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Analysis: New Trump-Putin meeting will "complicate" Russia message, midterms

CBS News' Major Garrett points out the second meeting between Trump and Putin would come ahead of 2018 U.S. midterm elections

Deputy AG who oversees Mueller investigation: Russian indictments are "good thing"

www.cbsnews.com also on CBS News / U.S.

The deputy attorney general spoke as he faces scrutiny from the most conservative Republicans on Capitol Hill

"Let's see what we can do to help you out": Village employees donate sick time to cop battling cancer

"Sometimes when you start to lose faith in humanity and you think that this world's gone down the wrong path and there ain't no coming back, something like this happens"

Tariffs on car imports could raise prices by nearly $7,000

www.cbsnews.com also on CBS News / U.S.

A proposed 25 percent tariff on imported car and auto parts could drive up prices for American shoppers. Depending on the model, consumers could be shelling out nearly $7,000 more per vehicle. CBS News national correspondent Jericka Duncan…

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Arizona law would give frozen embryos to spouse who wants baby after divorce

A new law in Arizona that went into effect July 1 spells out what happens to frozen embryos when a couple gets divorced. Supporters of the law say it will protect a partner's right to his or her embryos but opponents say it could force…


Coats says he doesn't know what happened in Trump-Putin meeting

CBS News

The director of national intelligence has been front and center lately, seeming to contradict President Trump's assessment of Russian election meddling

John Kerry: Helsinki news conference was "dangerous"

CBS News

Former secretary of state sat down Thursday with "Face the Nation" moderator Margaret Brennan

Thursday, Jul 19


Wendy Williams opens up about cocaine addiction

The daytime talk show host is talking openly about her battle with cocaine addiction

Recruiters pay vulnerable addicts to try experimental treatment to kick heroin

CBS News / Health

A CBS News investigation found that addicts are being paid hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars in cash to get the 30-minute outpatient procedure

Watchdog report sheds new light on Flint water crisis

CBS News / U.S.

Environmental Protection Agency's Office of Inspector General says "oversight lapses" occurred at the federal, state and local levels

Police: Search for suspects who shot 3 women at bank


Police responding to reports of a robbery at a Fort Worth bank found the three injured women Thursday morning


Trump asked aide to invite Putin to Washington, White House says

CBS News

"President Trump asked @Ambjohnbolton to invite President Putin to Washington in the fall and those discussions are already underway," Sarah Sanders tweeted

John Kerry says Trump comments in Helsinki were "dangerous"


"Face the Nation" moderator Margaret Brennan sat down Thursday with the former secretary of state. More from their interview will air on "Face the Nation."

Fiery stunt goes wrong on "America’s Got Talent"

A trapeze artist couple gave the audience and hosts of "America's Got Talent" a true scare

Trump signs Executive Order focused on workers

CBS News / U.S.

President Trump signed an executive order Thursday establishing a "National Council for the American Worker"

Vladimir Putin to be invited to the White House

Russian President Vladimir Putin will come to the White House for his next visit with President Trump


ESPYs honor Parkland coaches who died in school shooting

CBS News / U.S.

ESPYs "Best Coach" award posthumously honored three coaches from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, who died protecting students from a gunman in February

Technical glitch causes closure of Belgium's airspace

CBS News / U.S.

Belgium's airspace was closed for landings and departures for about two hours

There's a partisan split on tariffs, new poll finds

CBS News / U.S.

Republicans overwhelmingly say the increased tariffs are good, while Democrats say they're harmful


Why people are worried about Trump's Montenegro comments

CBS News / U.S.

The president risks emboldening Russian aggression when he appears to doubt the usefulness of NATO

"Deadliest Catch" star apologizes for molesting teen

"Deadliest Catch" star Edgar Hansen pleaded guilty for the incident involving a 16-year-old girl last year

Customer who wrote "we don’t tip terrorist" banned from Texas restaurant

CBS News / U.S.

The customer circled the server's name on the bill and scrawled the words, "we don't tip terrorist"

Man dies from bacterial infection after eating raw oysters

CBS News / Health

The 71-year-old man died two days after eating the oysters, according to reports

White House says Trump “disagrees” with Putin’s offer to interview Americans

CBS News

Sanders said that the proposal was "made in sincerity" by Putin but Mr. Trump "disagrees with it"

Trump "not happy" with Fed hiking interest rates

CBS News / SciTech

President dismisses concerns about central bank's independence from White House: "I don't like ... rates going up"

Giant shirtless Jeff Goldblum statue unveiled in London

Jeff Goldblum is huge in London, apparently

Trump and Putin morph on Time cover

CBS News / U.S.

Time magazine has released a provocative new cover depicting President Trump morphing into Russian President Vladimir Putin


Trump administration looks to limit some protections for endangered species

CBS News / U.S.

Some Republicans in Congress have long criticized elements of the Endangered Species Act

How a veteran's service dog was found after going missing in a stolen vehicle

CBS News / U.S.

"Everybody pulled together overnight for this veteran, for Wrigley," said a police officer

Nicaragua marks anniversary of 1979 revolution amid protests, bloodshed

CBS News / U.S.

Nicaraguan Pro-Human Rights Association tallies 351 deaths between April 19 and July 10 in the country

Frustrated lawmakers threaten action on Trump's tariffs

Lawmakers appear to be putting the Trump administration on notice


It would be "foolish" to think Russia isn't still targeting U.S., DHS secretary says

CBS News / SciTech

"They have capability, they have the will, we've got to be prepared," Nielsen said at Aspen Security Forum