving airplanes, including an Air Canada flight, touched wingtips while taxiing at New York's LaGuardia airport, but the planes were able to continue to their gates.

Patrick Brown scores political comeback after 'difficult year' with Brampton mayoral win

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Patrick Brown, ousted earlier this year as Ontario Progressive Conservative leader, has scored a political comeback, winning the Brampton mayoralty.


'Take this win and run with it': Tory's resounding victory an opportunity for bold action

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John Tory has secured a second term as Toronto's mayor, besting his rival and former chief city planner Jennifer Keesmaat.

B.C.'s natural gas supply could be reduced as much as 50% this winter

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FortisBC is warning customers that the gas pipeline explosion earlier this month will reduce natural gas supply between 20 and 50 per cent of normal levels going into the winter.

A glimpse at the final months of Khashoggi's life — and the sustained messaging he sent the crown prince

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Prior to his death, Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi had hit an assertive stride as a persistent critic of Saudi Arabia and its Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman.


Monday, Oct 22

Video shows 'body double' exiting Saudi Consulate wearing Khashoggi's clothes after killing

www.cbc.ca also on CBC.ca / World

A man appearing to wear Jamal Khashoggi's clothes left the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul after the journalist was killed there, according to surveillance video, while a member of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's entourage reportedly…

New docs reveal massive federal loan to Chrysler made in 2009 written off

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CBC News has learned that the Liberal government has written off a loan made to Chrysler in 2009 to bail out the auto sector. The taxpayer-funded loan has been accruing interest for nine years without payments, and the write-off represents…

Sunday, Oct 21

365 days to go — and Trudeau's Liberals have the edge on the 2019 election

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The Liberals lead in the polls one year out from the 2019 election, with Andrew Scheer's Conservatives and Jagmeet Singh's NDP trailing.

'Complete control': Apple accused of overpricing, restricting device repairs

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Apple often overestimates the cost of repairs to its products and threatens third-party shops who are willing to fix them for a fraction of the price.

New mayors elected as political dynasties fall in elections across B.C.

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This is the first municipal vote in B.C. since new campaign finance rules were implemented that limit corporate and union donations. It also saw big change in some Metro Vancouver cities.

Saturday, Oct 20

U.S. on guard against rise in illegal border crossings as Canada rejects asylum claims

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American border agents are increasingly concerned about the northern boundary with Canada, saying the number of people entering the U.S. through back roads, forests and even across rivers, while still relatively small, is rising.

Ghost ships giving the oil market a lesson in unintended consequences

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It sounds like something out of a pirate story, but the normally staid world of international trade has been beset by a flotilla of ghost ships in recent weeks, and they're weighed down by several million barrels of trouble for U.S.…

After denials, Saudis admit journalist Khashoggi died in consulate

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Saudi Arabia's acknowledgement that Khashoggi died came after two weeks of denials and growing demands from Western allies for an explanation over Khashoggi's disappearance, which galvanized a global outcry and prompted some U.S. lawmakers…

Friday, Oct 19

Migrants break Guatemala border fence, met by Mexican police

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Hundreds of members of a caravan of migrants who had crossed Guatemala tried to breach the Mexican border on Friday, as Mexico vowed to tackle the convoy that U.S. President Donald Trump says must be stopped before it reaches the United…

Can't buy your legal pot yet? 'Cannabis isn't as easy to grow as people think'

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Snags in the supply chains of legal retail pot stores across Canada are no big surprise for a fledgling industry trying to meet huge demand, experts say.

Jury finds Calgary parents guilty in 2013 death of toddler son

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A Calgary jury has found Jennifer and Jeromie Clark guilty of criminal negligence causing death and failure to provide the necessaries of life for the 2013 death of their toddler son, John.

Thursday, Oct 18

Tens of thousands of Canadians could soon be eligible for a pot pardon, but lawyers warn about limitations

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The Liberal government's announcement that it will expedite the processing of pardons for people with minor cannabis-related crimes is welcome news to quite literally tens of thousands of Canadians who have been convicted of possession…

Why making rich Canadians richer may not be the best business strategy: Don Pittis

www.cbc.ca also on CBC.ca / Business

A call from a Canadian Senate committee to follow the U.S. lead in cutting corporate taxes comes just as the hazards of that policy loom larger south of the border.

Trump says it 'certainly looks' like Saudi journalist is dead

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U.S. President Donald Trump told reporters on Thursday that it "certainly looks" like Saudi columnist Jamal Khashoggi, who has been missing since Oct. 2, is dead.